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02:13 PM on 12/14/2009
Thank you, thank you for running this story. There may be thousands of aging systems putting communities at risk in the near future from Puget Sound to Boston Harbor.
02:12 PM on 12/14/2009
Finally.. some national attention to the details.
The way the Corps is organized and funded is a mess. What the Corps did was nothing short of deriliction of duty.

If you think it can't happen in your back yard think again.

If you think that South Louisiana doesn't matter... don't drive your car.
Oil goes up with supply and demand. No South Louisiana.. oil will "go up".
02:10 PM on 12/14/2009
Katrina was 100% a manmade disaster. The Army Corps designed, built, inspected, maintained the levees. The local officials were not allowed by law to touch the levees. The city's levee board ADVISED and mowed the grass. $150 billion of damage.

Of course, Pres. Obama and his Congress have not allocated one extra penny for future flood protection ("making things right") that the previous president had not already allocated. For an extra $1-2 billion per year, over 3 -4 years, out of a $2 trillion per year fed budget, would make all the difference in preventing this from happening again. Pres. Obama visited 31 states after his inauguration before visiting NOLA (for 3 hours). I really thought he'd be different.
02:09 PM on 12/14/2009
I am not from New Orleans, but I've been following the work of for years now. Sandy, thank you for your dedication to the truth about what happened happened on Aug 29, 2005, and the role the Army Corps of Engineers played in the disaster--the leading role! I'm thrilled to see that the Huff Po is interested in the truth about New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. Keep up the great work!
02:06 PM on 12/14/2009
The federal government needs to wake up and smell the folgers coffee (brought in exclusively through Port of New Orleans) that the USACE needs some serious reformation. Or let me put it in other terms. If you want shovel-ready jobs, here they are.
02:05 PM on 12/14/2009
Great article. The government's actions before and following the levee failures in greater New Orleans should be considered a crime. It's scary that so many other people around the country are subjected to this type of threat.
02:03 PM on 12/14/2009
I am from New Orleans and I can say that the one constant and lone voice is from Sandy and

The message is that New Orleans was NOT destroyed by a natural disaster but was a MAN made disaster due to the gross incompetence on the part of the Corp of Engineers. This was not a State or local issue, but the responsibility of the federal government. Its a simple message, but somehow the national media does not understand that or has chosen to move on to other stories - like loose air balloons.

She has destroyed the "myths" of Katrina with facts and a visit to her website is real education.
02:02 PM on 12/14/2009
I was evacuated to Memphis and was watching the Monday morning newscasts. When a reporter outside the Superdome mentioned water was rising after Katrina had passed I remeber exclaiming, "A levee must have failed." Sadly, I was correct.

But to this day I hear newscasters, sportscasters and media hosts talk about the post-Katrina flooding of New Orleans as being a "natural disaster." Katrina didn't flood New Orleans. The Corps of Engineers flooded the city by not building proper levees. It was an engineering f***-up!!
02:00 PM on 12/14/2009
Thank you for an excellent article, and thanks also to the Huffington Post for publishing it so prominently. Although it has taken years to get anyone outside of our own area to believe these facts, it is better late than never. This is indeed a problem for everyone in the country, and perhaps now some of them will wake up and start paying attention to their own vulnerability. If it can happen to New Orleans, it can happen to YOU.
01:59 PM on 12/14/2009
What we have known all along is not coming out. This was not a natural disaster, this was a man made error and the corp has admitted this much.
Now how do you fight them???

Keep the pressure on!!!!!!
01:57 PM on 12/14/2009
As I was displaced by the failure to construct and maintain an effective levee in NOLA, I thank the judge Duval for his ruling for finding them financially culpable as well as Sandy Rosenthal for covering this story.
01:56 PM on 12/14/2009
The Corps must be held accountable if we're to prevent this from happening again (in New Orleans or elsewhere). Flood control structures must be built to spec, and spec should provide protection for our people from big storms!
01:55 PM on 12/14/2009
Incredible story. I cant believe that this information has taken this long to become public knowledge.
02:24 PM on 12/14/2009
@tsax123: it still isn't (public knowledge), to my observation. I do not yet have the impression that the vast majority of Americans know what the current events are, let alone understand. As @noexcuses31 said, we need to keep the pressure on... i.e., keep expressing the facts.
01:53 PM on 12/14/2009
Thanks for getting the news and the TRUTH out nationwide. This is a problem for the whole country, not just New Orleans or a few port cities.
01:53 PM on 12/14/2009
Finally! As a Tulane graduate, I was there before and after the storm. It is unbelievable that it has taken this long for the truth to come out.
12:17 AM on 12/15/2009
Thanks Sandy for getting this news out. The country needs to know about the failures of the C.O.E. in this debacle.
03:37 PM on 12/15/2009
Not only this story but much other information was distorted or quashed the minute the national news media entered New Orleans, several days after the flood. The local news media had been doing an excellent job of proactively assisting in the rescue, taking desperate calls from the few who still had operational cell phones and relaying information to rescuers. Once this and other commendable local rescue efforts were shut down by the feds, the lies and propaganda began, with the goal of putting the blame of these poor suffering victims. It was nothing short of disgraceful. I witness, to this day, the effects of this betrayal on the people here in New Orleans. The betrayal continues in the form of an invasion of disaster capitalism, the on-going repression of the public voice, confiscation of properties by the city, exclusion of small local businesses from access to "recovery" money and the list goes on.