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03:35 PM on 09/07/2013
"Most Americans believe that Bassar al-Assad is a bad guy and probably used chemical weapons on his people."

Really? I believe Assad is a bad guy yes, but I have seen NO CONCRETE PROOF of who the perpetrator really was when it comes to this chemical attack. THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM.

Also there is the fact that a good portion of the rebels are Al'Qaeda. Mr. Burnett, do you think it wise to support Al'Qaeda in this battle?

Perhaps the Obama administration would be better off practicing what it preaches ..... transparancy.
02:47 PM on 09/07/2013
Foreign policy and national security policy should not be decided based on whether "we've run out of energy" or "America has a crisis overload".

Instead, we should decide what course of action to follow in Syria, and elsewhere, based on a rational, fact-based (yes, I know that is redundant) assessment of what will be in the best long-term interests of the United States.
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10:42 AM on 09/07/2013
Great post! It amazes me that more people don't realize that we ARE war weary and over burdened as a country. For some strange reason we get reactions which imply that we should just accept another military action as an accepted part of American life and suck it up. After 50 years of war, it's time to say "enough", especially since even a missile strike will undoubtedly have consequences which will force us into another protracted war of no value to US interests.
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11:06 PM on 09/07/2013
f/f there are only lost lives and lost money that could be spent in America in this for us . for once let's be for the American people who need jobs and need a break from all these wars. stay out!
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01:31 AM on 09/08/2013
Thank you! Agreed completely. Obama's dumb plan will only hurt this country.
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05:23 AM on 09/07/2013
I a sick of war. Why not spend that money making the USA a better place to live and raise a family?
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10:43 AM on 09/07/2013
Yup! F&F
12:49 PM on 09/07/2013
You will not avoid war by sticking your head in the sand and thinking nice thoughts. Sooner or later the bad guys are going to come after you. Will you fight before or after your allies have been defeated?
02:35 PM on 09/07/2013
The US has no "allies" on either side of the Syrian civil war.
04:06 AM on 09/07/2013
Perfectly stated except you didn't point out we have Bush/Cheney to thank for our economic and foreign policy weariness. Had we not expended so much capital on the needless war in Iraq we would be in a much better position to intervene in Syria now.
03:14 AM on 09/07/2013
Another apologist for the bomb, bomb, bomb crowd.
No sir, it is far from clear that there will be negative consequences if America does nothing. Disastrously negative consequences seem inevitable, and will likely be far more disastrous if Obama has his way.
No sir, there exists no unequivocal, or even compelling evidence that the Assad regime is responsible for the criminal use of chemical weapons anywhere. Commons sense might suggest that "rebel" responsibility is more likely.
No sir, Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, and Russia do not represent a grave threat to American and Israeli interests, at least not in comparison to the far more grave threat posed by disastrous American and Israeli policy toward everyone else in the Middle East.
No sir, there is no evidence that Russia supplies Syria with chemical weapons. If you consider this based solely on a comment by Chuck Hagel, well I don’t even know what to say.
No sir, Putin and Russia are not provoking us. In fact it seems more likely we are provoking them. It’s a sad state of affairs when Russia has a sound basis to criticize our foreign policy.
No sir, Jim Wallis is in no way qualified to either prosecute or judge the Assad regime for a poorly supported accusation. This should be the end of a process starting with an objective and impartial investigation of the allegation.
No sir, the message must be the clarion one from the people, military aggression is the most worst option.
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01:48 AM on 09/07/2013
Syria, five crises too many.
09:19 PM on 09/06/2013
Amen! Totally agree, Thanks for the good article. We're playing with WW III here and economically, we can't afford it.
08:24 PM on 09/06/2013
You are assuming facts not proven, and you forget that "chemical weapons" were used by the US and allies in recent times, including at Fallujah and Gaza; I'm afraid because you are for Obama, you cut him more slack than you would somebody in another political party. Crimes are crimes, and legitimacy for a punitive action is lacking in a regime which itself is not guiltless.
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07:43 PM on 09/06/2013
Exaclty - ENOUGH - America is in a state of crises and we don't need another war - bottom line
07:08 PM on 09/06/2013
In my opinion, we need to care more about our neighboring countries such as Mexico and South America to prevent more hispanic immigrants from coming over to the U.S. illegally.
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01:49 AM on 09/07/2013
We should, in my opinion, spend more to help people than to kill them.
07:05 PM on 09/06/2013
The poor and the middle class are hurting and as you mentioned we are tired. Yet all our leaders focus on is what the elite and what the "powers that be" seem to want to further their hidden powers and profits. They have done cuts, sequesters and cut spending, they have hammered over and over to us how we need to cut, they have refused to close loopholes and they have put everything on the people. And now, they want to go spend billions to protect our pride. I have only heard one member of congress ask who was going to pay for this.

Do you think the elite and rich will hurt when the bill for this next war is due? No, they will just cut more programs for the middle class.

The people are sick and tired, they wont be able to take much more.
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06:56 PM on 09/06/2013
I just sent a message to my house rep who appears to be 'leaning' the opposite way from a decidedly left constituency. has someone been shuffling the Ds and Rs down there in DC or are we really living in Bizarro world? I didn't have hugely progressive stars in my eyes when I voted twice for Obama, but I did base my vote on his repudiation of the status quo of the last administration - wrongly - apparently.
06:03 PM on 09/06/2013
Why don't we just stay out of it and or just get the guy and his helpers and take them out don't put troops in for crying out loud haven't we offered up enough of them??
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05:49 PM on 09/06/2013
Dont blame me, I voted for Ron Paul...
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01:51 AM on 09/07/2013
Nobody is blaming you.