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02:42 PM on 09/17/2013
Yes, the person sitting in the driverless car is the weakest link. So, bring on the driverless cars.
12:54 PM on 09/17/2013
So are implications of this that all speeding tickets will be eliminated, thereby destroying a major revenue source for the police? Also, will traffic court be eliminated entirely?
Also, if police can't pull over suspicious looking vehicles because they never break any rules, how are they going to catch the bad guys? Aren't the bad guys the one's who consistently break the rules? While we are at it, can we also automate eating and working so I don't have to do that? Just automate the money directly into my bank account please.
10:27 AM on 09/18/2013
30,000 highway deaths a year and hundreds of thousands of injuries. That means nothing... so you can be in control?
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12:46 PM on 09/17/2013
Well, there are already millions of driverless cars on the road already, they just have unfocused humans sitting in the driver's seat.
12:45 PM on 09/17/2013
when the builders of these cars hop with their kids and drive coast to coast I will think about thinking they might be safe on the road
10:28 AM on 09/18/2013
Driverless cars are safe on the road, and will be improved. It's the human controlled cars you have to worry about.
12:19 PM on 09/17/2013
The rulez must be: in any weird instance, default to steering towards open space and slow down, minimizing both accelerating and surging. There cannot be open-ended algorithms that permit "dodge by accelerating fast and slamming hard to one side".
10:29 AM on 09/18/2013
That "open ended algorithm" of which you speak is called human reaction. You can see it any given day, and often the bloody results.
11:17 AM on 09/17/2013
Im sure someone mentioned this already but the best idea Ive read for this is to have the cars link up like a train. That way you have chains of cars linked together going the same speed making much safer roads. Of course the problem is having free range cars with automated cars which I dont think can work minus emergency vehicles. Everyone would have to be on board with automation for it really be safe. There are articles about the train car idea that make a lot more sense than this. Im surprised there was no mention of it in this article but I just skimmed it, maybe there was.
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11:50 AM on 09/17/2013
Which is great if you're all going to the same place.
06:48 PM on 09/17/2013
the idea was to be able to link with people going to similar places and be able to get off/on link ups at various times. Complicated but makes more sense than this. Youd have to look it up and read the articles, interesting. Best part was going to bar and having the car come pick you up and take you home ha
05:07 PM on 09/17/2013
reducing the amount of possibilities definitely would make the software better. Get rid of multi lane roads. Get rid of stop lights and crossing roads. But that all gets very expensive.
10:33 AM on 09/17/2013
Huzzah! Now I can paint my toes without getting strange looks from other drivers!
10:16 AM on 09/17/2013
Just a prediction - you will not see any autonomous cars driving on the roads in our lifetimes or our kids' lifetimes or their kids' lifetimes. There are just too many variables to take into account. I can't enumerate them all but there's thousands of small factors that if a computer reads incorrectly would result in a tragedy. OK here's one - tight road, somebody's double parked and a truck coming the opposite way is waving for you to proceed and he's going to wait - how can a computer see a wave?
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10:55 AM on 09/17/2013
Yeah, this is what I was thinking as well.
10:51 PM on 09/17/2013
I think what you will see is autonomous "routes" where the number of vairiables are greatly reduced and there are fewer options - highways being the obvious one.

On smaller roads you will not use full automation due to the number of variables you point out.
10:00 AM on 09/17/2013
Very scary to think about the cons of autonomous driving.
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12:18 PM on 09/17/2013
Are they worse than the cons of regular driving?
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06:38 AM on 09/17/2013
Then I can drink and drive right ?
06:13 AM on 09/17/2013
Looks kind of scary, but I bet they will accomplish it
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06:02 AM on 09/17/2013
Planes do it. You have dual and triple redundant systems that rely on input from various systems, GPS, laser, camera, etc...

There has to be a priority to these systems and I think the camera/laser is end all because it seeks immediate danger. You need designated roads/highways for it and man it would be nice to take road trips and not have to pay attention to the road.
04:14 AM on 09/17/2013
This is also true with the electronic trading on the stock market. The transactions happen too fast and when people get involved it is an impossible transition to have human control put back in charge.

The automatic brakes put in by software are good for emergencies on the market but not good when the thing drifts over into bad territory.Computer guided cars are better as a help than driver less I think. And computer driven finance is better as a aid than a practice.

A powerful partnership is a sort of good driver aided by a decent computer. It is also true that a good trader and some technology is a better match than letting go of human judgement.

Auto -pilot is only good in an environment where nothing much happens.
04:14 AM on 09/17/2013
Highways and expressways should have an "automatic only" lane where the cars are in sync. In my book, the secret would be to make some streets and roads be only self-driving so there isn't the element of chance.
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Honore de Balzac
03:52 AM on 09/17/2013
The premise of the article is questionable -- that a human will always be needed during an emergency. Putting the responsibility on the vehicle manufacturer sounds like a great idea, the accident rates and ticket revenue would plunge in no time.