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02:49 PM on 01/31/2010
If we are going to be competitive then we cannot look to the folks in government (both federal level and state level) to come up with solutions. Once again it will have to be the people of America who rise up and do what is right.
02:57 PM on 01/31/2010
Like WHOM?

Our altruistic captains of industry?
04:56 PM on 01/31/2010
Isn't our government of, for and by the people? Or is it of, for and by the corporations?
08:27 PM on 01/31/2010
Haven't you heard? Corporations are people. And their freedom of speech takes the form of money.

02:46 PM on 01/31/2010
02:19 PM on 01/31/2010
Democrats can moan all they like about this. However, the one inescapable truth is that they hold the power to motivate or crush big business in this country.

Current polling says 77% of Americans think Democrats don't even like business. A shame, since it's the free market that keeps us warm at night.
02:27 PM on 01/31/2010
And republicans have been in control for the last 30 years on and off...Reagan tore the solar panels off the whitehouse after Jimmy Carter warned us about being dependent on oil from countries that hate us.
Republicans did what?
Put them in the whitehouse?
02:41 PM on 01/31/2010
Bush W. put the panels back on.

Republicans said "start drilling our own" and building power plants.

Liberals have said NO!



Liberals have decided now would be a great timew to tax the heck out of businesses.

Liberal policy is coming home to roost.

You don't have to worry about too many power plants, like Europe. You don't have to worry about looking at one of those ugly old oil derricks and you can punish the dickens out of the greedy big businesses.

And the Chinese will become the richest. They aren't as squimish as you.
02:59 PM on 01/31/2010

1. Your post is a 100% L I E

2. Why do you "do" your mom & your sister? Just curious.
Pointing out the foolishness of republican voters.
03:33 PM on 01/31/2010
Spoken like a true "conservative". Don't post any facts, especially a so called "fact" that might be checked out and proven wrong. Instead revert to insults preferably towards ones mother or children. What is scary to me is that the majority of so called "conservatives" use this as business as usual. These people are a political force in America?
02:09 PM on 01/31/2010
Tkevan... Stop with the rhetoric. The selling of America is not a left or right thing. It is greed... Democrat, Republican, Independent... Party lines do not matter. Focusing on the differences in parties is exactly the illusion presented by those in power to blind the public fr
01:51 PM on 01/31/2010
Doesnt anyone in our government realize that China is a much bigger threat to the future of the United States than any underwear bomber or middle east despot.

Wall Street loves an ascendant China. The wealthiest .5% of the US population could care less if the middle classes descend into serfdom. Their wealth is spread all over the globe and they aren't dependent on doing anything of substance within the US to bloat their treasure.

The past 15 years has seen all of the equity sucked out of the US and pumped into China. All that growth is making the rich richer. Dollars to donuts once the China thing slows down they will yank their spoils out of there and dump them somewhere else...Africa? South America? Mars?
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01:55 PM on 01/31/2010
Do you realize that Pres. Obama is selling the US to China faster than any other president thru the spending he's doing?
03:06 PM on 01/31/2010
"Doesn't anyone in our government realize that China is a much bigger threat to the future of the United States than any underwear bomber or middle east despot."

Yes, they do. But they are so worried about getting enough money from big business they are willing to sacrifice the country to keep their jobs.
white mende man
Ask me if I care about your prejudice
01:42 PM on 01/31/2010
If the United was not so big with such vast resources we would be nothing but a third world nation with all the idiotic foolhardy mistakes we've made in the last 50 years.
12:25 PM on 02/01/2010
I guess you haven't noticed, we are a third world country.
white mende man
Ask me if I care about your prejudice
01:38 PM on 01/31/2010
Also least we forget one word: EMBARGO!
While we empose an embargo on anyone we dislike other countries were only too happy to fill those voids exited by US, there was a time when we fed the world but since we even used food to punish or reward; other countries are producing and selling more and couldn't care if we sold them grain or not. That goes for everything else we decide to not let thru to our embagoed countries.
01:34 PM on 01/31/2010
The current oligarchy of America is holding our country back.
Multiply the truth. Speak truth through power.
02:57 PM on 02/01/2010
The Gettysburg address pronounced a simple truth in the first 30 words:
"Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal."

Congratulations, you have done it in 10 words, in the spirit of Gettysburg.
white mende man
Ask me if I care about your prejudice
01:30 PM on 01/31/2010
Remember the days when the United States would not allow any country to surpass us in anything? When we were the innovators and everyone imitated us and followed our lead? Today we are led by short-sighted get-rich-quick schemes and greed and couldn't care less about the future or the consequences of what our actions entail. This goes for big business as well as our political representatives of both major parties, and how people have become so totally cynical and will not make an effort to see the good but only the bad in everything.
03:09 PM on 01/31/2010
"...led by short-sighted get-rich-quick schemes and greed ..."

Mainly driven by business peeing tons of money into the pockets of our elected officials who then turn around and pass laws that allow these companies to operate in a way that kills innovation and manufacturing here at home.
01:27 PM on 01/31/2010
China’s building many clean technologies to scale. The ultra efficient gas fuelled 780MW tri-generation plant in the Chaoyang district of Beijing will supply the grid with a net annual output of 3,266GWh, with waste streams providing heating and cooling to an approximately 30 square mile area.
Building projects to scale advances innovation, know-how in production, organization of manufacturing and supply chains, and future advances in production efficiency.
It is this second phase of innovation which is where the west risks to be left behind if we do not start building some of the technologies we’ve invented.
01:22 PM on 01/31/2010
Can of Worms Alert!. With Van Jones gone we can now count on Glenn Beck to lead us into the future.
Living my American Dream
01:04 PM on 01/31/2010
This should come as no surprise, since there has been a movement in this country to increase our industrial footprints to take advantage of this next frontier in energy. But they have been shunned or ignored for the most part by politicians who are more interested in have access to deep pockets of the oil and gas companies.
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01:04 PM on 01/31/2010
We can thank all of our major corporations for shipping our jobs and technology into all other countries. This country had it's century and thanks to the last decade we will never get that back. Our people have been let down and left behind by rightwing majorities in our government and our for profit corporations and CEOs that instead of looking out for our people they were and continue to look at the bottom line and their bonusses. What we all should do instead of just taking our money from the major banks into local we should also take our money from the so called free market (Wall Street) let's get our 401K and Ira's out and let's see how well these for profit companies will do.
01:22 PM on 01/31/2010
Lets look at mfging in the US -
Get financing
Get Lawyers
Get permits
Get OSHA on board
Get EPA on board
Finish paying politicians for zoning
Get workers
Get unions
Get raw material
Mfg product, hoping all along that your consumer research was correct for need
Pay taxes on "percieved" value
Pay taxes on "imputed" income
Ship product using oil driven transportation
03:15 PM on 01/31/2010
We can also thank the Republicans for killing almost every effort put forward to have the government underwrite development of these technologies. Republicans think that business will do the job but all business sees is that it is cheaper to let it happen in China so they don't develop the manufacturing capability here.

It is ture that government shouldn't be involved in providing handouts to business but when it comes to developing new, advanced technology it is government that is the only entity that can afford to take the risk. Think about it! Where would the Internet be today if government hadn't provided the finding to develop ARPANET? Think of how much technology we use today that came out of the Space Programs, things like NOMEX, heat dispersing tiles, etc.
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01:02 PM on 01/31/2010
RE: Chinese labor costs.

Amortized over 20 years, the difference between Chinese labor costs and American labor costs is negligible.

China does not have oil and coal lobbies buying politicians.
They want to reduce their dependence on foreign oil.

And we do not.
01:02 PM on 01/31/2010
What I find particularly depressing about the "globalclimate warmingchange" folks is their lack of indepth "thinking" about their position.
"We need solar and wind NOW!" However, the same folks that demand this source of renewable energy are the same folks whinning about constructing transmission lines to get the power to where it is needed.
"We need to get off of oil, especially forgien oil NOW!" Agreed, however, that isn't going to happen anytime soon. Right now there is no viable replacement for all the things oil is used in. Perhaps you would be able to list a few things in your daily lives that are not made from oil, oil used in the production of, or brought to you by oil. It isn't just used in SUVs! BTW - we actually have our own oil, bils of bbls. of it!
BTW#2 I'm sure that most of you would discard this article as garbage, but this type of stuff along with the "climategate" email debacle severely erodes your position.
BTW#3 - I'm still looking for an answer about the "retreating" glaciers that are leaving behind evidence of civilization.