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10:39 PM on 01/15/2010
these credit and debit card banks should be waiving the 3% fee that they siphon from these donations... that money alone would add up to millions more in aid...

really scummy indeed that they haven't done that from jump street...
10:26 PM on 01/15/2010
Kraft $25,000

Publix $100,000
10:18 PM on 01/15/2010
Notice how Sprint only 'matched' A_lyysa M_ilano's $50,000 challenge. Tsk, tsk, Sprint, one employee's salary for the year (a mid-level employee at that) and hey, this one's a write off. Aren't we all just so impressed; guess I'll go out and buy a bunch of Sprint products/services... NOT!
10:12 PM on 01/15/2010
# McDonald's said it will donate at least $1 million to relief efforts.

# The UPS Foundation committed $1 million to various relief organizations.

# Sprint gave $50,000 to the American Red Cross.

# Visa committed $200,000 to the Red Cross.

Whoa guys, slow down... you're likely to hurt yourselves. Folks, these are mere drop-in-the-bucket figures to these companies (especially Sprint and Visa - shame on you).
09:21 PM on 01/15/2010
Northern Trust is pledging $250k to Red Cross and has set up an employee-matching program for employee donations

Royal Caribbean giving at least $1M
09:03 PM on 01/15/2010
Good for You! Wow I am truly impressed!
I'm paid in catnip
09:03 PM on 01/15/2010
Where were these companies when New Orleans needed help?

I don't begrudge Haiti the help. I do wonder why corporations are "stepping up." Corporations don't exist to do good, and they willingly damage their own people in the pursuit of cheap labor. So is this an exercise in buying good publicity, influencing a hoped-for future cheap labor market, or ditching money for tax deduction purposes?

It's certainly not because they care. Corporations aren't people and don't have feelings (just finance analysts).
10:06 PM on 01/15/2010
The corporations are 'stepping up' due to public pressure and A_lyssa M_ilano's $50,000 challenge. Nothing more; nothing less.
09:14 PM on 01/16/2010
Bank of America also gave $1 million to the Katrina Relief efforts. Doesn't list how much their employees gave though.

I just googled it.
Freedom = real democracy = living wages
08:50 PM on 01/15/2010
Three more items of interest:

***** A sincere "thank you" to FedEx *****

And now to cite two other "benevolent" companies:
(from the early 2000s, but the amount of money hard working taxpayers give large corporations just so they can continue to spit on the very same people is depraved)

(doesn't include the half million ($466000) they once got to advertise chicken nuggets in another country)

Without taxpayers and customers (often one in the same), none of these corporations would exist. Socialism? You bet.
09:16 PM on 01/16/2010
FedEx is providing shipping services for relief organizations.

Is it free shipping services? I assume so but I haven't read either way The way it's worded isn't clear.
08:48 PM on 01/15/2010
Wal-Mart: Instead of destroying all those unused clothes, can you find it in your corporate heart to donate them instead, starting with Haiti?
10:25 AM on 01/16/2010
there going to open a store
Freedom = real democracy = living wages
08:45 PM on 01/15/2010
Interesting donation by Coca-Cola. Maybe they've learned since this:
(and that doesn't talk about how carbonated soft drinks rot teeth, corrode metal, and so on...)
08:19 PM on 01/15/2010
did everyone seem to gloss over the one company on this list not donating any money:

"Apple has allowed its customers to donate through iTunes. Donations can me made for $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 and $200. 100 percent of the money will go to the American Red Cross."

so their sole effort consist of ...providing a link?
Freedom = real democracy = living wages
08:39 PM on 01/15/2010
I saw it.

And like I said to 'OneConservative' below, no corporation is obligated to give. Most people tend to notice when businesses do good, or bad, regardless of what they think of the business as a whole or businesses as a whole.

At least 100% of peoples' donations go to charity, but it is a valid inference to claim Apple itself isn't donating.
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09:59 AM on 01/16/2010
08:12 PM on 01/15/2010
I LOVE AMERICAN BUSINESS. Look at the generosity of the USA businesses.

Yet, the Libs keep bashing these companies calling them "greedy" and "concerned only with profit".

Take that Libs.
Freedom = real democracy = living wages
08:38 PM on 01/15/2010
Given it costs more to make a 30 second TV commercial where the company can otherwise say it's doing good...

Remember, no corporation is obligated to help anyone. But people do notice when they're faking it. Well, most people...
Freedom = real democracy = living wages
08:41 PM on 01/15/2010
Incidentally, and as a conservative you should be aware of this firsthand, especially as it's taught in even business classes, that the sole reason for a corporation to exist is to make money. So OF COURSE they are concerned only with profit. That's what they do!!
08:06 PM on 01/15/2010
"Disney donates $100,000 to Haiti relief " For a company that gave $130 million to Michael Ovitz for nothing ,that seems like a paltry sum. I suspect Disney passed the hat around to all the
castmembers and that's all they could afford to give. Come on Scrooge McDuck you can do better.
Freedom = real democracy = living wages
08:13 PM on 01/15/2010
It's better than nothing, but - as others have mentioned - corporations' first aim is their own profitability, followed by the advertisement that puts them in a good light. That is the core reason why so many just can't believe the implied veracity behind the corporate donations.

Then we read posts like yours that really prove it all. $100k vs. $130000k.
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8 Years of Insanity and now you're mad?
07:56 PM on 01/15/2010
$50,000 from Sprint. . . The same cell phone company with a $60.00 (after employee discount) shared plan that goes up to $75.00 after passing off all of their taxes and fees in PA. . . . . And I bet they are profiting off of many of the text messages.

How nice of them. .
07:53 PM on 01/15/2010
So the desperate folks in Haiti are getting a few crumbs from the corporate pigs. Wonder how mwny strings are attached to this so-called 'aid"?
Freedom = real democracy = living wages
08:14 PM on 01/15/2010
Under the circumstances, they legitimately are desperate and it's one fourletterword of a tragedy; have no doubt.

A good question indeed; are there indeed strings attached?