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09:59 AM on 01/13/2010
"The number of Americans receiving food stamps continues to break all-time records. On Tuesday, the Agricultural Department said 37.9 million people—one in eight Americans—received food stamps in October, the ninth consecutive month to see a record increase."

Heck of a job...
10:06 AM on 01/13/2010
I guess the obstructionist G O Pee has no hand in that.
10:25 AM on 01/13/2010
Buying into the partisan grudge match on every little note of dissent is a method of control exerted on YOU; the notion of an "invisible hand" in economics is a fallacy, but is a constant factor in the realm of public perception of the US corporate/government machine.

I agree on principle that the GOP are far worse than the dems, but such shouldn't be a primary concern when the entirety of US federal & state governments are corporate-owned.
10:06 AM on 01/13/2010
Which would have gotten better by giving the top 1-2% bigger tax breaks like McCain wanted, right?
10:10 AM on 01/13/2010
How has it gotten better under Obama? You keep spouting off about "if McCain had won". Well he didn't win, try to stay in the realm of reality Obamabot.
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09:51 AM on 01/13/2010
Behind? I don't even know what Obama beleives in anymore with all his back-peddling, concessions to the right, twelve month pieces of legislation and utter invisibility in terms of leadership. Obama said people have "every right to feel deflated, because the economy was far worse than any of us expected." Oh gee, thanks for coming out of hiding to authorize my disappointment.

Pass the buck "do-nothing Obama." Solid B plus, man!
Liberal Activist, anti-Fascist
10:31 AM on 01/13/2010
Since when has he been hiding?

You watch too much FOX.
10:39 AM on 01/13/2010
"Oh gee, thanks for coming out of hiding to authorize my disappointment."

Well stated; but even that I think is an understatement.
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11:24 AM on 01/13/2010
Yeah, Obama's a total egghead / brain in a jar.
Salty 2
09:49 AM on 01/13/2010
You had to know change wasn't coming when he named his V.P.
09:46 AM on 01/13/2010
Unfortunately it does not apply to Wall St.
09:44 AM on 01/13/2010
The President is understating the situation. This is what happens when you promise change and deliver more of the same. What else would you expect when you get people's hopes up for something different and them behave like "Joe Washington Politician." It's not conservatives and Republicans that are bringing down the presidents favorable ratings it's the disappointed folks who bought his empty rhetoric, The people who voted Democratic in 2008 really had had enough of Republican greed and of the Bush administration's systematic dismantling of the Constitution. The Democratic party and the president no doubt understand this but there is just too much money to be gained by maintaining the status quo to seriously try to change the way Washington works. If we want our representative democracy to work for all Americans we're going to have to take action for election reform in the form of a constitutional amendment.
09:38 AM on 01/13/2010
While President-elect, Obama was largely silent about the Israeli slaughter of 1,400 civilians in Gaza.

Three days after being inaugurated, Obama ordered Predator drone strikes inside Pakistan, expanding the illegal U.S. war.

Over the last year, Obama has committed another 64,000 soldiers to Afghanistan, effectively launching a new year.

There are still 115,000 U.S. troops in Iraq.

The use of private military contractors is surging, with 121,000 (and growing) in Afghanistan alone.

Obama has continued to threaten Iran over its uranium-enrichment program.

And many believe the White House is "initiating a low-level war in Yemen." Author and Ret. U.S. Army Col.

Andrew Bacevich writes that Obama has effectively signed on to "perpetual war."
09:37 AM on 01/13/2010
Healthcare "Reform":

First, his economic philosophy is to subsidize private entities to provide public goods.

Second, his main tactic is to appeal to bipartisanship.

(Never mind that there was plenty of bipartisanship during the Bush era when Democrats surrendered to virtually every heinous decision.)

In the case of healthcare, a much simpler and more effective single-payer system was rejected because Republican support was supposedly needed.

The bipartisan tactic allowed the Obama administration to replace single payer with a fake public option that was then dropped.

As for the healthcare bill, it will skim $500 billion from publicly funded Medicare and Medicaid and use it to subsidize individuals who will be forced to buy for-profit insurance or pay a fine.

The bill does nothing to control costs, ensure quality coverage or prevent workers from losing job-related insurance. It allows for wildly different rates based on age and region, and will deliver millions of new "customers" to insurance and drug companies and for-profit hospitals.
09:35 AM on 01/13/2010
In comparison to the bank bailout, relief for homeowners is limited to a miserly $75 billion under Obama's Making Home Affordable program..

As of December, only 31,000 homeowners have received permanent mortgage modifications.

The real winners are loan servicers.

Of the top 25 participants, 21 were "heavily involved in the subprime lending industry."

The parent companies of the lenders, which have vacuumed up more than $21 billion from the program, include Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup.

Homeowners in the program who don't get permanent help are left with wrecked credit scores while they continue to pay for homes they can't afford, which may be lengthening the crisis.

Meanwhile, the number of homeowners with mortgage debt greater than the value of their homes was 23 percent as of September and could peak at 48 percent in 2011.

Even modest measures, such as allowing bankruptcy judges to lower mortgages, were abandoned by the Obama administration....
09:34 AM on 01/13/2010
While the original Troubled Assets Relief Program was "only" $700 billion, the program's watchdog estimates taxpayer money at risk is a phenomenal $23.7 trillion..

The Obama administration has been more interested in defending obscene executive pay, blessing more of Wall Street's highrisk trading, stonewalling on how the TARP funds were used and abused, and resisting real regulation, rather than prosecuting Goldman Sachs and other banks that peddled risky mortgage- backed securities while secretly betting they would plummet in value - a textbook case of securities fraud..

But what do you expect from a candidate who raked in the most dough from Wall Street, real estate, commercial banks and hedge funds?
09:32 AM on 01/13/2010
Obama, do what you came to do. We all know the bipartisianship is a two party job and when only one party shows up to work, then the work is partisian.
09:32 AM on 01/13/2010
Thoughtful, the way I think the first year showed. Roman wasn't built in a day. The fact that people are more engaged (positively or negatively) is the strongest rallyin point for a very strong B+. A lot of compassion has been shown this year on a lot of issues due to his leadership. People are acknowledging the changes they want to see, and this was never done in mass like now. So I think the President has a lot to be proud of for the his accomplishments.
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10:50 AM on 01/13/2010
I have to agree. As far as I am concerned Obama has lived up to my expectations. I didnt expect him to actually change anything (he is not a dictator), I just wanted to see him get us talking about our problems and to get us to start debating some solutions. There are so many dissenting opinions as to what is wrong with America right now that we will never be able to bring about positive change. We need go through the long drawn out process of talking about it first to try and find some common ground.
11:03 AM on 01/13/2010
Then you must have had really low expectations.
There isn't two sides to every issue. Health care controlled by the providers is not a good solution; for instnace. Talking about it won't change that.