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11:31 AM on 09/27/2013
Guys, it's only the iPhone that does this. Every other smartphone is safe. /s
Donna Domme
I'm Just A Girl. HEAR ME ROAR!
07:05 PM on 09/27/2013
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11:22 AM on 09/27/2013
Not sure why the only device they mention is an iPhone. Is that the only smartphone/cellphone on the market? All the the things listed are minor and peripheral - they worked very hard to make a stretch argument.
05:22 PM on 09/27/2013
Yep, deafness and cancer are "minor and peripheral"
11:04 AM on 09/27/2013
half of those have nothing to do with a phone but thanks for the sensationalism.
05:23 PM on 09/27/2013
They're not exclusive to phones, yes, but who carries around Walkmen anymore? Or their wireless router? It's the ubiquity of phones that presents the danger.
11:02 AM on 09/27/2013
I developed bilateral hand/wrist tendonitis with RSD on a regular keyboard in my job, that forced me to change my occupation, so I shudder to think what kind of musculoskeletal problems people are going to develop from their use of iphones when they use this much in their lives. It won't be a problem for younger people but once you get into your 30s and on your body isn't so forgiving.
10:49 AM on 09/27/2013
iPhones. Yuck!
10:46 AM on 09/27/2013
The unhealthy levels of radiation one is purely on there as a scare it uses phrases like "jury is still out" and "possibly." Not terms associated with facts.
11:57 AM on 09/27/2013
Agreed. The radiation emitted by cellular broadcast isn't of a wavelength capable of causing genetic damage. The individual photons just aren't energetic enough.
Not even science is an exact science.
02:01 PM on 09/27/2013
Well, I’m not quite sure where you derive your info, but most of today's digital phones operate in the one meter or less wavelengths. Of course you know these are borderline or low-end microwave frequencies. Handset power emissions are very low when compared to your countertop cooker. But i disagree that there is a lack of energy that could cause damage. Damage does not have to be genetic to be harmful. Prolonged exposure could result in simple tissue damage. Even though the "definitive" jury is still out, precautions against an overabundance of excessive emissions is wise.

For example, having a laptop on your lap, two cell phones in your pocket and a mobile hotspot could be dosing you with a frequency set that will cause phantom reactions long after you turn them off. And who’s to say susceptible people don’t actually get “sick” from such extended exposures.

Damage? Short term? Long term? Who knows…
12:30 PM on 09/27/2013
Read this article before you dismiss it.

The carcinogenic effects of smoking were dismissed for decades by the "experts" before they finally conceded the truth.
10:33 AM on 09/27/2013
Smartphones can also be a source of enormous distraction, and once we're used to the constant distraction it can be hard to re-learn how to pay attention. If it doesn't cause physical damage, it at least affects our ability to think and pay attention. This is an offshoot of the addiction and withdrawal problems, but it merits its own mention. I can't remember the last time I saw someone standing in line (or in a waiting room, or some other idle place) that they weren't looking at a phone. I'm sure some of these were important updates, but in most cases I wonder if we're just becoming incapable of tolerating an unoccupied minute. Full disclosure: I'm usually one of those people looking at a phone. But I'm trying.
jonny dipstick
10:10 AM on 09/27/2013
i get the phantom vibrations. sometimes i like them though. especially when they are in my pocket.
12:00 PM on 09/27/2013
I swear I constantly feel my purse vibrating!
jonny dipstick
01:34 PM on 09/29/2013
from your phone?
09:22 AM on 09/27/2013
HEV (high-energy visible) light is harmful to your eyes.