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04:33 PM on 08/21/2013
Despite some of the comments both from conservatives and liberals against each other, why don't we all pray for Beau Biden and hope he beats this. I may not care politically for his father but certainly empathize with the pain he is going through now with his son's health. Stay strong Beau !
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This comment has been removed due to violations of our [Guidelines]
04:31 PM on 08/21/2013
I wish his son a speedy recovery...strokes can even happen ,even to babies..My friend's daughter who was 6 yrs. had a stroke..
04:30 PM on 08/21/2013
I have nothing against Biden's son and I pray he will fully recover to good health.
04:19 PM on 08/21/2013
I am shocked at some of the cruel posts that I've read here! Vice-President Biden's first wife and little girl died in a car accident many years ago. Isn't that enough of a tragedy for the haters who seem to enjoy the suffering now being undergone by the Biden family? Beau Biden served our country in Iraq. He has had an honorable career. I hope and pray that his health problem will be treatable. It is possible to dislike his father's politics without being cruel and insulting. I was not a supporter of George W. Bush. But I would never have wished illness or suffering upon either President Bush or his family. Yes, I know there were Democrats who did say hateful things about President Bush and his family. But that was just as shameful as some of the posts about the Bidens that I see here!!!
04:49 PM on 08/21/2013
suedoor,,, what goes around comes around. I am sorry to hear of mr bidens' medical issues. the country will not realize joe B is not at work and might be better off for it.
04:18 PM on 08/21/2013
This sort of thing happens to hundreds of Americans everyday of the week that have no health insurance and can not fly from state to state to be treated for this health issue guess it pays to be rich and well known think about those that don't have this type of heathcare and keep his health issues private or are they looking for sympathy
04:48 PM on 08/21/2013
Hey hater, Biden is the guy who is fighting to get those poor people health insurance. Check your facts before you pour on that out of control hate.And by the way, he did not put this info out. The media went after him. I'm certain the Bidens would rather keep this private.
05:18 PM on 08/21/2013
its called freedom of speech not a hater stop labeling people
Karl Leinfelder
05:03 PM on 08/21/2013
Consider using a period (.) when you finish a clause. Yours is hard to read. Without the periods one gets lost in the message and needs to reread the information two or three times.
05:25 PM on 08/21/2013
maybe its only hard for you to read
04:18 PM on 08/21/2013
Joe Biden has served this country in Iraq and no matter whos son he is, he deserves our respect for that if nothing else. Some of the comments on here are heartless and hurtful.
04:46 PM on 08/21/2013
I agree!! I wish Joe the best in is his crisis! Remember people Joe served honorably for his country!! Joe my prayers are with you!!
keep your eye on the prize
04:16 PM on 08/21/2013
I really have a hard time understanding what it takes to post such cruel and insensitive comments as some I have read here. I mean really, the heart has to be truly dark to even have the desire to say such hateful things.
04:48 PM on 08/21/2013
Do not try to understand. There is no logic here.
20-20 foresight is a blessing
04:51 PM on 08/21/2013
As like the cancerous cells in the bodies of some humans, the cruelty you see posted among these threads oozes from the cancerous cells in the body of the human collective.
These cancerous cells are disturbingly similar to humans themselves.
04:13 PM on 08/21/2013
I wish him well.
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04:09 PM on 08/21/2013
Sounds more serious than a stroke.

Brain tumors frequently present the same symptoms.

And for those of you who have made the ugly comments, I hope you never face this kind of situation. I lost my first husband to a malignancy that metastasized to his brain, and it is a very difficult time for all family members.

It is embarrassing to know that Americans have so little class.

I wish him well, along with all of his family, and I am not a Democrat.
04:48 PM on 08/21/2013
You are so right!! We have enough problems as it is!! Downing someone who needs our prayers in his hour in need is not the way to go!!
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08:07 PM on 08/21/2013
It seems that is what we do best in America now.
Marianne DitmarFlynn
04:52 PM on 08/21/2013
Thank you. I feel like you.
04:06 PM on 08/21/2013
Praying all the best for Beau and his family. Don't care for democrat polictics, but each person deserves respect when they are sick. I'm praying the mass found is not cancer. Cancer knows no party, no age and no color .God be with them.
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President Obama - The greatest One
04:05 PM on 08/21/2013
Best wishes to Beau Biden and his family.
Happy & Healthy
04:03 PM on 08/21/2013
Thank you Beau for your services to our great nation and best wishes from my family to yours.