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09:40 AM on 01/08/2010
Dms look really good during this process.
09:38 AM on 01/08/2010
first , Nelson is toast,,, Second, his sweetheart deal will either go away or be challenged in court
09:56 AM on 01/08/2010
I think a better outcome would be for his corruption to backfire as it appears to be doing and for him to have caused Medicaid to become a much stronger, federalized program. At least its some poetic justice for the destruction of the public option.
10:00 AM on 01/08/2010
The abortion issue will be challenged in court. Abortion is legal and its exclusion is basically discrimination according to gender...the equivalent of denying men coverage for the treatment of prostate cancer.
Don't believe the Hype
09:37 AM on 01/08/2010
All of a sudden he feels like the other states should get the same benefit? Please, he was reading the tea leaves and saw that the people in his home state aren't as greedy and self centered as he is. That''s what this amounts to. Single payer is the way to go, it's a shame that too many politicians are so short-sighted. Wait, I correct myself, they probably know it would be better, but if they passed that bill their donor lists would almost dry up. Sorry if I thought they were elected to govern for the people instead of governing for personal gain. How silly am I?
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I'm not bossy...I just have better ideas than you!
09:50 AM on 01/08/2010
Great comment and very true.
Cranky yankee and a rehabilitated ex-Republican
10:01 AM on 01/08/2010
This is part of that ", ... we will assuredly hang separately!" thing that Benjamin Franklin referred to. I think Ben felt the noose tightening on his money grab!
be bold & strong as a independent person
09:35 AM on 01/08/2010
nelson is worrying bout him not his constituents. screw him!
11:38 AM on 01/08/2010
Your statement is true for all of them in the House, Senate and the Exective Branch. Time to start over - with a new crew. Our founding fathers envisioned citizen-legislators, not career politicians.