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Put in D to go forward to go backwards put it in R
10:12 AM on 09/21/2013
ain't the unfettered free market wonderful!
10:09 AM on 09/21/2013
HI? Sorry about the spill...nasty, really. Why, it's just part of the corp$ doing 'bidness'. "Let the markets run free"............Mantra of the corp$, so there you have it. USA is all about 'bidness' and race to the bottom. Disgusting.
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no dash american
the real 1% ers are veterans
02:20 PM on 09/22/2013
You obviously don't know the business climate of Hawaii
08:28 AM on 09/23/2013
Yes, It must su**.
10:02 AM on 09/21/2013
Gross negligence
09:17 AM on 09/21/2013
counting 26,000 dead fish ?
..Ha Bra.... tomorrow you count the shells
01:09 PM on 09/21/2013
This was definitely a bad accident, and definitely putting sugar into the ocean is bad, but I would also like to know where they got that number? I don't understand why they can't just be reasonable. Why does everything have to be the end of the world with these reports.
independent and ornery but purrfectly lovable
11:56 AM on 09/22/2013
The interesting note at the end of the article was that although marine life was killed, there were no endangered species involved. So what if a bunch of marine life was lost as long as no endangered species were killed. Did they inspect all the dead marine life and know that for a fact? What a bunch of dunderheads.
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09:01 AM on 09/21/2013
Shipping magnates are some of the richest in the word. They need to pay for the entire thing.
01:10 PM on 09/21/2013
I agree but pay who? I guess they can pay full time residents of Hawaii?
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08:37 AM on 09/21/2013
Sugar production on Maui relies on very antiquated methods and equipment also.
20 Minutes into the future.
08:23 AM on 09/21/2013
had no plan. .because it's an unregulated product.

All we hear about from Republicans and corporations is that there are too many regulations, and that they can self-regulate; but when things go badly they say, hey we're within the guidelines or we followed the law, or we weren't required..blah blah blah.
Some people are #%?!*!*# NUTS!!!!!
08:22 AM on 09/21/2013
Matson excuse...."See no leak, Hear no leak, Fix no leak!!!!" Hehehehehehe...................
Sheldon Robidoux
08:06 AM on 09/21/2013
The explanation is that molasses has leaked before and it will leak again. You only see it because of better monitoring. And as far as dead fish, well that is just one theory.
hold politicians libel for lieing
07:28 AM on 09/21/2013
End this corporation now, and make them pay every and all clean up charges
beware false profits....
07:08 AM on 09/21/2013
I have a problem here.

They have a pipeline that transfers a product that while not regulated Federally, clearly kills the reef, fish, etc..

Exactly how do you get to build ANY kind of pipeline, that moves ANY kind of product, and nobody is in charge.

At a minimum this should be regulated somewhere under the EPA for potential violations of the clean water act, or just plain old POLLUTION, or SOMETHING.

You mean to tell me that Matson has killed some fish and REEF and Hawaii can't fine them? That is insane.

The solution is so simple.

You want to build a pipeline? Great, here's the paperwork. It says if you damage the environment, it is treated as if it were an "oil spill". You MUST have response plans, boats, equipment, manpower, etc to immediately respond to ANY leak, just like it was an extremely dangerous product, for one reason, it kills, period.

The fines are the same as an oil spill. The ramifications and costs to you are going to be horrendous.

Be responsible, or don't build it. Your choice.
01:12 PM on 09/21/2013
If their isn't any money it it for the politicians, then they won't push for regulation. The reason there is no regulation on pipelines that transport sugar is because there probably aren't very many of them. I have never even heard of it till now.
Ms Disbelef
06:54 AM on 09/21/2013
Another Republican idea, corporate self regulation. Hey fox, want to have a chicken dinner?
Katina Cooper
my friends made me dress up and pose
06:33 AM on 09/21/2013
Republicans are jumping for joy. A large company will make more money from not fixing any problems. In the end, the company will file for bankruptcy in Florida, not have to pay anything for all the damage that was done and then, pay off a few politicians in Hawaii so that the Hawaiian citizens will have to pay for the clean-up. Endangered species might not be covered under Florida bankruptcy laws. That might be why no endangered species were found.
05:36 AM on 09/21/2013
Of course the chamber of commerce types that run Matson will resist any and all attempts to regulate their activities in a manner that would preclude such damage. They are really being very kind not to stick the public with the clean up costs....but you can bet they will not stick their shareholders with the costs either. can rest assured that the public and of course the local wild life will indeed pay for the allow otherwise would not be proper management of company funds. You can bet they didn't carry insurance on that pipeline.
10:02 AM on 09/21/2013
'kind' is not applicable in any form.
03:55 AM on 09/21/2013
Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co, do you think they get 'Farm Bill' subsidies? You bet is my guess.