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06:32 PM on 02/05/2010
CBS get YOUR nose out of women's clinics, and women's reproductive choices.
Sell beer and jiggle in your commercials, the rest is OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE!
04:11 PM on 02/05/2010
Since when is the Superbowl a good venue for these kind of ads? What happened to chips 'n dip? Bring back the lions and Taco Bell.
06:03 AM on 02/08/2010
ring back the lions and Taco Bell.

i really miss the chihuahua!
03:33 PM on 02/05/2010
Katie Couric and 60 Minutes it'd be the right thing to do as JOURNALISTS to investigate the role CBS had in CREATING the Focus on the Family anti-Choice ad.
Rachel Maddow announced this story, but she doesn't have the inside SCOOP you folks could reveal.
03:08 PM on 02/05/2010
Politically I'm pro-choice and I vote that way. I don't think we should (or that we would be able to, at this point ) outlaw abortion. I do, however, think it is intellectually dishonest not to admit that there is uncertainty about when a fetus becomes a person, and therefore a constitutionally protected individual. I undertand that the growth of said organism occurs in only one place, a woman's uterus, but I don't think that relieves us of the responsibility of determining when the dependent organism becomes an actual person. To repeat: I'm not suggesting for one moment that we criminalize abortion. I agree that it's not a decision for the government to make. I'm an atheist not interested in sky fairies or religion; but I am interested in how our society approaches and discusses issues of weight.
03:17 PM on 02/05/2010

TWO different Supreme Courts felt the question of when life begins is UNKNOWABLE.
Unless a medical board of the best OB/GYN want to make a determination of when a fetus is VIABLE outside the womb, then I don't want any other "experts" adding their opinion to the discussion.
03:22 PM on 02/05/2010
Ok. I knew I would take heat for advocating discussion. Sometimes you guys remind me of the religious folks. No more discussion, because it's all decided. I should know better than to comment on these threads.
03:41 PM on 02/05/2010
so what do you say about all the babies who survive abortions? the BUTCHERED jobs of babies that didn't get finished or weren't successful? these babies survived this, which means they where alive right?

What about those BUTCHERED VICTIMS? & if you want links just google "babies survive abortions"
Nicki Smith
02:59 PM on 02/05/2010
I don't see any reason why the Focus on the Family ad has to "countered". People need to see video and photographs of late term abortions, too. Why are these suppressed and who's suppressing them? It's a matter of free speech and the people's right to know.
03:11 PM on 02/05/2010

Make you a super duper commercial with those photos, and have God'sGirl read her bible verses as the narration.

BTW the information in ANY woman's medical records are PRIVATE, just like the medical records for men are PRIVATE. There is ZERO reason for anyone photographing ANY fetus removed from a woman. No one is photographing the heart valves and vats of fat from liposuction.....where do YOU get off deciding who's medical procedures get to be PUBLIC information?
03:51 PM on 02/05/2010
That would be a great commercial, good idea!! maybe people would actually see the REALITY of abortion & see the pictures of BUTCHERED BABIES & re-think their CHOICE. Why would you want to hide the evidence of these horrible acts?
The wreligious wright is always rong...
02:44 PM on 02/05/2010
That's an ad I can believe in....
If you're going to San Francisco
02:43 PM on 02/05/2010
It's my soul, stay away from it. It's my life, stay out of it. It's my visit to my doctor/medical care provider, get away from it. It's my choice, let me make it.
02:37 PM on 02/05/2010
What is wrong with being for choice? Oh yeah, women aren't supposed to have choices... their bodies are owned by the talibangelicals, the GOP and the infotainment industry... special.
02:35 PM on 02/05/2010
What part of "choice" do a lot of you people not understand? Pro-choice people are up in arms about this ad because it's advocating taking away women's options. It's saying that a woman should have no control over her body and that if she gets pregnant she's going to have that baby no matter what. Some of you are acting like the pro-choice side is advocating a similar all-or-nothing stance: if you get pregnant, you're going to abort the baby no matter what. But "pro-choice" is about, obviously, choice. I get sick of this twisted right-wing mindset that claims that we always have to tolerate intolerance, e.g. "I can promote the idea of taking away the rights of everyone I disagree with, but if you disagree with me then it's YOU who's being intolerant." Sorry, doesn't work that way.
01:35 PM on 02/05/2010
Tim Tebow has a right to express his heart felt opinions. If Planned Parenthood wants to comment, let them run their own AD during the Super Bowl. Tim Tebow has been an example of how all college football players should behave and play on the football field. Go Tim, you have been an inspiration to all Jacksonvillians!!!!
05:27 PM on 02/06/2010
Good idea. Tell it to CBS, which has always refused such ads before.
12:10 PM on 02/05/2010
Those groups actually have that much money to buy time during SuperBowl? Unfortunate they can't find a better way to spend it.
a mind is a terrible thing to waste
03:29 PM on 02/05/2010
If they want to focus on healthy families perhaps they should focus on how to avoid getting into this situation in the first place. It would be very useful if there was more sex education and access to birth control for everyone who wanted it.
07:00 AM on 02/05/2010
People can bat the pro’s and con’s of abortion back and forth until the cows come home. Bottom line, abortion is a legal medical procedure, and a personal choice, period. Pro-choice people do not insist pro-lifers have abortions but respect their right to decide for themselves, but pro lifers do not respect a pro-choice person’s right to terminate. Why? It’s all about religious beliefs. Well guess what pro-lifers, not everyone believes the same thing in regard to religion. No one has the right to force their beliefs or opinions on the lives of others. If you believe that a Zygote is a conscious being that is your right. But believing that does not make it true, any more than your Christian beliefs are any more or less true than any other religious beliefs. Why do you feel you have the right to impose your beliefs on those that don’t subscribe to your particular doctrine? What if I said I don’t believe in religion, so you can’t either? But you think you can say, “I believe what this religion says so everyone else has to abide by it whether they want to or not”. Think about that, a bit selfish and one sided wouldn’t you say?
10:25 AM on 02/05/2010
Your arguments about imposing one set of beliefs on everyone is really well stated. Unfortunately, this isn't simply a religious matter. While vocal pro-life supporters tend to use their faith as a foundation for their anti-abortion stand, plenty of non-religious or perhaps more moderately religious people are troubled by abortion simply because they see it as the destruction of an innocent life (apart from whether the fetus has a soul).

You imply that what is being aborted is a zygote. A zygote is a single cell formed by the union of two gametes. I think the concern of pro-life advocates is the abortion of say, a 10-week-old fetus, which has a brain, heartbeat, fingers, etc. A zygote makes it sound like something you look at in high school chemistry class under a microscope and then discard.

This is the fundamental problem in the abortion debate. The two sides never seem to have a common frame of reference. They never can agree on even the terms to use.

While I wouldn't want to see abortion outlawed, I'm troubled by the use of euphemisms and political rhetoric to mask a procedure that affects the lives of the mother, fetus, father, and the family members of the woman having the abortion. This is too complicated a matter to discuss in overly simplistic terms, no matter which side is doing the talking. It's not just religion or politics, but something deeply personal.
Jesus = The world's most famous liberal, socialist
11:38 AM on 02/05/2010
Both nicely stated comments. I'm getting the implication that pro-lifers are basically saying that we should never terminate a human life. But this position seems to be very selfish to me. This position is clearly saying humans deserve to have this special treatment but all other life on the planet doesn't. In fact, not only do they not care about other animal fetus', they have no problems with the cruel treatment, inhumane deaths and lives of many animals simply for the CONVENIENCE of humans. This seems to be a very hypocritical point of view to me. What makes human life worth more? Because we can make things. Well, more and more we discover how thoughtful and intelligent other animals are, yet we could never stop could we? So, if someone was an over the top animal rights believer who lives under those rules and made the case for never terminating, I'd be listening closely.
12:23 PM on 02/05/2010

Your post is thoughtful, and no part of a woman making the decision whether to carry a fetus to term or abort, prevent her from discussing the issue with the man she became pregnant with, or her family members, or friends,or clergy. Ultimately the courts have ruled the decision is hers, and it's her who has to reconcile her decision.
The use of euphamism is just as prevelant on the anti-Choice side, who want to pick out baby booties and christening caps from the moment the egg implants in the uterus.
The issue of CHOICE is evolving to be a much more private decision, which I think angers anti-Choice people who's strategy had been to frighten or shame women at clinics. Now women can use a very early accurate home pregnancy test, and get a prescription for a a pill to terminate the pregnancy, never going to any clinic.
03:13 AM on 02/05/2010
If the positions were reversed ,and CBS were running a well done Pro-Choice ad of a woman who had had an abortion, the Radical Right including Focus on the Family would be denouncing it as angrily as Pro-Choice people are denouncing CBS making the exception of the Tebow Family, for no controvercial Superbowl ads.
11:59 PM on 02/04/2010
It might be interesting to ask professional football players if the women they slept with have aborted?
Then we can ask basketball players, baseball players, hockey players, tennis and golf stars.
The wreligious wright is always rong...
02:48 PM on 02/05/2010
what's your point??
02:59 PM on 02/05/2010
Since the Focus on the Family and CBS co-writers want to jam an anti-Choice ad into a sporting event, (the BIGGEST sporting event,) then let athletes tell what their role is in fathering fetuses which got aborted.
04:52 PM on 02/05/2010
unwanted pregnancies take two
11:38 PM on 02/04/2010
It is called Pro-Choice for a reason. Because have ing a child is a choice! Regaurdless if you choose to carry the baby full term and keep or put babby up for adoption. Roe VS wade was a right to privatcy issue! So It is the right of a women to choose what she wants to do when it comes to her life! So it does not matter what the Tebow's say it is their opinion and Beliefs. Just Not MY beliefs!!!!
Try putting the Christ back in Christian!
11:28 AM on 02/05/2010
yes, but there are a lot of men in this country who think it's the fetus' right.

(notice how I said men)

There are also women who think it's wrong.

I say if you're a man who thinks it's wrong for you then don't have one. Same goes for women....

(Again it's strange that I say men)

01:04 PM on 02/05/2010
Yes, I dare say that if penises were more responsible with their actions, then we might not have this abortion discussion at all.