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07:38 PM on 09/06/2013
How will Amazon put ads in the OS? Will you have view a 15 sec advertisement before you make a call. Will text you send a have advertisement for friends and family . As the old saying goes "nothing in life is free", Amazon is in Business to make money. Jeff Bezos did not become billionaire by give things away, their always a catch.
07:59 PM on 09/06/2013
They are probably going to end up using the same strategy that they have been using with the Kindle and Kindle Fire. Amazon lowers the price down to just about what it costs to manufacture it, if not less, thus not making money on the actual hardware, but instead betting that customers will buy digital media from Amazon, especially if the Amazon Phone is half as locked down as the Fire.
08:08 PM on 09/06/2013
Totally agreed, but we could use the argument for Apple. Shouldn't the iPhone be a lot cheaper? I buy most of my content through iTunes. I known Apple is not as locked down as Amazon products.
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07:08 PM on 09/06/2013
If the ordinary phone is free, how much will they give me to take the low-end version?
08:01 PM on 09/06/2013
That's exactly what I was thinking. From what I've heard, the Amazon Phone will be 100% free, so what are they doing making a lower end model? Why would someone choose that over the higher spec model, because I'm sure that if the basic model is free, so is the lower spec one.
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06:54 PM on 09/06/2013
"This would leave Amazon's phone in direct competition with other Google-approved Android phones."

And, like the Fire, make it a completely unappealing product for someone who wants the device to be anything more than an interface for Amazon consumption.
08:02 PM on 09/06/2013
This. I got a Kindle Fire simply because it was the cheapest tablet I saw at the time, and was disgusted by the software. I later put Android 3.0, 4.2, and 4.3 on it. Better now!
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11:24 PM on 09/06/2013
The kindle fire sell extremely well I love it.
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12:17 PM on 09/07/2013
As long as you know what you're getting I have no problem with that.  I was a loyal Kindle user but as an Android tablet, Fire is simply too limited for what I want to do.  Others will feel differetly.
06:54 PM on 09/06/2013
Don't need to make money in the hardware, just do it by selling books/services/apps/ads/etc...
07:45 PM on 09/06/2013
yes sir ... Hardware is nothing compared to what they make off their books and apps. Amazon understands that when you buy a kindle , you have buy the books to use it
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10:19 PM on 09/06/2013
"Amazon understands that when you buy a kindle , you have buy the books to use it"

Unless you pirate them.
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01:25 AM on 09/07/2013
Or use library books or free downloads.