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01:32 PM on 08/31/2013
>>>using cruise missiles, against a series of Syrian military targets>>>
All empty buildings by now, given how kind Obama has been to share his plans with Assad, including ordnance capability.
01:24 PM on 08/31/2013
Syria has not done anything to us, we are not the world police and should not put our guys in danger. This is what you get when you have Dumb & Dumber running the Country.
01:23 PM on 08/31/2013
"Once we take action, we should be prepared for what comes next...Deeper involvement is hard to avoid."

I was of the opinion that we could spare some missiles until I read that. If they're already talking about more than just a few missiles, perhaps this is not such a great plan...
01:20 PM on 08/31/2013
Our problem is Obama has the wrong job. All he wanted to do was become like the Mayor of the United States, not the President. All he cares about is taking care of the poor and tax the rich to do it. That's nice, for a Mayor--but not as the Presiden. He should resign and let someone be President before he gets us all killed.
Stanley Bonk
"mad, bad, and dangerous to know"
06:08 PM on 08/31/2013
If he had started to bomb Syria without waiting for congress, you would be the first one shrieking for his impeachment. Your opinions are meaningless since they're always the same: Bad Obama.
01:18 PM on 08/31/2013
I think before we attack, President Obama should invite Putin and Assad for a Beer fest in the WH lawn and discuss and if necessary defuse the issue. After that Assad is very unlikely to repeat this heinous act.
02:10 PM on 08/31/2013
You might be making a joke, I don't know, but think you could actually be on to something with your post.
Whoever saves 1 life, saves the world in time
01:14 PM on 08/31/2013
The Syrian Opposition is free to reject any and all U.S. military intervention, especially since the Syrian civil war IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS...

...Maybe the UN and the Arab League will write some REALLY strongly-worded letters of protest to Assad.
01:13 PM on 08/31/2013
The Syrian opposition has mixed feelings. Dear Syrian opposition leaders. Please do not add to my confusion and uncertainty! I have problems here too, I am trying to get straight you know. Sincerely President Obama!
If you're gonna be a a GRIZZLY
01:02 PM on 08/31/2013
I'm wondering what they think the other options are.
We won't be putting any boots on the ground.
The real problem is that folks over there no longer trust us because Bush and Co. lied about WMD's in Iraq, as a justification to go to war, and yet, because we ARE the world's only super-power, they still look for us to, "fix" things.
So, they hold one hand out for help, and they push us away with the other hand.
We've been engaged in War on one level or another, for the last 12 years.
Everybody is tired.
Maybe it's time we sat one out, and let somebody else deal with it.
12:57 PM on 08/31/2013
The last I heard, obama said he didn't want a regime change but al Assad should be punished for using chemical weapons on his people. Why is the president of the U.S. more concerned about Syria's people being killed then his own. How many U.S. citizens have been killed by gangs/cartels and he does nothing? How many U.S. citizens have been killed, raped and harmed by illegals and he looks the other way while asking for amnesty for them? He's trying to be a world leader and can't take care of the people his own country.
Still empty
01:07 PM on 08/31/2013
Yep, it's all Obama's fault that there are drug cartels, illegal immigrants and rape and murder. Are you also blaming him for your cellulite riddled thighs?
06:00 PM on 08/31/2013
Well Jean,

If you have a clue of the economic, immigration and foreign policy of the US Govt you will understand why he cannot take care of all the people in the country.

Illigal immigrants = cheap labor = low cost food on your table = big business profits.

Illigal immigrant who commit crime = more jails = owned by big business = more Federal Expenditure money we pay big business to keep them in jail = your tax dollars wasted = profits for big business

So, to fix the broken immigration system:
Revamp the Immigration System = more tax dollars in the Feds coffers= more economic activity = more acceleration = money circulation= more jobs.

Sorry, that is the most simple way. I can put it.

By the way our Free Market operates on a demand & supply policy. If there is a demand for a labor or product it will be filled from the world market if it cannot be filled locally.. Our businesses cannot wait for the Govt to act. You analysis are skewed because you do not know what the illegal are contributing to this economy.99.99 % of the are not criminals, they work and send their money home. They work because there is a job for them. If we have no job for them they would have left. AND YOU WOULD NOT HAVE THAT CHEAP BEEF/VEGATABLES ON YOU PLATE. .
12:56 PM on 08/31/2013
This situation could easily become the sixth trumpet war. Stay tuned.
12:55 PM on 08/31/2013
Kerry and France for intervention in Syria. What's up with that?
12:40 PM on 08/31/2013
Lets explore the costs of waging an even limited, cruise missile based attack on Syria, shall we?

• Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (T-LAMs) are single use and cost approx 1.4 million USD per missile.
• Tomahawk Cruise Missile: single use, 600k USD per missile. Together with the U.K., we lobbed 110 of these in the opening day of Operation Odyssey Dawn (Libya 2011) alone

The total cost for the US taxpayer for just the OPENING DAY of Operation Odyssey Dawn in JUST MISSILES was over 100 million USD. To say NOTHING of the logistical cost of maintaining naval/air forces at standby in the area or other associated costs.

Let me finish with a great quote from now Vice President Joe Biden, back in 2007 talking about George Bush potentially attacking Iran...

"I want to make it clear, and I made it clear to the president, that if he takes this nation to war…without congressional approval, I will make it my business to impeach him."
01:48 PM on 08/31/2013
MORE TO worry about then just the money.
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12:32 PM on 08/31/2013
That days it all, why are getting involved again?
a Warehouse of Information
01:05 PM on 08/31/2013
Geez, was it okay with you the other time when Bush lied to Congress and all of us about Iraq ?
02:12 PM on 08/31/2013
At least the allies were with us on that one.
Nothing is new but only forgotten.
12:26 PM on 08/31/2013
Pentagon sources claiming we would need 75,000 troops to secure chemical weapons. We cannot afford another major front.
Let us also imagine how Iran will feel being almost surrounded by hostile American forces and Wahhabi terrorists acting on Saudi Arabia's desire to destroy the Apostate Iranians.

The secular forces in Syria are tiny compared to Sunni and Saudi financed terrorists. Wahhabi is the Saudi state religion and all that is truly bad comes from Saudi Arabia and its terrorist sect Wahhabism.

America must not get involved. Russia is clearly worried that its own Red Line will be crossed by US and others. This could be the first shots in another war of choice leading to WW3.
12:22 PM on 08/31/2013
Other than Seven buddies in the WH, and of course the weapons makers, who else wants to see any of this happen. People are shot, hacked, killed, etc all over the world. What makes this any different? This happens everyday in Africa and SE Asia. Are we going to bomb everyone when we don't approve of their policies?
a Warehouse of Information
01:03 PM on 08/31/2013
Geez, was it okay with you when Bush did this after lying to Congress and all of us ? ? ?
08:57 PM on 08/31/2013
If you check it was Tenet at the CIA, a Clinton appointee.
01:44 PM on 08/31/2013
There is a whole wing of the GOP always ready for war.