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Deb Stone
08:06 AM on 09/17/2013
And why have costs sky rocketed? Maybe because we have turned our prisons into country clubs. How about looking at ways to cut costs. Look at Arizona. They now have tent cities instead of more costly prisons. They only have limited cable channels on tv. (They tried to cut it out all together but found there is a federal law that requires cable tv in prison. Doesn't matter that we have law abiding citizens who can't afford cable.) They are also running an animal shelter and taking care of the animals and giving classes to people who are interested in adopting a pet.
09:08 AM on 09/17/2013
Arizona prisons don't have tent cities, the Maricopa County Jail does. We have most certainly not turned prisons into country clubs and it's about time Congress has begun to rethink mandatory minimums.
Ergo Cognito Sum
09:34 AM on 09/17/2013
I can not afford 3 squares or cable. Prisoners need to be put on HARD LABOR.
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07:23 AM on 09/17/2013
I have no problem with someone going away for a long time if they are using their house as a meth lab, have 10 pounds of weed to deal, and have 2 illegal guns. Come on, this is NOT a small time dealer! I understand they cleaned up after the arrest, but she had her oppertunity to clean herself up before the arrest.
Zaina Hussein
08:18 AM on 09/17/2013
right. big difference between pill-poppers and weed tokers, than meth makers. there are levels of drug use and manufacturing that impact, or dont impact, our neighbors and society. meth labs are dangerous. they can blow up. some guy with an acre of weed who loves smoking every day isnt a big issue (providing he lives in a rural area or has neighbors who arent.close.). all that said, i dont condone illegal drug use and dont do any myself.
09:24 AM on 09/17/2013
And he had his opportunity to draw a lesser sentence in exchange for testifying against her. The judge realized that she posed no threat but his hands were tied and he was required to hand down a sentence of fifteen years to a young woman who had cleaned up her act.

The article says nothing about using her house as a meth lab.