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04:25 PM on 12/23/2009
Let me get this straight............if your person is in danger when you are Wassilla......from the citizens of Wassilla............the police ask YOU to leave ........rather than enforcing the law OR expecting their citizens to uphold the law!

And if your press credentials have been scrutinized by the Whitehouse AND the military and found to be in good order......that is NOT good enough for the local constabulary in Wassilla!

Amazingly ridiculous!
04:40 PM on 12/23/2009
Watching Putin so much has made $arah want to emulate him.
Proud Progressive Liberal
12:06 AM on 12/24/2009
Yep, $arah loves those ionic images to emulate, but she prefers ionic images that have been around for ions.
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01:25 AM on 12/24/2009
"In Soviet Russia, book-signing disrupts YOU!"
04:23 PM on 12/23/2009
This is the same woman whose followers want her to be president, right? The same woman who thought Katie Couric was just too gosh darn pushy. A woman who refuses to deal with any press other than the farest of the right? A woman whose preferred method of communicating is someone else writing her Facebook updates and herself tapping out frequently incorrect and passive-aggressive Twitter tweets? A woman who bleats about our brave troops defending our Constitutional rights but seems to hope a good number of them are revoked?

This is the Pit Bull with lipstick, right? A woman who gives birth while field dressing a moose and then rushes away, still covered in blood and cradling her latest offspring in a moose meat sling, to sign important oil contracts in her office and then bask on her tanning bed while combating the forces of evil as they rear their heads over glorious melting Alaska?

But she can't even tolerate four regular people with questions, huh?

I believe that Alexander Hamilton wanted a monarchy in the US, but I don't think Quitter Queen Palin was quite what he had in mind.

Her supporters, naturally, are saying all manner of horrible things about Gryphen and his alleged inability to be trusted around children.

Palin is a symbol, which gives her power but also makes her enormously vulnerable. When the truth hits the fan for this woman, it's going to be fascinating to watch from a save, spatter screen protected, distance.
01:12 PM on 12/25/2009
Well said, especially the spatter screen part.
Pres. Sarcasm Society. Like we need your approval.
03:55 PM on 12/23/2009
LOL. You just can't make this stuff up.

I can't wait until Stewart and Colbert are back from hiatus.
03:48 PM on 12/23/2009
Quitter. Coward. Liar.
04:01 PM on 12/24/2009
03:43 PM on 12/23/2009
Great article, Shannyn! Thanks for posting it here at HuffPost.

O/T I watch your show, via either your blog or Gryphen's. I have learned a lot about Alaska and it's great resources! Great show! Keep up the good work!
03:07 PM on 12/23/2009
Congratulations on the new moniker "Palibanned". So nice of the people at the sports complex to explain the kind of people she attracts. I will keep that in mind next time i drive past Wasilla.
Enjay 1
Enjay in E MT
02:55 PM on 12/23/2009
Excellent write up Shannyn --
Palibanned - wonderful !

To do list:
Check with Idaho Univ. classes on Journalism Degree --
Don't they teach 1st amendment rights / freedom of the press ?
How about any civic or government classes ?
English ?

Hmmm... not part of curriculum? Musta been absent that semester.
This was a full 4 Yr degree -- (tho it took 5 yrs)
Not a 2 Yr Associate Degree -- (that took 5 yrs??)

Believe the Univ. of Idaho Journalism Degree means -
give sport scores from teleprompter.
02:42 PM on 12/23/2009
Wow, those skeery old pantywaist bloggers sure make Miss Quittypants nervous, don't they?
(You betcha!)

Revisiting this:
ProChoice Grandma posted this link earlier:

Thanks, Grandma. I already knew that Track was born just 7 months, 3 weeks after his parents' quickie wedding. (Which reminds me: Maybe the old saying was supposed to be "Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder"?)

ANYWAY....the Palingates blogspot about Track's remarkable resemblance to her old friend, Curtis Menard, Jr., is news to me. It's just MORE stuff about this train wreck (her life) that makes you go "Hmmmmm.....?"

If there is a just God, then her house of cards will tumble down, eventually. For Christmas, and year-round, my wish for Sarah Palin is that she gets what she so richly deserves. If that happens, it will be sufficiently wonderful.
02:37 PM on 12/23/2009
Great idea to have the under Sarah's bus crew sign her book. Especially, as Sarah add a few more mental corpses to her collection of passed friends and supporters.
You'd kind of think the whole 5000 population would turn out just because it was a big deal.
Maybe most of them are on the banned list too.
If they werent before they sure are now, I bet Sarah's people took names and pictures.
02:36 PM on 12/23/2009
In Sarah-World I guess only she and Carrie Prejean have First Amendment rights. I think it particularly cowardly for the ADN to block comments on their article. "Free press?" - epic fail!
02:32 PM on 12/23/2009
Reports are 1,000 people showed up for Palins autograph. There would have been 2,000 but half went to Palins house because it looked like the Curtis D. Menard Memorial Sports Center.
03:20 PM on 12/23/2009
Ha! Right on.
It looks the same because the same materials and construction crews were used for both buildings.
03:51 PM on 12/23/2009
Oh come on...Todd and God and his snowmachine buddies built the Palin compound in their spare time...
02:10 PM on 12/23/2009
Shannyn... you didn't answer the ' important' question you brought up?

Was your hair oily, natural or dry..?
Like you said... You are just not THAT into her.... BUT... in HER mind she thinks so.
( Todd...? have her checked out ... or ' In' to a Facility )

I think it is confirmed that there is truly just ONE crazy lady that has surpassed them all. Oily Taitz was on the short- List at one time.

Miss " Oily from Alaska " has surpassed them all and is so out in front in this Race.

I would suggest that people email the Washington Speakers Bureau and ask them WHY they would endorse
and promote a Speaker who denies 1st Amendment Rights of others. Isn't this CONTRADICTORY to their whole premise...?
And they are willing to PAY and promote this ideology through their Organization..? THAT'S CRAZY!!!

Email them....
02:00 PM on 12/23/2009
If Sarah really doesn't plan to run for any political office, then her SarahPAC should be dissolved and money properly distributed.

SarahPAC has sent out Christmas cards from the Palin family.
Is this a legitimate use of the funds when someone is NOT a declared candidate?
01:57 PM on 12/23/2009
"At the end of the day, if something had gone wrong, it would have been my responsibility," Hastings said. "If I take three minutes on Google I can see that, given the nature of the people who were here, it wasn't in his (Zaki's) best interest to be here. He and others could have found themselves in a negative situation."

Ah yes, the nature of the people there. Those evangelicals who preach the word of God but, practice the work of the Devil. Such a loving bunch of fre@ks.

Let me guess, $arah is going to deny any knowledege of this.
01:53 PM on 12/23/2009
Palin had once said Hillary Clinton needed to get thicker skin when it came to being criticized. She tries to creat this fantasy world with only people who love her are allowed to be withing a mile of herself. She is a fake, a phony, a fraud and a hypocrite.

For the latest go to and scroll down to "ABORTIONGATE" Lots of little secrets in that family coming out.