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09:51 PM on 01/12/2010
Um, the Baby education thing is supposed to simulate the beat of the Mother's heart? Is this for vampire mothers who don't have a heartbeat or something?
06:19 AM on 01/13/2010
That's what I was thinking!

Or would the baby be born confused, thinking: "What happened to my twin?"
09:16 PM on 01/12/2010
These seem more interesting than the 'coolest' of a couple of days ago.
08:56 PM on 01/12/2010
Glad I didn't make the list! Whew!
08:54 PM on 01/12/2010
I think you are missing the point on the "pico-projector"

That device appears as if will give a mobile device both XGA and SVideo outputs. While indeed you *could* attach that to a projector, you could also attach it to many other types of display as well ... for instance, a desktop monitor or television.

So while it isn't a stand alone projector, it certainly seems to be a cool device.
On the other hand, you have different fingers.
08:43 PM on 01/12/2010
the tv in the hat bill is a great idea - just bad implementation.
How do you win a war that was not provoked?
01:00 PM on 01/13/2010
I don't know how it could be. Are you supposed to view it while walking? If you have to sit down, then why not just hold the device in your hand? It's our lazy culture in overdrive. The human body is an amazing product of engineering. We should use it more.
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08:31 PM on 01/12/2010
Is it just me, but don't the Pet iPod Players look dirty? (Calling Mike Mozart of youtube fame!! :-D )
07:56 PM on 01/12/2010
propolyne glycol in the cigarettes = antifreeze. A better cigarette substitute is a plain old straw.

the tv hat should be replaced with a projector feature on phones to show visuals on any white space

the vibrating ear phones aren't meant for your ears!

the keyboard is an awesome example of what I call "hitching a horse to a Camaro". A thin, flexible keyboard that rolls up instead would be better.

The phubby phone holder is good because you don't always have a pocket, it prevents missing a call and is easy to access. I can improve it: ensure that it is elastic enough to wrap around a hot coffee cup and it becomes a green reusable cup holder. Add a pocket for $ and a clip for keys and you can jog naked but prepared.

the prenatal system is silly. Just don't have kids unless you're pretty smart to begin with. Then again, it's been proven that those of lower intelligence tend to have more kids. You hear that, TLC?

Yeah - they should have marketed the phone as break-resistant. Ego before logic.

We need an android stairmaster more than a microwave.

The uber bidet may as well just be a shower.

I can't wait until 10 years from now when all of this will seem like 8-tracks.

You can clean your keyboard by removing the keys, using a brush, mini vac, can of air or just turn it over. Keyboards should not have gaps anymore.
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10:04 PM on 01/12/2010
propolyne glycol in the cigarettes = antifreeze

This is not true and couldn't be further from the truth. Ues propolyne glycol is found in antifreeze, but it is in your toothpaste, your hair products, mouth wash, candies, cakes, bread, regular cigarettes just about everything. It is a humectant and the FDA and EPA label it as safe for human consumption and contact. Do some research before you go spewing untruths and misinformation. Also, believe it or not but propolyne glycol also kills air borne germs and viruses. Hospitals vape it and filter it in their air duct systems to help keep down ariborne pathogens.

::shakes her head:: Wish to learn the truth about e-cigarettes then go to a place to really lern about them instead of he media who passes on misleading and disinformation. Go to
05:21 AM on 01/13/2010
Um, it's used as antifreeze. Look it up. And sure - Dow tells us it's safe. Imagine that.

Everyone: just Google it, OK? I am not "spewing untruths". The FDA is not an organization I fully trust, and neither should you. And just because a hospital uses something doesn't mean you or I should.

if everyone knew what is really put in cigarettes, no one would smoke. It's great to create an alternative, but not a toxic one. Time will tell. Remember: companies are NOT required to reveal every substance used in production or found in trace amounts in their products.

I don't trust for profit companies much at all. "Natural" flavoring, for example, is artificial flavoring made to emulate a natural flavor. How's that for marketing?
06:59 PM on 01/12/2010
The fake cigarettes have always seemed like a pretty cool idea. It give you nicotine if you're craving it in doses you can easily control (after using a patch, my brother needed to smoke *more*) and probably helps the habit of fiddling with something in your fingers that gum can't.

I had the same reaction to the smart microwave as you had, I think, until I thought about all of the nifty things you could probably do with it. More complex cooking where power level could be adjusted on the fly, "resting" periods could be added. I imagine that there will be downloadable recipes that also include cooking instructions for your microwave as well-- recipe on the screen, you poke a button at step 1, the microwave melts your butter, step 2... I don't know. But it would have the proper cook time, it might read temperature and be able to adjust itself according to temp. I think it could end up being a gadget that is really useful for some people. But since you couldn't think of how it would be useful, you just say, "Ah cain't think of no gol durn reason nobody would need sumfin like this!" No one is asked, no thought is put into it, it's just labeled "the worst."

The slime also seems like it could be good if it works. Of course, no one tests that, it's just "the worst." That's some really fair reporting.
09:54 PM on 01/12/2010
Why would you want to give a microwave sophisticated cooking abilities though? Microwaves are only really good for reheating things. Food just doesn't come out right in them.
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06:56 PM on 01/12/2010
I see that HP didn't appreciate all that I did last year.

How you would like it if I made a "The Worst Articles of HuffPost 2009" slideshow?
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06:43 PM on 01/12/2010
I tried the E cigs...If I were marooned on an island with nothing else to support my would definitely do the trick.
As things are...not so much.
Maybe if regular heaters were outlawed.....
08:58 PM on 01/12/2010
The real question: will they work for *other* herbs?
09:40 PM on 01/12/2010
Sadly THC isn't a candidate for ionization.. I looked into that the very second I heard :)
06:43 PM on 01/12/2010
Not sure why the eCigarette is on here? It just helped my boyfriend, a smoker for over 40 years, to quit!

Yes, they need some work but the upgrades are happening quite quickly..thankfully. As someone who has no tolerance for cigarettes, but loves a man who did...I'm OVERJOYED that I don't have to kiss an ash tray anymore!
11:47 PM on 01/12/2010
great to hear! I'm a fan of the products too. does your boy friend use the Krave product or any of the other ecigs offered by
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We're not going to be lied into another war are we
05:57 PM on 01/12/2010
Bidets are a bad idea? I'll alert the EU.
05:47 PM on 01/12/2010
The keyboard for iphone isn't dumb at all. If you're not always at your desk and may need to be able to send emails of more than a few words, this could mean you don't have to carry a laptop everywhere.

I could see people leaving this in their car, for example. Or packing it in their luggage for use in a hotel room. No more worrying about what to do with the laptop that you don't want to carry around everywhere, but don't want to leave prone to theft in a car or hotel room either, when all you need is to be able to type at a real typing speed now and then when not at your home or office.

I've always kind of suspected that the main reason Apple doesn't officially support real keyboard input into an iphone or touch is that they are afraid it would cut into sales of Macbooks.
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05:33 PM on 01/12/2010
This might be interesting :

MagicJack to Launch Service for Cell Phones

I have the plug in one now. not my main phone but as a second line and for long distance it works great. If they have one for cell phones , i am buying.
05:24 PM on 01/12/2010
As a bidet user I don't get why proper hygiene and a reduction in paper use would be considered a crazy new and worst tech product.. They're great.
06:13 PM on 01/12/2010
Indeed. I can't believe I lived to be 44 before I started using one.... it's great.
07:01 PM on 01/12/2010
TOILET PAPER IS HORRIBLE! We're doomed to use it in the US, though. I always put it to people this way: If you got sh_t on your hand, would you just wipe it off with dry paper and say, "All clean!" When your dog craps on the floor do you clean it up or do you just wipe it around with some paper?

Bidets are great ideas and make a lot of sense. They probably use less water than paper production and definitely consume fewer resources. We cut down trees to wipe our butts. How wrong is that???
09:46 PM on 01/12/2010
I recall hearing 13 gallons for every roll produced.. Some interesting tidbits though, we use 36.5 billions rolls of toilet paper in the U.S. each year, this represents at least 15 million trees pulped. This also involves 473,587,500,000 gallons of water to produce the paper and 253,000 tons of chlorine for bleaching purposes. The manufacturing process requires about 17.3 terawatts of electricity annually. Also, there is the energy and materials involved in packaging and transporting the toilet paper to households across the country. You can get a decent bidet add-on at amazon for 60 bucks, takes about 2 months to offset the price too.