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My micro-bio has been seized by the Feds
09:18 PM on 09/03/2013
"A man is only as faithful as his options...."

Chris Rock

01:07 AM on 09/04/2013
Chris Rock speaks only for himself.
-- LeftyRoy.
My micro-bio has been seized by the Feds
12:57 PM on 09/04/2013
That statement by Chris Rock covers 99% of the male you would be wrong.
03:09 PM on 09/04/2013
as is a woman, since they cheat as often as men.
09:17 PM on 09/03/2013
If two people want very different things in life and those things are fundamentally incompatible, it's time to cut one another loose. How do you justify staying in a go-nowhere relationship for SIX full years of your life? Have a little self-respect, both of you.

A wise friend who had been in a relationship for a few years once told me that she had a5-year
10:44 PM on 09/03/2013
(Sorry, writing from my phone)

Her personal rule was that if after 5 years together neither of them had popped the question or made plans to get married or advance their future together, she would end the relationship. It wasn't some kind of ultimatum and she wasn't trying to be cruel. Her thought was that if you don't know after 5 whole years together whether or not you want to spend your life with the person you're with, you're just wasting everyone's time. You either know or you don't. You either have compatible dreams for the future or you don't. Life is too short.
Police State Brutality
Democracy is so September 10th
09:11 PM on 09/03/2013
If a person is suddenly accusing you of cheating, this is one of those classic signs of cheating.
08:58 PM on 09/03/2013
maybe because she is cheating
Like you care.
08:48 PM on 09/03/2013
9) He's got a pulse.
08:45 PM on 09/03/2013
Why are so many of these articles couched in gender related terms? "...Signs HE Is Cheating...?

There are so many of these articles that pop up from time to time, where the discussion is framed in gender related terms .. that one could almost get the impression that only males cheat on their partners. Or that IF women cheat, then they only do it for justified or explicable reasons .. and, of course it happens far less often where the female is the cheater than it does were the cheater is male. (yeah...right).

The reality IS ... that women cheat nearly as often as men.. and quite frankly, they probably do it for very nearly the same variety of reasons.(None of them justified ..nor any of them reasonable excuses.)

All of the things on this list could also easily apply to the conduct of a man's girlfriend or wife. It would be interesting to see an article written by a man explaining all of the contextual clues that suggest that a woman might be engaging in extracurricular activity. Would that be unfair, biased, an attack on women?

Why wasn't this article simply structured so that it provided a list of possible signs that your partner is cheating - without the gender assumptions?
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03:24 AM on 09/04/2013
Because women don't cheat, they 'trade up'.
Kills red tape with red tape.
07:59 PM on 09/03/2013
1.Too Much Of A Good Thing Is Not Always A Good Thing.
2. The New Man.

Hmm, he might be worth keeping after all...
07:17 PM on 09/03/2013
How about... He tries new things in bed that you never asked for or hinted you wanted?
09:13 PM on 09/03/2013
Well .. if you have discussed the fact that you need more experimentation in the bedroom with your partner ... and they realize those needs .. and they are also unwilling to go there .. and then you have asked them if they would prefer to end the relationship .. or have an open relationship . and they agree to either one ... then .. well .. you wouldn't actually be cheating.

It's the lack of openness, communication, and discussion that leads to the cheating. It's not cheating if there is no recognized commitment to monogamy for both parties. And sometimes people just want some variety to maintain their sanity .. but don't want to jeopardize their marriage or relationship .. but that is still cheating .. unless your partner knows and accepts that you need variety.

More people should probably just come clean . .. and admit their strong desire and need for some occasional variety. If that is you .. be sure you get into relationships with people who are OK with that .. it cuts down on all the drama.
Kaptain Kool
Where's the bourbon?
06:35 PM on 09/03/2013
Your friend is in classic deep denial. None of the signs are even necessary. It's obvious in the first paragraph.
She didn't "accept" the relationship, she settled for less.
She is not happy and is not in a committed relationship.
She wants to be married, he doesn't. She's waiting around in hopes of being the one, but she isn't. The sooner she cuts Tarzan loose, the closer she'll be to getting what she wants from the right person.
01:07 AM on 09/04/2013
Agree, let him go.
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06:26 PM on 09/03/2013
The most reliable sign is that he if happy for the first time you can remember.
Kills red tape with red tape.
08:00 PM on 09/03/2013
Very cynical, but I smile none-the-less :)
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08:59 PM on 09/03/2013
Yes, turn the Nag-o-Meter to 11 in that case!
Both salubrious and lugubrious concurrently.
05:27 PM on 09/03/2013
Why the judgmental word 'cheating'? Couldn't you instead say he's liberating himself from the straightjacket of convention? Couldn't you say he expanding his life experiences, opening himself up to new vistas?
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06:37 PM on 09/03/2013
Because that would entail honesty while cheating implies breaking an agreement.
09:43 AM on 09/04/2013
Mountain goat, desert rat and sea dog
06:41 PM on 09/03/2013
Cheating is the right word.
Fine and dandy, Jack!
04:44 PM on 09/03/2013
How does one become an expert in being cheated on?
There is no such thing as a moderate Republican
04:36 PM on 09/03/2013
All of these signs could apply to women, also.
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05:59 PM on 09/03/2013
Of course.
It's called Inverted Totalitarianism
09:27 PM on 09/03/2013
Given the ratio of HuffPo articles about "Cheating Men" vs. "Cheating Women," I assume there are only two or three women in the world who cheat, apparently with 1 billion men each.
11:14 PM on 09/03/2013
Well, women are catching up, but it's historically been pretty lopsided (at least to the extent there's any real data).
09:44 AM on 09/04/2013
So write an article