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09:40 AM on 10/13/2013
Loved it! Spoke volumes of truth that many women have experienced or felt. For those women that haven't..... well lucky you.
Happiness and Peace
09:37 AM on 10/13/2013
As women, we must be advocates for ourselves and not accept the fake body image of models.
Models should be average size so we can see how clothes really look.
We are real people with real lives and it is time we stand up to the fashion industry's distorted images.
For the people
09:33 AM on 10/13/2013
What an awesome young Woman. You go Girl and the doors will fly open for you.
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09:01 AM on 10/13/2013
You'd think that she would have a smaller waist.
08:47 AM on 10/13/2013
If you buy into the nonsense, then it impacts you. I have never felt that I need to 'take up less space, be quiet and to eat sparingly." I am woman, hear me roar!!
Happiness and Peace
10:37 AM on 10/13/2013
I like that Katie Perry song as well.
Fanned, mrc1006.
10:52 AM on 10/13/2013
Give a listen to Helen Reddy's 1975 version!
10:44 AM on 10/13/2013
I don't believe for a moment that you never felt the pressure to be thin or dress a certain way. Were you sheltered your whole life? Sorry, but between magazines, runway models, sports illustrated and the entire genre of stars today, I'm sure you've looked at yourself just a few times and thought that you weren't perfect enough.
I never argue with street people
11:33 AM on 10/13/2013
Guess what? If you have a strong mind and a strong backbone, you're not going to give into what the magazines dictate you do or look like. If you have more to offer to the world than your appearance, you have no reason to even hear the nay-sayers.
06:34 AM on 10/13/2013
> perfectly expresses the pressure women feel to take up less and less space,
>to be quiet, to be small and to eat sparingly.
None of this is actually true, of course.
11:54 PM on 10/12/2013
guys feel the same way
10:50 PM on 10/12/2013
How is this considered to be a poem?
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05:33 PM on 10/12/2013
As an interesting contrast, go to the personals section of Craigslist or any other online publication that hosts personals. Read the list of desired male characteristics provided by female posters.

Online chat or blogs listed as "for women" are also profoundly revealing. Once you have read these, you will stop thinking about women as victims in the way this young woman portrays them.
03:12 AM on 10/13/2013
I believe you, but you´re failing to see the subtlety.
thinness is surely a desirable treat for both genders according to the current beauty standards. However, the limits of it it´s what differs.
Let´s take fashion as an example: men fashion aesthetics go with a looser fit than women fashion aesthetics. That allows men to "hide" a little belly or fat roll some easily, you´ll still look great in fashionable clothes because your aesthetics are more permissive. Try to make a woman with belly fit in a tight dress, skinny jeans or leggings which leave little to imagination. (not to mention women´s clothes size are ridiculous)
Another factor is: big men are attractive, if you´re a liiitle overweight you can make it pass as heftiness, because you´re a "big man" yes, you wont be in the cover of men´s health but you wont be soooooo far from what a mildly attractive man is. Now think about that in a girl. a "big" girl doesnt even sound attractive according to imposed standards, Those says women are small, delicate.

Of course there are pressure for both sexes. But standards for men are far more permissive and that´s the subtle but terrible difference. No one can hide the fact that every 9 anorexic girls there is only 1 boy.
09:48 AM on 10/13/2013
Well said!
03:47 PM on 10/12/2013
Thanks for breaking it down to some roots. That might apply to a lot of women. Definitely, we are influenced by the people we hang around. Hopefully, Lily's mom can be positively influenced by her daughter.
02:14 PM on 10/12/2013
What's with the first 5 seconds? Is she holding back a fart? Must be all the oysters.
11:05 AM on 10/12/2013
The video on body image started with an ad for a diet. I guess there is no escaping it.
10:36 AM on 10/12/2013
It's beautiful in its structure and sad in its message. It's haunting to think of how many women have lived this life and how many more will. The difference between this being posted at HuffPo and the articles praising waif like actresses for their beauty or the way clothes hang off their thin frames... telling.
12:12 AM on 10/12/2013
I didn't get the impression that she hated the men in her family, if anything she seemed envious of her brother's self-assurance and confidence. She mentioned them and contrasted the men with the women to prove a point.
And I don't see how you would know whether or not her parents paid for her college, if she took out loans, or if she got a full scholarship. On top of that, it really doesn't matter. She's human and has problems like the rest of us. Not to the extent that some people do, definitely, but problems none the less.
She's addressing something that's a reality for a lot of women, and while ultimately it is your choice what you eat and how much, the pressures from society have a big affect on a lot of people and their choices.
It's disgusting to me how so many of you can shrug her off as a "whining, privileged white girl". Just because it's not your problem or you can't relate to her doesn't make it any less valid and certainly doesn't give you the right to mock her.
11:49 PM on 10/11/2013
I didn't once get the impression that she despised the men in her family. She mentioned them in contrast to the women to prove a point, and if anything she seemed envious of her brother's self-assurance and confidence.
And how are you to know whether or not her family's paying for her college, whether she took out loans, or if she got a full scholarship there? On top of that, why does it matter? Even if her family is well off she's a human being and has problems as all the rest of us do. Not to the same extreme as some people, definitely, but problems none the less and she is entitled to voice them.
A LOT of women worry about their body image, and there are countless reasons for that. While yes, you DO ultimately have control over what you eat, the pressure from society is great and not every one is confident enough to ignore that constant thought in the back of their head.
This is what she grew up with and was inevitably taught by her mom. She's discussing something that's real and a part of a lot of people, and it's disgusting to me how so many of you in the comments can mock her and shrug her off as a "whining, privileged white girl"