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12:41 PM on 10/28/2013
It seems to me that this wonderful, great Country of "Ours" is going down the tubes because of all the darkness and hate that people live in every single moment of every single day. Instead of blaming outside forces for all the misfortune, why not try looking within at your own dark, negative and evil thoughts and start with that!
12:36 PM on 10/28/2013
The president is a human being first, president second...He took the time in his humanness to comfort these people whose loss is almost beyond comprehension!
12:18 PM on 10/28/2013
Someone else wrote this, but I agree. I did not like Bush at all. AT ALL. But you know what, I never disrespected him, I never called him a slur, and I appreciated what he did for the families of 9/11. Most people can't even be compassionate enough to understand that offhandedly saying that he met with families is not equivalent to crowing about meeting with each family for hours. Or compassionate enough to know that this would be hard for you to do, let alone hard for someone who is blamed for things like this happening in our country. Shame on you for not being nicer people.
03:42 PM on 10/28/2013
i have to say like the president or don't like him. it doesn't matter he is still the president and all good Americans should stand beside him. i supported bush like i now support obama like i will stand behind the next president because its the right thing to do
11:33 AM on 10/28/2013
There is no hope for the stone cold haters in our country. No need to try to change them, they are what they are, just out vote them and ignore their cries of ignorance.
02:45 PM on 10/28/2013
This particular strain of hatred is virulent, relentless and will never be satisfied with pleas for compassion, human empathy or plain human kindness. Sadder still, is the fact that some of these haters identify themselves as Christian and feel justified in some way for their hatred to spew forth. They are in for a rude and everlasting awakening when they stand before the real judge of human character.
02:56 PM on 10/28/2013
Welcome to planet Earth buddy, in reality(somewhere you've obviously not been in a while), presidents who are mass murdering war criminals responsible for thousands of innocent lives, presidents who do the exact opposite of everything they promised, presidents who serve big corporations and banks instead of the people, presidents who break the law, their oath and the constitution on a daily basis, presedents who strip freedom from the people, are presidents that are usually not like or "hated". Actually a couple hundred years ago they would've been hung for treason.
06:04 PM on 10/28/2013
Yeah, why didn't they just impeach Bush?
11:29 AM on 10/28/2013
um, I remember him saying "I have met with the familes"

how is this a secret? He already said it PUBLICLY!
Coolin' by the lockers getting kind of funky
12:00 PM on 10/28/2013
I think they mean what happened behind closed doors. But nice try.
12:20 PM on 10/28/2013
dumkoff, he didn't go into detail about meeting with the families.
desert hare
11:24 AM on 10/28/2013
So, is Joshua DuBois making money on this?
This comment has been removed due to violations of our [Guidelines]
This comment has been removed due to violations of our [Guidelines]
09:57 AM on 10/28/2013
Wow! All the detractors on here! If this president could poop gold bars they would find fault with it. I wish they would just own it and say, "You know, I really can't stand the fact that darkie is in the White House!" This much hatred can only come from hateful people.
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11:10 AM on 10/28/2013
Criticism is frequently not hatred. Bush was not a "darkie" and HuffPo readers said similar and the same things about him. I made a similar claim as you, "If Bush cured cancer, someone would blame him for waiting so long."
Coolin' by the lockers getting kind of funky
11:39 AM on 10/28/2013
I doubt that. Huffington Post only came out in 2005 and it was a little while before it took off, especially with commenting. The comments about Bush would have been minimal compared the ones today about Obama. You joined in July of 2008 so how often did you comment about Bush in those few months? Last month HP got 590,360,700 page views. In July of 2008 it would have been a minuscule fraction of that number. And don't tell me this is a new account.
proud to be a liberal
02:13 PM on 10/28/2013
No, when Bush did something good, we respected and praised him. Obama could say that the sky is blue and you and the rest of your gang would say he was wrong. I disagreed with much of Bush's policies, but never disrespected him.
Heather Cary
09:33 AM on 10/28/2013 he cares about children? Big surprise.
Your Friendly Texas Liberal
09:09 AM on 10/28/2013
This is a heart warming story and I can appreciate what Obama did. However, I wonder if he'd pay the same service to the families of the innocent victims that died as a result of our drone strikes.
Coolin' by the lockers getting kind of funky
11:09 AM on 10/28/2013
Why would he?

Did Bush meet with families of the 6,500 iraqi civilian deaths during Shock and Awe?
The world we live in & life in general
02:18 PM on 10/28/2013
BOOM!!! Double Standards...YA THINK!!!!!
My opinion is only an opinion
02:33 PM on 10/28/2013

Touche ! There you go again. Being sensible and rasonable. ;)
I'm sorry, but my micro-bio will not meet your sta
07:32 AM on 10/28/2013
Have you noticed how the evil can't stand to even read anything good?
09:59 AM on 10/28/2013
I think you're right .
12:00 PM on 10/28/2013
07:25 AM on 10/28/2013
And yet some people hate him as if he were the devil incarnate. Such revile that it sickens me to think some are even proud to display it publically. The gall to wave a Confederate flag in front of his home. The very symbol for which we are supposed to honor our freedoms. Revolting behavior by so many who will never accept the fact that a Black man is our president.Beyond sad.
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10:29 AM on 10/28/2013
They don't need to accept it, it's done. All without their input, and they can't stand it!
They voted, they lost, and they were outnumbered, TWICE!
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Honesty is the best policy
06:02 AM on 10/28/2013
Obama is human too Ya'll!!!