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Pablo Picasso never got called an asshole
06:50 PM on 09/11/2013
I hate them! They are such a good-looking couple!!
Byram Free
06:48 PM on 09/11/2013
well heck, I wrong, I thought it was going to Brandon Frasier
Poppa Joe
Just a bunch of opinions
06:48 PM on 09/11/2013
They have the right idea about no tech in the bedroom but don't give me marriage advise when you're barely out of the newly wed group, you don't know anything yet.
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In Unity Comes Victory
06:44 PM on 09/11/2013
his best movie was "Layer Cake"..if you haven't seen it watch's about drugs etc..but one damn good english movie
06:43 PM on 09/11/2013
No hidden cameras in the bedroom and/or bathroom either, eh?
06:42 PM on 09/11/2013
Aww shucks! I thought it was going to be a poster of Nancy Pelosi, because the believe in birth control!!!
Sandy Beaches
Insurance? It's mandated! My way or the highway!
06:39 PM on 09/11/2013
Let me guess: Cameras! They don't allow cameras in their bedroom. Guess I'll have to read the story to find out. But i'm not going to.
06:34 PM on 09/11/2013
Amazing that we have to learn some common sense by reading slightly into the private lives of celebrities,,,,as if you could never figure it OUT on your OWN....duh? Whereas? the next couple in the article,,,,"couple" who are Kim and Kanye???? living billboards....i cant even fathom that relationship....and a daughter stuck with the name "North"...hopefully when she is older, she will go to court to get a real first name....not a POINT on a COMPASS....isnt it amazing , they have real first names,,,and instead stick their daughter with a cutsie thing for their own self interests....the ego's in that family....i pity the poor kid...
06:32 PM on 09/11/2013
I love them both...
I see they met filming 'Dream House' . They had great chemistry in the movie. ;)
06:31 PM on 09/11/2013
In the bedroom , all you need is a penis and a vagina, what's the news here??????
06:40 PM on 09/11/2013
BAD HERBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06:30 PM on 09/11/2013
My God, this is news???????????????????
Tom Airhart
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
06:52 PM on 09/11/2013
OK, Herbert, you've had your of seconds worth of fame. Hang in there kid, it gets better.
Just being Logical at my Older age..
06:27 PM on 09/11/2013
Well If I had a Pretty thing like that ? It would having alot of Fun Sex and Sleeping
I wouldn't have time for much else wood U?
Unfortunately they can have Fun Sex OUstide the house with Poperrattzi watching..So they are limited to To Inside their Home and Maybe Hotel Rooms and Restorts at best..
Kind of a Bummer- Can't get lucky taking Nice Long Walks on the Beach or In Parks..
06:25 PM on 09/11/2013
2 years! Please! Tell me the same thing after more than 20 or 25 years!
06:25 PM on 09/11/2013
Good for them. The bedroom is for fuc*ing and sleeping
06:19 PM on 09/11/2013
Oh please!! Two years is nothing run this same story after 25 yrs of marriage and see what they have to say then.
Tom Airhart
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
06:27 PM on 09/11/2013
Fortunately they don't really care what you have to say about their marriage much like those who have lasted for many years did before them and continue to do.

So, to you I say, "Oh please! Put a sock in it.