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03:25 PM on 08/29/2013
I am wondering if Ms. Jarret counts Tim Scott, Clarence Thomas, or Ben Carson as a heroes. All three grew up in poverty and have made outstanding lives for themselves. Instead of marching they worried about the content of their character, and in doing so succeeded in their lives.
true left
02:30 PM on 08/29/2013
America stands for "liberty"? Then why is it justifiable for the NSA to spy on all Americans? A population under constant surveillance surely does not have liberty. Constant surveillance affects all of our choices. Wasn't the constant surveillance of Martin Luther King by the CIA deeply troubling and wrong? Maybe you should rethink what liberty means.
02:30 PM on 08/29/2013
Thank you Ms. Jarrett. It seems we have gone back to the bad times again with the way President Obama has been treated and the country by the obstruction of our democracy in so many ways.
While we thought we had made progress since the Civil Rights wars, we seem to have returned to another form of the same old thing this time with big-time power suppressing basic rights in the Constitution.
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10:57 AM on 08/30/2013
Pres.Obama has been treated far better by most of the country than he deserves.. Respect is a two way street. Spying on us, using the IRS to punish those who disagree, etc etc., are not the way to earn respect.
born-again thought criminal
01:53 PM on 08/29/2013
The 1963 March on Washington is indeed an epic event in our history, one that most Americans look back on with a combination of wonder and pride: Wonder that a great country, founded on such lofty ideals, could have treated some of its citizens in such a shoddy, hypocritical fashion; and pride in the courage of the leaders and participants in that great event, and of the progress we have made as a nation since that day 50 years ago. Having said that, I really don't understand why the Democrats hijacked the 50th anniversary celebration and deliberately excluded Republican politicians from the list of invitees. Contrary to popular belief, the word Republican is not a synonym for white supremacist.
01:35 PM on 08/29/2013
I have yet to hear Ms. Jarrett or any of the speakers at the celebration talk about the real travesty in the Black community. A 72% fatherless rate at birth. Why would anyone think that things could or would be better if there is such a glaring refusal of responsibility in this community? Mr. King would be sick to see how freedom's, equality, and opportunity have been squandered.
Vivian Bennett-Cohan
03:43 PM on 08/29/2013
Liberals are ok with fatherless homes. That means more on welfare, food stamps, etc. More that cling to the government... more that will vote for Santa.

Hatecyberspace. You get it.
04:11 PM on 08/29/2013
It has become a way of life to be a victim in America and blame someone else for it.
Isaac Pentlin
search for the truth and you will find it
01:30 PM on 08/29/2013
I have seen some conservatives here who are not fooled by the socialist radical that has close ties with socialists and communists. This includes the Obama mentor Franklin Marshal Davis who was friends with her father in law. The hiring of communist Van Jones, Mark LLoyd and Cass Sunstien. She is negotiating a treaty with Iran which is as ineffective as Obama negotiating with insurance co's. Her communists ties are so deep and apparent is why she don't get much public exposure.
02:21 PM on 08/29/2013
Thank you Mr. McCarthy : )
Vivian Bennett-Cohan
05:10 PM on 08/29/2013
issac. You are right on. Bingo..
01:27 PM on 08/29/2013
Can you imagine the uproar if a GOP president's White House staff members contributed articles to some right-wing blog?
01:32 PM on 08/29/2013
obviously you know there is a double standard in liberal circles
02:24 PM on 08/29/2013
What? The GOP was too busy contributing to Haliburton and Enron to deal with blogs.
Vivian Bennett-Cohan
03:44 PM on 08/29/2013
Just stop the lies.

The dem party, the party of baby butchering, is lying about it all.

MLK jr would be turning over in his grave if he heard Obama's speech.
01:07 PM on 08/29/2013
Odd how Valerie Jarrett would make a reference to "right to life". Oh, she did say "citizens" so that would not include fetuses, I reckon.
Vivian Bennett-Cohan
03:45 PM on 08/29/2013
Brilliant. Dems, the party of butchered babies.
Pull the Wool Over Your Own Eyes!
12:59 PM on 08/29/2013
Say, Valerie, would you please take a minute and explain to us why the ONLY Black American Senator sitting in Congress today was not invited to speak at the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's history-making address.

After all, he is a member of the same party as Abraham Lincoln.

He is from South Carolina and represents exactly how far we as a nation have come in realizing Dr. King's dream.

Was it a clerical mistake? In the age of digital communication and ubiquitous mobile telephony, that could have been fixed in minutes.

Was it because the organizers of the celebration were all members of the party of Jefferson Davis and the last sitting Senator who was a member of the Ku Klux Klan? Does that mean that the Democrats still, in 2013, try to suppress the success and achievement of Black Americans?

Please explain it to us.
Robert Karp
03:43 PM on 08/29/2013
Well Said.
04:27 PM on 08/29/2013
For that matter the only sitting Black Suprme Court justice, was not invited to speak either.
Pull the Wool Over Your Own Eyes!
05:22 PM on 08/29/2013
For that matter, indeed.
Isaac Pentlin
search for the truth and you will find it
12:58 PM on 08/29/2013
The real president of United States speaks. What does she know? she was born and raised in Iran. A disappoiting turn out for MLK ceremonies of 20 thousand. They are out working, selling drugs on dope businesses, in jail or prison,or they know that they are lying to ride on the coat tails of MLK. MLK believed there is nothing wrong with the constitution and Obama or Jarett wants to fundamentally transform it. MLK would emphasize work by saying if you are a street sweeper, be the best street sweeper you can be.
12:37 PM on 08/29/2013
There are no ditchdiggers in congress. Gaming the system always beats a days work.
12:20 PM on 08/29/2013
Interesting how Ms. Jarrett reduces the unalienable rights of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" to free government healthcare, voting without verification, and guaranteed income.
Very telling. And very different from the independent thought, self determination, and freedom which our founders gave us.
Vivian Bennett-Cohan
05:11 PM on 08/29/2013
They want the low information voters to believe they love kids, while they butcher them.
12:16 PM on 08/29/2013
Thank you, "Martin Bormann"!
10:40 AM on 08/29/2013
Valerie, I hope you like Prison Orange Babe, cause you are going to Prison sooner or later. hehehehehe..............................................................
10:16 AM on 08/29/2013
Look who is talking?