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08:42 PM on 09/15/2013
Senators.....please stop whining for war. My husband was called to Viet son to Afghanistan. I'm sick of it. Stop it. Blessed are the peacemakers.
hard working cancer survivor who believes you can'
09:11 PM on 09/15/2013
God bless your family. They are true heroes.
I agree with you completely.
08:16 PM on 09/15/2013
Senators Dumb and Dumber are at it again. I suppose that they are upset that we didn't launch a hundred cruise missiles at Syria to show them how tough we are. Is it how tough we are John and Lindsey, or is it that Raytheon Corp just missed a $150M pay day?

I wish all you Re"pubic"ans would focus your attention on working with the Democrats on solving some this countries problems. You guys are as bad as the Sunni's and the Shiite's. Guess which one your are!!! If you guessed SHIITE'S you are right.
Could I please get an upgrade to a macro-bio?
09:16 PM on 09/15/2013
In your last sentence, the word "SHIITE'S" should not have an apostrophe and you put in an extra "I" and "E".
09:49 PM on 09/15/2013
The only letters that are important are the I, t, h, and the s. Thanks for the spelling lesson, but you missed the essence of the message.
Jay Haney
My nuclear family imploded when I was 18. I've bee
10:37 PM on 09/15/2013
Yeah, there's probably a reason for that...he wanted to get the comment posted and removed all relevant obstacles to same.
07:55 PM on 09/15/2013
John and Lindsey are two clowns that makes nonsense on just about everything they say.
07:51 PM on 09/15/2013
So, bombing the heck out of people and making your buddies rich is better than a peaceful resolution! We can't bomb everyone who disagree with us. We have to get along somehow. We don't have the money to be the world's policemen any more. Any war will just make the rich richer and make the poor and diminishing middle class pay China back for the money we have to borrow from China to fund the war!
07:48 PM on 09/15/2013
Both McCain and Graham getting elected to the senate, show weakness in the voters intelligences in their respected states
Conservatism: One of Fear's children.
07:33 PM on 09/15/2013
McCain and Graham can say what they want, but a recent study by CMPA found that political conservatives tell the truth or mostly the truth in only 1 out of 5 statements. 18% to be exact. Why does anyone waste time reading or listening to what they have to say?
07:30 PM on 09/15/2013
As strong as we are and the money spent on defense it would not hurt to show you can be meek after all I have heard that the meek shall inherit the earth.
Unwillingly contributing to Big Government
08:33 PM on 09/15/2013
Better check those claims. Over 10 years of war on two fronts has taken a toll on our Military. Ask any veteran--they've never been asked before to do 3-4-5 tours back to back. And our military is worn thin. Plus, Barry wanted and got a huge cut in our military budget in the hopes of using this as another foolish spending spree on silly projects designed to create nothing but more debt.
Betsy Morrison
GOP Nonperformance = Grounds for termination
12:52 AM on 09/16/2013
That would be President Obama to you.
Political Prisoner 2012
Stick a spork in 'em. The republicons are done.
07:29 PM on 09/15/2013
At least it isn't a wonton act of unprovoked violence like what we got from the previous regime.
Unwillingly contributing to Big Government
08:37 PM on 09/15/2013
Now that's an ignorant reply right there.
10:42 PM on 09/15/2013
No, that's an accurate reply.
Conservatives live in a past that never existed.
07:03 PM on 09/15/2013
Sure, John....diplomacy is always a weakness to boneheads like you. You'd rather start WWIII.
07:48 PM on 09/15/2013
McCain would much prefer to kill
12:25 PM on 09/16/2013
John knows nothing about killing unless it is from high above in a jet..he could not handle being a ground pounder. I mean what..he flew something like seven sorties and was shot down..that is his knowledge of years as a pow..he was basically out of the war from the beginning. I spent a year on the ground in Vietnam as a combat medic and no, i carried a weapon and used the gd thing..
Unwillingly contributing to Big Government
08:38 PM on 09/15/2013
Are your trying to suggest what the American public has witnessed over the last several weeks was DIPLOMACY?
hard working cancer survivor who believes you can'
09:12 PM on 09/15/2013
You bet'cha! But don't worry being an avid O hater I get that you will never accept that fact.
Pdx Rod
09:35 PM on 09/15/2013
Would you rather have created another Iraq and more war criminals and more dead Americans, just so Syrians would hate us - except for the al Qaida fighters and supporters - along with most of the rest of the world?
07:03 PM on 09/15/2013
07:01 PM on 09/15/2013
Alright so we're listening to a really old guy who likes to make foreign policy based on parodied Beach Boy songs, and another guy that makes Elton John look razor straight. Just for fun I'll let you guess which is which.
06:54 PM on 09/15/2013
Great picture of John and Lindsey. Why don't they just go off somewhere and get a room together? Does Cindy McCain know about this?
07:49 PM on 09/15/2013
She's be glad John left
Jay Haney
My nuclear family imploded when I was 18. I've bee
10:39 PM on 09/15/2013
To paraphrase a killer putdown I saw in the game "Destroy All Humans!", Cindy is probably thinking, "John hasn't touched me in years...thank God."
These are the times that try men's souls........
06:29 PM on 09/15/2013
John and Lindsey won't be going, but they'll happily send your kids, wife, husband, brother, father, sister...........

Further, they don't mind the cost since it's not their money.
No one ever becomes poor by giving..A Frank.
06:18 PM on 09/15/2013
McCain is still reeling from 2008 and no amount cajoling will stop him from his constant

whining. Mr Romney took his 'beating' and has 'proceeded' to a peaceful 'retirement'. It

would be nice if Mr McCain takes a bow and head to the exit.
everything is illusion
06:13 PM on 09/15/2013
The only act of weakness is by the people goading us into war.
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11:56 PM on 09/15/2013