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02:37 PM on 09/10/2013
Its certainly interesting how Christianity aims to protect people's livelihood yet in extreme liberal or feminist thought actually blamed for them. They somehow circle all of societies problems back to Christianity and rationalize that they are to blame and not the biased media driven culture bombarding our young people with dumb ideas that minimize, justify, or compare away sexual choices that bind them to a lifetime of baggage and regret. The real misguided idea is "Sexual Freedom". What a myth. It conveys that there are no consequences for sex outside marriage, and Hollywood injects this view into almost every production with no regard for the aftermath. That's "harmful". People don't look back and laugh at their sexual mistakes, and unlike any other area of life, you don't bounce back easily from them. Unlike birth control, purity and abstinence work and make future marriages better when young people date with their future spouse in mind. How many previous partners would you want/have wanted for your spouse? This short-sighted "anything goes" "its just physical" world view of sex and its aftermath is not the legacy I want to leave behind to our young generations.
11:46 AM on 09/13/2013
I look back on my sexual mistakes and laugh. I would advise you to live your life how you choose, and leave the rest of us to do the same.
01:49 PM on 09/14/2013
It's religion and media combined.

Also, what about condoms? A lot more effective than abstinence since people who aim for purity and abstinence are so sexually repressed that they end up having sex anyway. Since "pure" Christians are denied accurate info about birth control, they will get STDs and get pregnant much more easily than people who know about birth control.
02:23 PM on 09/10/2013
She is not parenting others children. Just putting up rules for contact with her sons.

Well Done!

Too many times as I drop my 15 year old daughter off at school. I see Teenage Girls wearing totally inappropriate school attire. It is this behavior too that should be curb. Are they there to learn or to become some boys obsession at night or the Stripper down at the corner bar.

Save it for special occasions like Prom Night when you get drunk and end up on video, with 3 boys violated you.

Dress like a tramp and..........
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02:32 AM on 09/13/2013
And be raped by your sons? Great parent, aren't you.
10:04 AM on 09/13/2013
and get treated like a tramp. I have no sons. As I said, I have a daughter and Mrs. Hall has sons that she will not let date tramps.

If it hit a nerve. Dress your girls with a G Rating Dress Code. Not like they are going to work at Hooters or the Strip Club.

Thanks for thinking I am a Great Parent. I am. But, does not mean a lot coming from you.
10:35 AM on 09/15/2013
Do not confuse my daughter's relationship and mine, with yours and your father's relationship please.

Funny how the left in any blog debate when out of logical and witty retorts. ALWAYS resorts too name calling and personal attacks. Rather then keeping things to a general level.

LOLATL Laughing Out Loud At The Lefties.
06:09 PM on 09/08/2013
what she did is called parenting other people's children---not cool
09:25 AM on 09/10/2013
No, she reacted to what she saw
If someone does not wants others' reactions to what they post, then don't post
09:36 AM on 09/10/2013
Actually she wasn't,but some parent's obviously need help if they can't stop their young teens,kids from posting trashy photos
03:10 PM on 09/08/2013
I just had to post again. I am shocked as I see how many post condone underage girls posing braless and in towels. Don't you know this is borderline illegal? Second, if this young man were to act on the feelings these pics may produce, EVEN con-sensually, he could wind up in jail. Also, there are a myriad of consequences. These aren't just pictures...these pics are suggestive and this mom is smart to understand that while they live in her house, they are her responsibility. to many parents let teens raise themselves. Good job mom!
03:52 PM on 09/08/2013
If he is young as well how is it illegal? It is only illegal if he is 18+ and acting on his urges. You are not only blaming women for your hypothetical young man not being able to control himself, but you are also insulting men by saying they have no self control. What is so wrong with people having sexual thoughts anyways? It doesn't make them impure it just makes them normal.
09:29 AM on 09/10/2013
Good grief, have you not seen all these photos these CHILDREN are posting of themselves?
01:54 PM on 09/14/2013
So if that young man rapes her, it's her fault??
05:15 PM on 09/09/2013
it's not illegal to be braless, even in photos on the internet. it isn't even _borderline_ illegal.

the point is that she also posted sexy pictures of her sons (and even a video). she has a double standard going on
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12:18 PM on 09/08/2013
It is simple young ladies-in-the-making: if you aren't willing to sell it or give it away, don't advertise it.
02:57 PM on 09/08/2013
We aren't "selling or giving away anything" by choosing how to dress and which pictures to take. That assumes we are products. We are not. How about teaching her sons to respect all women, regardless of their clothing choices? Instead she's teaching them to judge women based on pictures, not based on personality or character. All while posting half-naked pics of her sons WITH this editorial post. She's a hypocrite.
04:04 PM on 09/08/2013
first, teach your daughters to respect themselves and be respectable people.
Cats oft inspire--humanity oft bewilders
08:13 AM on 09/09/2013
Of course she is a hypocrite. But it is patently naïve to dress big breasted 16 year old with a paragraph of slogans across their chest and not anticipate that's where male eyes will rest. When women reject their own objectification by demonstrating modesty, their arguments can be taken seriously. As a wise French taxi driver once said, "You Americans only think you are sexually liberated. Here we know it is best to leave some things to the imagination." More apropos now that we have such vulgar public displays of anatomy and behavior best reserved for the bedroom. Sex is precious for building relationships. Why cheapen it? Why dispense with decorum? There is a time and a place for most everything. Propriety is not a quaint anachronism.

And it is horribly naïve to expect a man of any age to respect a woman who has so little respect for herself that she will reveal her body inappropriately. A Brown University woman professor years ago produced "Killing Me Softly" in an attempt to educate young women especially that there were dire consequences for going along with Madison Avenue ad agencies employing sex to sell everything. When the images of subtle but unmistakable sexuality being used to sell snow skis, liquor, cars, furniture, etc., were shown, most were aghast. Yet now young teens are expected to express their sexuality in a most public fashion and still garner respect for their personality and their character? Wake up.
10:05 AM on 09/10/2013
That's absurd! Women can wear whatever they want and they have the freedom to take whatever pictures they please, and in no way is what they're wearing synonymous with their level of consent for sex. That's like saying that women at the beach wearing bathing suits are there for the express purpose of auctioning themselves off, and that it's okay to rape your date if she's wearing a cute dress - because really, if she's going to wear that, she must be asking for it. You propagate the rape culture. How about men show some self-control and decency?
11:24 AM on 09/11/2013
wrong, you are talking about two different things
Go look at some of these trashy,suggestive photos these KIDS are posting
Cats oft inspire--humanity oft bewilders
11:38 AM on 09/11/2013
It goes both ways. I would never suggest men read only the wrapper to determine a woman's availability for romance, affection, sex or whatever. But women are delusional if they don't believe the fundamental characteristics of self-control and decency don't also apply to them. Flaunting one's physical assets as flirting misses the essence of the emotional and intellectual dance of decades ago. When subtlety is abandoned, expect guys to be confused. Especially when their Neanderthal dads whoop victoriously when junior "got some" from his teacher, for example. A higher standard, respect, is required from members of both genders. Somewhere, someone has to restore more depth to love than merely the percolation of another's hormones.
07:01 AM on 09/08/2013
All I can say is don't/never post anything dumb/stupid and if you do, block CERTAIN people so they won't see it. Its simple and somewhat clean. Pretty interesting that some parents like to be "helicopters" for their children. Remember to look up "Stages of Psychosocial Development" later if any of you forgot and/or if you are a helicopter parent(s). wink wink.
Hey ya'll, watch thi.......
06:14 PM on 09/07/2013
I didn't know that Betty Bowers had left Landover Baptist and gone Presbyterian.
01:34 PM on 09/07/2013
There is so much so very wrong with this it is difficult to know where to begin. The helicopter parenting putting in place a very strict filter through which young men would experience the world. The blatant hypocrisy of chastising young women for being braless among topless photos of young men.
What is overwhelmingly disturbing is the concept that these young men cannot be responsible for their thoughts (and of course all sexual thought is bad) and young women must be the guardians of the man's libido, over which he himself cannot be expected to have control.
And far worse is the insinuation that for these young woman expressing sexuality or being sexual = having no respect for herself. Which opens the door to those young men not having to have respect for her either. When you couple that with the idea of men not being culpable for their sexuality, it's not difficult to see how rape culture is maintained and supported in such a society.
More chocolate, please.
01:10 AM on 09/07/2013
I'm betting there is some serious naughty internet viewing that goes on in that household when mom isn't around. Nobody is that repressed and healthy.
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01:41 PM on 09/07/2013
There's an "un" missing in front of the word healthy in your comment ;)
02:16 PM on 09/07/2013
nah, I think he meant it the way he wrote it.
02:03 PM on 09/08/2013
As in, nobody can be that repressed and yet still be healthy.
More chocolate, please.
01:05 AM on 09/07/2013
Poor Hall boys. Imagine that dinner conversation.
07:29 PM on 09/06/2013
In this lovely diatribe she mentions that the girls do not appear to be wearing bras. I personally do not think that a female needs to wear a bra to bed. I worry about the repression this woman must be going through! The girls were at least wearing jammies. The Hall boys were half naked in their sassy beach photos and will unfortunately be living this down for a very long time!
08:19 PM on 09/06/2013
Recent studies indicate bras cause damage to the female body. Our bodies weren't designed to wear bras. It interferes with the development of the muscle structure around the breast, and is actually the cause of most sagging. Women only began wearing bras less than 100 years ago. It increases the build up of perspiration and skin diseases under the breast. Women who don't wear bras have significantly less fibrocystic disease. Recent studies indicate bras may actually be bad for the body and the skin.
08:26 PM on 09/06/2013
I'm going to trot out this newfound knowledge the next time I get funny looks for taking off an uncomfortable (who thought up these things?!?) bra while sitting in my car, stuck in traffic. :)
12:24 PM on 09/07/2013
When you're a DDD, you kind of have to wear a bra....until you've had breasts that are proportionally very big compared to the rest of your body, you don't understand how important proper support is.
10:21 AM on 09/10/2013
That was one example she noted, I have seen these type of photos and they are way too suggestive and inappropriate displaying a lack of self respect to males looking at them
06:30 PM on 09/06/2013
I would be horrified if I were this k00ks sons.
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06:29 PM on 09/06/2013
She has a good point. If you want your daughters to think their major selling point is how hot they'd be in bed, you're raising your kids wrong. And NOPE, a shirtless boy isn't the same thing. Not sexist, just know that life isn't fair. 
08:10 PM on 09/06/2013
Of course you are right in that shirtless boys and braless girls aren't the same thing - because that's what we've been conditioned to. You act as if we don't live in a world that has been run exclusively by men.

It baffles me that the very same breasts and nipples that fed most of us in our early stages have become a source of shame for women and girls.
likes all cats more than most people
09:20 PM on 09/06/2013
I don't think they're a source of shame. The thing is a man is respected for what he does, his smarts, level of education, his position in society, his career - real accomplishments. A guy who gets by on his prettiness no man respects. JMO women should aim for the same standard for themselves instead of playing the game.
Michelle Erb
08:55 PM on 09/06/2013
While I would always advise against posing for sexy pics, doing so certainly does not mean that you think it is your "major selling point." People have many facets and I would like to think that most of us are not for sale.

Supposedly the boys were flexing their muscles in the pics, not sure how that is different from back arching, since it is done to make certain features more prominent than others.
06:29 PM on 09/06/2013
I find the idea of grown adults sitting around and judging the sexy-level of teenage girls' pics to be beyond the creepy pale.
11:28 PM on 09/06/2013
I agree. And she makes a public blog about the girls. Isn't the defeating the purpose? What she is doing is extremely self serving.
06:28 PM on 09/06/2013
The way she said it was completely wrong and she only covered half of the problem but I really don't see what is so wrong with a mom telling her sons what women they should not get involved with. They are HER sons and isn't that part of being a parent?
Run Tell That!
07:18 PM on 09/06/2013
08:04 PM on 09/06/2013
Except that she wasn't telling HER sons. She wrote an open letter to ALL TEENAGE GIRLS, but more specifically girls her kids go to school with and socialize with. Would you, as a parent, feel comfortable knowing that a mom at your kids school was sitting around with her family looking through your kids Facebook photos and judging how sexy they are??? She even goes so far as to say that while these girls are smart and lovely, their misguided pajama photos are all they are worth in her eyes. If I had a daughter - I would want her to stay as far the hell away as she could from any of the "Hall boys" - who it's worth nothing don't have brains but only penises.