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12:46 AM on 10/22/2013
The Republicans shutdown fight had nothing to do with improving the nation's finances, as they claimed. If that were true, they never would have held hostage the nation's credit rating. So what''s it really about? Besides blind rage against a black, Democratic President - my guess is they don't want Obamacare to be a smashing success because they will get zero credit.
05:05 PM on 10/27/2013
If the Teapublicans had enough brains to do anything other than keeping their ears apart, they would realize that "Obamacare" is based mainly on GOP ideas, and would thus be fighting to support it...after which they could take a large share of the credit for its good results.

However, they see nothing but That Black Man in the White House and their pathological hatred for him. Since they failed to make him a "one-term president", they are doing their best to tarnish his legacy, by any means possible.

Just a speck of dust in the scheme of things
12:39 AM on 10/22/2013
Well as they say here we go again.

Why is it that the Tea Party doesn't get that they are the problem not the solution. If you want to know why the middle class is getting taken all the time the first thing you should do is look at where the money is going and all the indicators show it is pooling in the hands of the top 1%, not the bottom 50% (OK if Romney is correct 47%). The money of this world can not do its job if 1% has it all horded up in their bank vaults on the Cayman Islands or somewhere like that. Our Nation served the public the best in the 50's when the wealth was spread among the nation rather that being horded in the few richest peoples hands.

Tea Party take a look at reality, when the rich get their way the rest of America suffers it happened in the Gilded Age, it happened in the Roaring Twenties and it is happening today.
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09:56 AM on 10/22/2013
The Tea Party is a latter day John Bircher Society, with it's next generation of players. They are pro-white, pro-male, pro-free market, anti-taxes and anti-government and all the regulations that go with it. Whatever so-called grass roots demonstrations that had emerged in 2009 were appropriated by the Koch Brothers funding and organizing to get right-wing extremists into the government for the very purpose of destroying it. What they want to accelarate into happening is to turn the US into a fascist plutocracy where the rich and the big corporations influence all ascpect of our lives, fromt he government to the courts to law enforcement and our schools. Privatizing everything is their goal, and that will include social security. We are very much returning to the gilded age.
03:58 PM on 10/22/2013
Exactly. Bircher/birther/bagger...the names change but the ignorance and hate remains the same.
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No good deed goes unpunished.
11:50 AM on 10/27/2013
What I really don't understand is how the Tea Party supporters think that supporting Koch & Co will benefit them personally. Their majority aren't anywhere close to the 1% nor are they major corporations or lobbyists. Do they really think it's a good idea to be denied insurance because of a pre-existing condition or denied coverage once the insurance limit has been met? What about keeping dependent children on their insurance while say going to medical school?
Sure, I don't really like paying taxes, but I"m also pretty fond of the CDC and the work they do and the VA system taking care of the Country's vets and hundreds of other Federal agencies making my life better.
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11:31 PM on 10/21/2013
the republicans are a lost cause and most would vote for any other party but theirs, they will never be forgiven for what they put the country through, and most women will never vote for them for cutting off their right to choice
07:16 AM on 10/22/2013
Which is why Republicans seek to restrict which US citizens are allowed to vote.
11:20 PM on 10/21/2013
But if you ask the GOPers, they'll say to a man and woman among them that "the American public supports [Fill in the blank policy of their own making _____________] and they've been doing so for quite a long time. The reality is that is far from the case, but they stand in front of a microphone and spout such nonsense, it amazes me that reality is such a difficult concept to accept and apply.

Yet, it has given them mileage and it seems they're sticking with what it is that got them to the dance. I just hope the American public has finally had it with that bunch of sociopathic personality disorders to stop listening -- much less believing -- the stuff coming from their collective spin machine mouth.
07:17 AM on 10/22/2013
Of course they do. Republicans have been hermitically sealed inside the FoxNews bubble for so long there is zero chance of facts of any kind making it in.
05:55 PM on 10/23/2013
For a group dedicated to sticking to their spin machine's mantra that "The American public supports X, Y and Z ... A, B and C" when that's most often been exactly the opposite -- then acting as if they had a mantle of authority to continue their extreme right wing agenda, wow ... that's the definitino of chutzpah [read: "unmitigated gall"] to the max.

I know they've done so much hard since taking control of the House in 2010 and/or having the ability to exercise a filibuster without the Dems a solid 60+ 1 vote to stop them in the Senate. But to say the public supports them is the Big Lie ... telling it long enough and frequently enough that, sure, they begin to believe it themselves.

Either that or the sociopathic personality types have no shame because they're hard-wired to be immune from normal 'stops' brought about by pangs of consciousness of how they've harmed another. And if that isn't the case, doing anything to advance one's cause. Wow!!

Regardless of the how and why they're doing as they do, the harm is enormous and I hope they've sowen the seeds of their own demise.
11:05 PM on 10/21/2013
Just like any war, this one cost blood and bounty. Republicans wounded their party with their failed gambit to defund the Affordable Care Act by shutting government and threatening default. But what's worse is they bloodied the economy

Republicans bloodied the economy? Bill Clinton's and Barney Frank's failed socialist experiment with the housing market aside, one sixth of the economy is now in the hands of people who spent $500 million on a website that does not work, devoted to a program that will not succeed. Good Grief!
Just a speck of dust in the scheme of things
12:48 AM on 10/22/2013
Take a look at where that website failed. RED STATES that used the court ruling to go in different directions are having problems because the site was set up for the federal plan not the TEXAS plan or the KANSAS plan or any of those other plans. The states that accepted the original plan are working just fine it's the Republican Substitutes that are causing problems with the system
02:56 AM on 10/22/2013
ACA is already working...sorry to burst your bubble...
I want my Republic back
05:03 AM on 10/22/2013
Yep, it's working just as it was intended.
10:57 PM on 10/21/2013
That 24 billion (and counting from domino affect probably) they threw away (yes they changed the House rules to keep from voting the day before the shutdown because they knew enough moderate repubs were ready to do what they eventually did, 24 bills later) does not sound like that much for our national budget, but think of how the 50 state budgets would have liked to share that if they were going to throw money away. If it was distributed proportionally to state budgets, big states like CA, TX, etc. would probably get a couple billion each and the smallest probably hundreds of millions - which would really help states right now a lot!
I want my Republic back
05:09 AM on 10/22/2013
Hmm, $24 billion and counting - for 800,000 workers not showing up for work for 17 days. That's $30K per worker for 17 days or about $200 per hour per worker. If it had gone on for a year, we'd have saved over $500 billion in tax-payer dollars. That would have gone a long way to cutting into the $700 billion deficit we currently have.

Can we shut it down again? Please?
10:53 PM on 10/21/2013
The GOP is a Trojan horse party They get elected to break government not make it work for we the people
10:48 PM on 10/21/2013
Why is that surprising? They are in Safe Conservative Districts [Gated Communities]. They aren't worried about what's Best for America---only what's best for them. For Folks that seem to despise Our Federal Government----They sure do seem to like their Federal Jobs.
It's all downhill from here...
10:15 PM on 10/21/2013
"Republicans can pummel their own party if they want to, but what's amazing is that 18 of them in the Senate and 144 in the House voted against restoring government services and paying America's debts."

I really wish liberals would stop some words/phrases around so loosely. If you're "paying your debts", then you shouldn't be in more debt after paying for them. We're not paying debts. We taking on more debt to continue spending on programs that we simply cannot afford. You may argue that we have a legal obligation to pay for certain things, but in no way should those things be considered debts. A debt implies that the money has already been spent, and that we owe someone for the goods and/or services that have already been rendered. Therefore, paying for programs to keep the government running is not a debt.
11:01 PM on 10/21/2013
We could afford them if we raise taxes and cut the military It is a matter of priorities. Dems think that it is important to use government to support the middle class because as history has proven when the middle class is supported the whole economy thrives. Those poliices have worked not only here but in just about every successful democratic economy in the world. Reagan's voodoo economis have failed it time to get rid on republicons and let the dems fix our country. Tax cuts on the rich have lead them into having way too much of the economic pie and instead of investing in the country they are sitting on it it is not trickling down
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12:20 AM on 10/22/2013
"but in no way should those things be considered debts."

Dude, you don't know what the **** you're talking about.
10:07 PM on 10/21/2013
Repubs should leave Obama and Obamacare alone, they should be concentrating on creating jobs and building the U.S. economy, not destroying it.
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09:26 AM on 10/22/2013
Their rhetoric defines the ACA as destructive to the economy and jobs, so they think they're fixing things.

They also profess that America has been taken from them, and they're fighting to get it back.

It's delusional, but they actually believe it.
04:50 PM on 10/27/2013
"They also profess that America has been taken from them, and they're fighting to get it back."

"Back" is correct..."back" about one hundred and fifty years. :-(

Fanned & Faved!
09:57 PM on 10/21/2013
Until I see otherwise, imo disgust with Rs is like the support for gun control - a mile wide but only an inch deep. Unless there is real passion and political action, the Tea House of Reps will continue to be voted in by the 'true believers' on the far right.
Two 'alves of coconut!
09:53 PM on 10/21/2013
Where's my link, HuffPo now censoring hotlinks?, research our debt history from 1 September, 2013, until today.  Apparently, it's not ready for primetime...'cause they knocked the link off my last post. Hey, if you're going to report the news, tell the whole story, right...? 
Two 'alves of coconut!
09:51 PM on 10/21/2013
Here's the tale of the tape, DNC v. GOP= LOL. 
09:35 PM on 10/21/2013
As a proud member of the United Steelworkers Union, I say to you, Gerard: well said.

As you point out, the next budget fight will be in January. That is tax return refund time for millions of Americans. I know I am looking forward to mine.

If the Republicans pick a fight at tax return time that shuts down government, it is quite likely that we will see Republicans lose control of the House in the next election. Then, President Obama will get a second chance to get done all that he was originally elected and mandated to do.

As disgusted as I was with the Republicans behavior over this most recent government shutdown, and as much as I am looking forward to my tax return refund (like millions of other Americans), I almost hope the Republicans do it again.

There will be a short-term cost if the Republicans do it again, but their will be a long-term gain.
So go ahead, Republicans: make my day/year/next two years with a different Congress.
09:18 PM on 10/21/2013
Factually speaking:

1) let's say $24 billion is what the shutdown took out oft the economy, that would be a little under .4% of the total GDP.

2) the federal govt ads over $40 billion a day in debt on average.

3) 90% of GDP growth forecasts have been revised downwards the last 5 years

4) many economists have been seeing a recession looming since last spring/late winter
USW Blogger
07:20 AM on 10/22/2013
So you think it is a good idea for the Republicans to do whatever they can to further injure a weak economy?
07:22 AM on 10/22/2013
And your point is?
12:10 PM on 10/22/2013
Point is they all share blame my friend. And the notion that the minority should bow to the will of the majority and ignore the promises they made to their voters is ludicrous and unamerican