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Why Turn Around When You Can Just Pivot
06:48 AM on 01/08/2010
On the Huff Post yesterday, this was the HUGE headline.

Now it is barely detectable on the home page.

For this to have momentum, the media will have to keep it at the top of the news page.
Dog lover
02:59 AM on 01/08/2010
First they created the Banks.
Then they created the Fed.
Then they created AIG.
Then they ran the Government.
They pay next to nothing in taxes. They donate to 'Foundations'.
You all work for them.

Same group of people. Call them what you like, the name isn't important. The faces are the same.

If you haven't figured out the above long ago, well, what can I say.
Harvee Wallbanger
Republicans... I got no use for you.
02:51 AM on 01/08/2010
Thew whole crisis was a sham. It was all a scam by BushCo to make one final grab for all the money in the treasury for years to come. I would like to believe that Obama was blind-sided by this. But it doesn't look good.
One Wississippi, two Wississippi...
10:41 AM on 01/08/2010
Interesting that the whole fiasco was magnified in the runup to the election , after the contest was no longer in any real doubt (Oct. 08, Obama was sporting double-digit leads in many polls). I totally agree, this crisis was manufactured.
02:20 AM on 01/08/2010
Agree with Sekoff.... Timmy-Boy has gotta go!
03:09 AM on 01/08/2010
X 2
01:42 AM on 01/08/2010
I agree that Geithner has to go. But really he's just one man, so many people "have to go" in DC before we can begin to turn this ship around. Will it ever happen? The magic 8 ball says... Not Likely.
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02:10 AM on 01/08/2010
The PUBLIC HAS too push for political reform to end the corruption plaguing this government!
When politicians abandon all ethics to take monetary bribes to change laws to allow monetary bribes the system is corrupted almost beyond repair unless you get to the core problem and not just treat the symptoms!
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01:29 AM on 01/08/2010
Both parties are corrupt no questioning that. The USA is a country of lies. Big corporations have been the people of the U.S.'s worst enemy for years. The Congress & Executive branch its willing henchmen in their work against the common man. Disgusting I can't believe in my country any further. Our version of capitalism is a broke system that does not work. We cannot admit this fact to ourselves however.
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02:13 AM on 01/08/2010
We have become a culture of deception! we see it in every walk of life! it is common now to be cut throat and duplicitous to get your way! empathy is seen as a weakness and your a sucker to poses it!
This mentality must change first! make it cool again to be honorable! make people proud of ethics again! do on to others!
01:20 AM on 01/08/2010
Get real guys! Geithner could only have taken those actions with Obama's blessing. What Geithner did was so obvious that even G W Bush would have known the advantage goes completely to Wall Street. If Obama wanted to he could have stopped Geithner before the first bailout dollar was sent. You all just need to accept the fact when it comes to Wall Street vs. main street, both Bush and Obama have made up their mind long before they began running for national office.
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02:19 AM on 01/08/2010
I always wonder about Obama! he seems like a decent man! or at least he is really good at coming off as one! Bush was an out and out political shill for big buisiness! OB think got into this and could have been scared straight by the reall stealth government and there ruthlessness!
the clip does not exist now but when Obama came out of his very first security briefing his face looked scared!
07:24 AM on 01/08/2010
They always look shaken coming out of that first intelligence briefing, even during peacetime. I've always wondered what is said.
09:23 AM on 01/08/2010
Obama should be a bit scared. After this, perceptionally speaking, he is one successful attack away from becoming a Jimmy Carter.
01:14 AM on 01/08/2010
dump tiny tim now
01:09 AM on 01/08/2010
Our government is totally corrupted...!
"Be excellent to each other"
01:07 AM on 01/08/2010
Obama needs to replace Wall Street Geithner with a Main Street Economist.

The economy and especially the unemployment numbers are not doing as well as projected 10 months ago. A change at the top of the Treasury Dept is needed.
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Wise and strong.
01:04 AM on 01/08/2010
Geitherner was always one of the "Good Old Boys" and never was expected to protect the consumer, the stock holders or the taxpayers. He is in league with the bankers. He was and is Hank Paulson's boy.
...we are Sia..mese if you don't please..
01:14 AM on 01/08/2010
At the time of his appointment the Stockholders were the Taxpayers. And this is who Obama chose to protect our investment.
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Wise and strong.
01:01 AM on 01/08/2010
The Democrats have 10 months to correct the situationa and re-regulate the banks. If Chris Dodd wants to redeem himself and burnish his place in history he will resurrect the Glass Steagall Act and ram it through congress. He now is free as a bird to shut his door to the lobbyists and do the right thing for the country.
01:26 AM on 01/08/2010
Wow! You guys are really naive. Chris Dodd obviously already have other stuff lined up with people who will oppose things like Glass-Steagall! Grow up people, this is the REAL WORLD!
02:41 AM on 01/08/2010
12:59 AM on 01/08/2010
My prediction still holds : Geithner will out by end of month.
12:48 AM on 01/08/2010
This was looting and a cover-up plain and simple.
01:43 AM on 01/08/2010
Yep, an extension of the last 8 years, nothing less.
12:35 AM on 01/08/2010
o was always in bed with the moneyed elite. look at the list of his financiers. leading the fund raising for obama was the queen of the real estate scams
Now With MORE Micro Bio!
12:50 AM on 01/08/2010
If you're talking about the deal he got in Chicago you really ought to have a look at Gov. George Bush and his land deals for the Texas Rangers.
01:15 AM on 01/08/2010
not that one. look who was funding him the last 6 years.