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02:15 AM on 01/13/2010
Tomorrow I'm having a big fat cheeseburger and sending a donation to Red Cross for Haiti earthquake victums. As for illegal immigrants I like the law we have now. As for the specious argument that it is not possible for us to round up 12 million illegals and deport them I have little doubt that without a job illegals will go back to Mexico etc same way they came here, walk. Beyond that I do support the Dream Act mentioned above.
11:16 PM on 01/12/2010
immigration reform is a highly conroversial subject, and there are no deffinete answers. We cannot simply overlook them, and therefore continue to exploit them; we also cannot legalize a person who crossed over just yesterday or a couple of years ago. however there is one piece of legislation I do feel we should strongly pass, and that is the DREAM ACT. This is for the young children who came over not knowing and grew up fully assimulated and believing they were just as every other American citizen. Asking for their deportation to their native country would be like sending them to a foreign country altogether. Read more about the DREAM ACT below.

The DREAM Act ‒ introduced by Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois and Rep. Howard Berman of California ‒ can solve this growing problem. Under the rigorous provisions of the DREAM Act, undocumented young people could be eligible for a conditional path to citizenship in exchange for completion of a college degree or two years of military service. Undocumented young people must also demonstrate good moral character to be eligible for and stay in conditional residency. At the end of the process, the young person can finally become an American citizen. The DREAM Act Portal hopes to turn this dream into a reality.
Two 'alves of coconut!
11:00 PM on 01/12/2010
I thought Florida had pretty been ceded to Cuba and Mexico. Aren't there enough wet-foot/dry-foot 'citizens' in FL now to pretty much declare it a sanctuary state, thereby rendering all US immigration laws null and void?

Immigration is a fact of life, and in the 21st century, with so many people in the world, maybe the best advice is: Hold onto your hats, here they come! LOL We may not have a water table or jobs anymore, but one thing's for sure, America will never run out of people, not at this rate
12:56 PM on 01/13/2010
South Florida, AKA Northern Cuba, has indeed become a sanctuary IF you're Cuban . If you're, say Haitian, then beat it! No one is quicker to point a finger at Haitians than Cuban. Funny how things work.
05:12 PM on 01/12/2010
I recommend that everyone become familiar with the laws and regulations covering immigration and naturalization. You can find these on the Citizenship and Immigrations Services website. Until some of these very harsh laws and regulations are changed, the desires of those fasting cannot be realized without breaking the law. Immigration "reforms" passed under Clinton imposed some of the harshest consequences in history to getting in any trouble with the law. Also, these same "reforms" made some immigration violations felonies. I believe that even legal permanent residents and temporary non-immigrants can be kicked out of the country for committing even one felony.
02:46 PM on 01/14/2010
LPRs can be kicked out for considerably less than a felony conviction. And many acts that are misdemeanors if committed by a citizen are considered felonies for immigration purposes.

Our laws are a mess, and badly in need of reform. More power to the fasters and marchers.