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Motivational Bull****er
09:30 AM on 10/03/2013
Ah, well, I guess they know how the Buddhists felt when the Muslims attacked them, burned their temples, killed their families unless they converted, etc. If one becomes a victim of one's own treachery, do not cry to me--of course, Huff Post loves a soggy story.
01:07 PM on 10/03/2013
You think what the Buddhists are doing to Muslims in Myanmar is OK?
Motivational Bull****er
03:32 PM on 10/03/2013
Karma got them
03:58 PM on 10/03/2013
Yes mate i do i just hope they dont stop..The boots on the other foot and hey guess what they dont like it.. I do though
09:12 AM on 10/03/2013
Huh, muslims getting a dose of their own medicine!
08:51 AM on 10/03/2013
Awe, Buddhists are so peaceful, aren't they?
The obsessed West who celebrates Buddhism with scents and music, while not knowing that much else about it, while meditating on mindfulness might be shocked reading this.
Many might even think the story cannot be true.
It might balance that naive take on that belief system a little bit; maybe.
09:12 AM on 10/03/2013
What if the Muslims amass in a single place in the US (Michigan) and become an overwhelming majority and then they decide to tell the US that they want Michigan to be a free and independent Muslim society? Educate yourself about a topic before opening your mouth. Buddhists are extremely peaceful. It just shows how far the Muslims in India have pushed these Buddhists. It's nice to see Huffington Post siding with the aggressors.
wincanton man
10:51 AM on 10/03/2013
You mean just like they have in the UK? Your first sentence is no longer an hypothesis when discussing the UK.
Ken Giles
Attorney-at-Law, critical thinker, political junki
10:55 AM on 10/03/2013
Educate yourself?!? This is about Buddhists and Muslims in Myanmar, NOT INDIA. Hahahahahahahahaha!!
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09:54 AM on 10/03/2013
Your comment shows that your only knowledge or perspective of Buddhists is of Julia Roberts and 'Eat, Pray, Spend'-style Western romanticizing of Buddhism. Buddhists ARE peaceful ... but they are NOT going to stand by while being mutilated and murdered in the streets by people bent on the destruction of anyone who isn't Muslim. Buddha didn't preach lying down and allowing yourself to be hacked at with machete's by people following Mohammed who preached violence against infidels.
08:50 AM on 10/03/2013
Go gettem' Budists!!!
08:44 AM on 10/03/2013
Honey, aren't those 3 muslims hiding in the ditch? Yes dear but pay no attention to them. That's how they play.
08:39 AM on 10/03/2013
Stop killing, raping, butchering, burning churches and shoving your colonization on sovereign people and they will not strike back.
Liberal. Pro-Israel. Recovering atheist.
08:33 AM on 10/03/2013
Turning Buddhists into rioting mobs is quite an achievement.
10:40 AM on 10/03/2013
Buddhist terror is no different than Christian terror, Muslim terror, Hindu terror, or atheist terror. The vast majority of Muslims and Buddhist wish to live peacefully undisturbed...
Liberal. Pro-Israel. Recovering atheist.
01:45 PM on 10/03/2013
Except Buddhism and Christianity weren't founded by terrorists.
08:25 AM on 10/03/2013
It would be nice if we could send them ALL into hiding!
08:18 AM on 10/03/2013
I read the story and I still don't see the bad part, seems good to me.
08:17 AM on 10/03/2013
Any time you rid the world of these parasites it's good.
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07:54 AM on 10/03/2013
Some background:

“Tensions between Buddhist and Muslim ethnic groups flared into violent clashes in Meiktila on March 20th and continued until the 22nd, killing at least 40 and wounding 61 people. The violence started on March 20th after a Muslim gold shop owner, his wife, and two Muslim employees allegedly assaulted a Buddhist customer and her husband in an argument over a golden hairpin. The situation further escalated when a local Buddhist monk was dragged from his bicycle, doused in petrol, and burnt alive by six Muslim youths at a nearby mosque.”

“The violence in Rakhine State in June 2012 started when a group of men allegedly raped and murdered a 27-year-old Rakhine seamstress.42 Three Muslim men were arrested the next day for the crime.43 On June 3, some 300 Buddhists pulled 10 Muslims from a bus and lynched them in a retaliatory attack.44”
Motivational Bull****er
09:33 AM on 10/03/2013
The Muslims have been persecuting the Buddhists for centuries. Those two examples are just drops in the bucket for what the Muslims have done.
03:08 PM on 10/03/2013
Using that logic non-Christians should be able to go out in the street and start gunning down Christians based on the actions of Christians during the Inquisition or the Salem witch trials....
Doug Sandlin
01:45 PM on 10/03/2013
So these Buddhists are attacking innocent people based on believing in the fallacies of stereotyping and collective guilt.

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01:51 PM on 10/03/2013
What the Myanmar Buddhists are doing--taking the law into your own hands--is wrong in every society.

There is no justification for it.

It is necessary, however, to correct the impression that this violence came out of nowhere.

Do you agree?
07:41 AM on 10/03/2013
I hate to say this because it goes against my base feeling of hating people who victimize others , but my first reaction to this article's headline was 'well, how does it feel to be on the recieving end or intolerance for a change?'
07:04 AM on 10/03/2013
When it comes to human nature there are no limits so it is...even when Buddism is the foundation of your philosophy of life.
06:37 AM on 10/03/2013
What did the muslims do to evoke this type of thing?
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"it ain't over till it's over"
06:43 AM on 10/03/2013
I applaud your sarcasm!
07:02 AM on 10/03/2013
This is how it started:
"According to a report by the independent Arakanese news agency Narinjara, in the Muslims-dominated township of Rambree in Arakan State in Myanmar (Burma), a gang of Muslims robbed a Buddhist girl, ganged-raped her and murdered her in grisly manner.

She was intercepted while returning home from work on the evening of 28 May 2012. She was killed by slitting her throat. Her dead-body also showed several stabbing wounds on the chest, as well as wounds and cuts on the vaginal and pubic regions.

After news of the grisly rape and murder spread, nearly 1000 angry protesters from nearby villages marched to the police station on 29 May, demanding police action against the barbaric murderers. Three Muslim culprits were arrested on the same night.

A Burmese source tells us that angered by arrest of the Muslim culprits, Bengali Muslims started riots on 8th June 2012 in Moung Daw Township in Arakan State, which borders the line between Bangladesh and Myanmar. According to the source, the riot was continuing at the time of reporting at about 9pm Myanmar Time on 8th June."
08:35 AM on 10/03/2013
Well, there it is!! Thanks.......this explains a lot.
10:47 PM on 10/03/2013
and I read in HuffPo on the follouw-up of the violence that the muslims later reacted, killing and burning buddhists. so there are buddhists and muslims refugees too in the early start.