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07:38 PM on 09/24/2013
so the woman who took care of her gets nothing - makes you wonder if anyone was paid off
08:26 PM on 09/24/2013
an earlier post said while the heiress was alive she received in excess of $ 31,000,000.00 not to shabby.....
10:29 PM on 09/24/2013
The woman collected and cashed over Thirty One Million Dollars in checks in addition to her salary and homes given as gifts to her and her family members.
07:25 PM on 09/24/2013
Sad that the Nurse gets nothing but the rich are the worst people in the world when it comes to giving but they are always ready to have their Mug Shots taken when giving to a Charity to promote themselves in the public's eye.
08:23 PM on 09/24/2013
Don't generalize every single Rich person. I know plenty and many of them are excellent wonderful people and give from their heart without anyone knowing. They don't the galas or photo's. You also have plenty who are not rich who are the biggest jerks. Are all poor people saints?
08:44 PM on 09/24/2013
That is not true most all of the richest people in USA histroy ended up giving almost all they made away. That is a fact...Gates and Buffet have been doing that for a few years now
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imagination is more important than knowledge
09:18 PM on 09/24/2013
They may give a lot of money away, but, they certainly do not give almost all of their money away. You are so misinformed it's a crime.
07:02 PM on 09/24/2013
The money should have gone to the people who UNGRUDGINGLY made the effort to spend her last years with her. I couldn't help but notice that there are relatives who admit they NEVER once met the woman, and yet, they believe they are entitled to her money.
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09:12 PM on 09/24/2013
Why should people who are paid to take care of her benefit from her wealth any more than anyone else? She inherited it all herself too. Most of it is going to charity. Both the nurse and the lawyer were paid extravagantly while they worked for her. $31 million was the nurse’s take while the woman was alive. The will was changed to benefit them, who says they did not manipulate her into signing it?
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I am strong and independent
07:32 AM on 09/25/2013
Many said they were denied access to her by the lawyers and the nurse. There is so much more to the story than this.
07:01 PM on 09/24/2013
I guess that they did not believe I was kin, as I have not been notified that I suddenly got rich.
01:21 AM on 09/25/2013
I feel your pain. I have letters from all over the world informing me that I have inherited millions and millions of gold/dollars/euros being held in banks and all I have to do is send a few thousand dollars to various representatives of Kings and diplomats in places such as Africa for processing expenses, but I 'm broke.
06:58 PM on 09/24/2013
All in all it seems "Madame Clark suffered from AGORAPHOBIA" ;yet neither the well paid hospital; nor those entrusted to care for her, addressed the issue of helping her overcome the disorder , intead they took advantage of it .
Undue influence can manifest itself in many subtle ways, particularly when the victim is emotionaly vulnerable and under the day to day care of a clever manipulator.
Whatyou gonnado
Dig for the facts
06:28 PM on 09/24/2013
Oh man...11 lawyers?...That alone would make it a circus...
mary glynn
10:41 PM on 09/24/2013
that is whewre the money went
Whatyou gonnado
Dig for the facts
04:16 AM on 09/25/2013
Yeah...You got that right mary...
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06:07 PM on 09/24/2013
Well, it is good that everyone settled instead of wasting millions of dollars that lawyers would love to "waste" for them! They are not fond of amicable settlements. As my mother used to say, a bad arrangement is worth more than a lengthy lawsuit.
06:05 PM on 09/24/2013
Dedication when fueled by excessive rewards becomes suspect for undue influence
05:25 PM on 09/24/2013
Just proves that the rich really are different...
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05:21 PM on 09/24/2013
Aunt Huguette Its me your long lost nephew little Hugo remember???
05:08 PM on 09/24/2013
FYI....Another interesting will is that of Saginaw Michigan 1900's tycoon Wellington Burt.
05:37 PM on 09/24/2013
I heard the UP of Michigan had many copper mines back in the day.
05:05 PM on 09/24/2013
Why the big fuss? The latest lottery winner got $400 million and didn't have to share it with anyone.
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05:56 PM on 09/24/2013
I believe it was $233+ million after taxes. Hopefully he will donate some of the money to charitable organizations that help the poor and the needy.
06:34 PM on 09/24/2013
Why should he do that? He just donated $177 million to the feds to do that for him. And the feds did NOTHING to get that money. I would say he has more than paid his "fair" share.
11:15 PM on 09/24/2013
It's great that our peach (Ms.Barbara W.) is back!!! We've all missed her.
05:04 PM on 09/24/2013
The big argument was over her hat..That was court ordered to go to the salvation army..
04:51 PM on 09/24/2013
Why did the poor nurse get nothing? She's the only one who deserved it! The other relatives are just parasites. Her lawyer should be sued for malpractice!
History is NOT bunk.
07:09 PM on 09/24/2013
The nurse and Clark's lawyer were suspected of conjuring the second will after Clark's death, according to relatives. The pair tried to hide this scheme by giving the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. nearly half of the estate. They would almost certainly have been found out at trial, and would then go to jail for fraud. Better to get nothing, than to get a prison sentence.
02:00 AM on 09/25/2013
The nurse was given $31 million by the heiress while she was alive, is that not enough? I do not know any nurse who is deserving of such a salary.
04:44 PM on 09/24/2013
So the nurse that cared for her for years gets nothing but the relatives that have never even met her nor gave a hoot about her do? DUMB!!!
04:53 PM on 09/24/2013
I believe she was gifted something like $30 million while Clark was alive. They wanted her to pay $5 million to the relatives, but that was taken off the table.