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07:58 PM on 09/30/2013
Though NOT a cleric, I have found that women's reproductive health is more inclined to have problems if they are "driving" from the back seat. Up front - no problem.
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"it ain't over till it's over"
08:20 PM on 09/30/2013
Laughing. My reproductive health is directly affected by the location of the woman while I am driving. Up front. Forget about it. In the back seat. I can live with that!
07:57 PM on 09/30/2013
And Obama want to have November be Muslim Appreciation Month. Another example of Islam being the religion of love.
10:35 PM on 09/30/2013
Actually go to This is a total hoax. Some people are so gullible. Research before you write, steshark!
07:37 PM on 09/30/2013
This cleric is so ignorant. Enough said
09:47 PM on 09/30/2013
Amen,Virgo. Like many old men in all countries who know more than women about what is good for them.
07:36 PM on 09/30/2013
This cleric and Bachmann have a lot in common.
07:09 PM on 09/30/2013
Coming to a city near you.
06:47 PM on 09/30/2013
The world will not change until is run by intelligent women. Look at how it is everywhere because its MEN that have got us there.............I mean even in countries like the US is still a boy's world and they destroy everything..
07:38 PM on 09/30/2013
Women have a greater reasonability creating life by risking their lives, working harder and participate more in creating life than men do. It's called being pregnant, giving birth, and nursing babies. Maybe those with a greater investment in creating life should have more to say about how we live life.
"The Soft Parade has now begun"
08:43 PM on 09/30/2013
Lead on ! You have my vote, can't be any worse than the noodles in D.C.
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06:39 PM on 09/30/2013
"Mohammed Baknah says scientific studies have not proven that driving has adverse effects on women's reproductive health."

-dead man walking.
06:28 PM on 09/30/2013
As a matter of anatomical fact, women's ovaries are much better protected than the male repro. eqpmt is. This is by virtue of the fact that women's ovaries are contained within the body and are not exposed on the outside of the body.

So men are the ones who shouldn't drive if one wants to be anatomically correct.
06:24 PM on 09/30/2013
I recall a segment on "Makers" in which a female atty who handled a very famous case back in the early seventies was talking about her life. She was a preacher's daughter who became an atty when there were not that many female attys.

She told a story about when she was playing basketball in college. The female b-ball players could only dribble twice and then had to pass the ball. When she inqrd why they couldn't just run with the ball like the male players she was told the reason for this weird restriction. it was that that would be too jarring to the female reproductive eqpmt and if it were done it would ruin women's meal ticket of the future. She thought that was ridiculous.

I think her name was Sarad Waddington.

So it wasn't just Muslims who used this absurd theory.

This is just a variation on the women driver's- damaging ovaries basketball theory. It was absurd.
08:32 PM on 09/30/2013
I remember back in high school back in the 60s we could only dribble the ball twice in basketball,but never heard that explanation before.
06:07 PM on 09/30/2013
So, if a man drives, doesn't it hurt the man-berries? It's the same logic. Idiots, all.
07:41 PM on 09/30/2013
Actually women keep their ovaries in a much safer place for driving. Sitting on man-berries is uncomfortable. I've seen some men politely adjusting their luggage while driving.
Get over it. It's the Shock Doctrine (book)
05:57 PM on 09/30/2013
Amazes me how much men know about women. And since when they decide for us? It seems it started when they grabbed the hatchet... Maybe the pants should fit tighter. A lot tighter. Even their voice might change to a high pitched one. I would give the Saudi a lot of soy. Women? You know soy? Cook with it! In fact, start since they are small. Only soy milk for boys. There are other stuff in the kitchen you could use too. It will change your civilization.
07:13 PM on 09/30/2013
I guess these muslims don't drive in their world. Your answer don't drive. Camels are much safer.
05:53 PM on 09/30/2013
Maybe those women who are going to ignore the ban on driving should run over a cleric or two while they're at it. Couldn't hurt.

Frankly, I wish all Saudi women would deny their husbands sex until they get equal rights.
05:48 PM on 09/30/2013
It is amazing what God/Allah tells Muslims....
06:19 PM on 09/30/2013
... and Christians.....
08:38 PM on 09/30/2013
Interesting how Cruz, a Canadian, actually had government health care in his birth country.
Like your freedom - Thank a Vet!
05:43 PM on 09/30/2013
The Tea Party picked up on this and are seriously thinking of including it in their negative opinions on women's reproduction rights. No pills, no day after, no drivers licence.
05:37 PM on 09/30/2013
If this weren't such a sad situation for Saudi women, it would be rather amusing to think that anyone could be so stupid as this cleric. I've been driving for over 70 years, often in very rough terrain, and somehow or other I managed to produce 5 children, all of whom are physically and mentally well above average. I'm sure there are millions of other women who can refute his idiotic statement, though unfortunately he'd probably never retreat from his antique position.
I noted some posters wondering if driving might not be really safe for men's equipment, but I guess they are somehow protected against least many of them seem to use it in situations that aren't exactly family rated.