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10:50 AM on 08/28/2013
Your myopia and fear to confront are why dog fighting clubs flourish. Ditto as the reason for100,000 dead in Syria
I always seem to be wherever I am...
10:49 AM on 08/28/2013
What a great idea, let's finish the investigation and let the United Nations inspectors have sufficient time to determine whetherSyrian military forces have used chemical weapons in Syria's civil war,

My next suggestion is to let the so called Arab League and the countries surrounding Syria deal with Syria.

The U.S. needs to stay completely out of the picture.

Here is the biggest reason, our interventions in the middle east have not turned out well have they?

As a matter of fact, the countries where we have intervened now hate the U.S. despite the loss of American lives and the enourmous financial and military costs the American taxpayer are now responsible for.
10:49 AM on 08/28/2013
Where the hell have you been...
10:44 AM on 08/28/2013
DON'T be disingenous and say ambiguity is the cause of your doubt to take action
Tell it like it is. You don't really GIVE a damn that all those civilians died in na nerve gas attack, It jibes MUCH better with your unempathetic nature, no tongue in cheek necessary
10:41 AM on 08/28/2013
I know! If we wait long enough to do anything, nobody will give a damn anymore! JUST like Sandy Hook! Just keep thinking this too shall pass or hide behind ambiguity like a coward
You can if you think you can
10:40 AM on 08/28/2013
Both sides which are fighting are our ENEMIES. Why are we indicating we are going to meddle in that disaster? Next we'll see a speech from Kerry before the UN attempting to justify our involvement. NO LEADERSHIP is the problem.
11:06 AM on 08/28/2013
You are correct, my opinion is that we let them kill each other and watch from afar.
You can if you think you can
03:34 PM on 08/28/2013
That is a brutal way to see it but it is true. Our country does not have the ability nor the desire to enter into that conflict and if the President goes ahead without Congressional approval it will be a big mistake on his part.
Kevin Arthus
First they came for the 2nd amendment...
10:40 AM on 08/28/2013
Warbama is planning an attack. The UN inspectors have until the jets are fueled to get out. Strike fast so the UN cannot confirm there are no WMDs, er... chemical weapons.
11:22 AM on 08/28/2013
the UN confirmed WMDs WERE used.

that is not the point, nor the point of the investigations. The point is: WHO USED the WMDs? What if who used the WMDs were the rebels supported by the US and the Arab League? Why was Syria so fast and open in allowing UN Inspectors to check everything out??? I think the Syrian government is certain the rebels used it.

But if UN concludes the investigation and proves it, that info will reach west´s media. And public opinion will turn AGAINST the rebels.

So the US must strike the shia government down and implant a sunni government BEFORE the investigations conclude.
10:37 AM on 08/28/2013
So- it's an open ended schedule that could take a year?-- and if so oh well? Is THAT what he is saying?
question whatever the state says
10:34 AM on 08/28/2013
It seems to that this is Iraq all over again. Cant us the gulf of Tonkin, there is no naval fighting. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Now if only kerry goes to the UN with a speech that Asad used chemical war fare I will be abolutely right.
10:31 AM on 08/28/2013
Miley Cyrus and her Teddy Bears have more credibility than U.N. Inspectors. Lets send her over there.
its not what you are called.Its what you answer to
11:01 AM on 08/28/2013
The " U.N. Inspectors" have more credibility than the US Government... The US government has a credit problem in its own backyard...
12:19 PM on 08/28/2013
I agree about the credit problem, but i stick to original statement. Miley and the troupe of dancing teddy's would be much more effective than U.N. in bringing this conflict to a close. If it wasn't for U.S. the U.N. would have had to shutter its doors years ago. Hmmm.....that doesn't sound to bad actually.
10:24 AM on 08/28/2013
Tt's deja vu all over again..
Without faith we fail!!
10:19 AM on 08/28/2013
Might as well hold off. We have a Congress still on vacation so this must not be that critical. Congress is probably waiting around for the President to call them back before deciding to take the initiative on their own. If this is a major concern to America, I would think our legislators would see it as a priority to return and unify as a party for an agreed upon action.
11:08 AM on 08/28/2013
You have more faith in Congress (both parties) than I do.
Without faith we fail!!
11:37 AM on 08/28/2013
None whatsoever. When we have a critical situaton and they are just blowing wind from the sidelines, who can have confidence in them.
10:18 AM on 08/28/2013
Hmmm, I guess everyone has forgotten - oh wait, this was NEVER in the media- the elaborate tunnels from Iraq to Syria the first-wave of U.S. Marines found. These tunnels carried the chemical weapons out of Iraq into Syria...funny how chemical weapons showing up miraculously in Syria NOW and no one has connected the dots? So, how wrong was the former administration? Sneaky Syrians....
10:16 AM on 08/28/2013
We lost 38,000 Americans last year because of gun homicides. Yet what have we done to reduce those numbers? The United States can't even pass a simple strong nationwide gun background check or close used gun and gun show loop hole and straw man purchasing problems. 38,000 Americans died last year over gun violence, yet we see a few hundred on the other side of the world die over a chemical attack and we are ready to go to war? Really?
10:14 AM on 08/28/2013
Bombing Syria would be a big mistake at this time our Economy is still a mess, no decent jobs and to start another conflict just plain Stupid with a capitol S.