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10:14 AM on 02/14/2010
I really don't understand what the problem is, We already know how to develop "Green Diesel" fuels, how to build the engines that burn those fuels, and we know that the vast majority of harmful off-gases come from driving people and goods from place to place. I don't have a problem with my tax dollars paying for research to open up New solutions; other options are always a good idea. But what about putting a larger chunk of money into what we already know will produce the clean fuel we need? Would that not also provide good jobs to those who need it? Why is Big Oil not morphing into Big Farm? Why is the aircraft industry not actively researching jet engines to use similar "Veggie" fuels? My country at least has taken one small step in that direction by converting railroad diesels to haul goods needed for the Winter Olympics across the country. My suggestion to the rest of the world is; take off your tie and jacket, roll up your sleeves and GET TO WORK! If you are not willing to do that, then at least shut up and let the rest of us get it done!
11:01 AM on 02/14/2010
using land to grow fuel instead of food is the dumbest idea ever.
Isn't it sad...?
11:57 AM on 02/14/2010
Because morphing into Big Farm requires effort, planning, and money. It's much easier to sit back and watch the status quo rake in more money.
10:01 AM on 02/14/2010
Greenpeace's report on the French Nuclear Waste Disposal problem is horrifying, read the following before considering going down that path to eco-armageddon :

I dare you to see this and still say that nuclear power is an option. If you love France, see it now before it starts to glow in the dark.
Isn't it sad...?
11:59 AM on 02/14/2010
Greenpeace is not a reliable source of information. It's like asking to Al-Qaeda why American is a good place to vacation...
01:59 PM on 02/14/2010
The significant thing about nuclear waste is its radioactivity. This is very time-dependent: there is always a lot more of it, hundreds of times more, in an operating reactor than in the place where any past excreta from it have been cached.

At Greenpeace has shown — rather than said — how it feels about the very large amount of radioactivity in an operating reactor. Or more accurately, two operating reactors.

We should do as they do, not as they say.

(How fire can be domesticated:
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09:51 AM on 02/14/2010
When crude oil peaks at $150 we'll all think more clearly
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Middle aged average guy.
12:20 PM on 02/14/2010
Maybe we will start drilling for our own again.
02:01 PM on 02/14/2010
As if new holes weren't being made in the continental USA at, like, ten miles a minute. Stupid.
09:48 AM on 02/14/2010
No miracles needed, use the abundant fossil fuel resources.
10:04 AM on 02/14/2010
Meanwhile, China leads the world in clean-energy technology. We're missing the boat, as usual. And we wonder why our stock in the world is sinking.
10:10 AM on 02/14/2010
You are sadly misinformed, there are no clean-energy breakthroughs. China leads in manufacturing such things as wind mills, if you are aware of other areas post. Subsidized "green" energy uses more resources, creates more pollution and costs more money than conventional energy sources.
05:24 PM on 02/14/2010
Infinite fossil fuel resources like free markets are religious myths.
PP, not SGK
09:38 AM on 02/14/2010
You can remove anything related to global warming and have the same arguments. We need smart technology and new forms of energy to jump start our economy. I simply don't understand why anyone would think it is smart policy to keep injecting money into oil energy, even if we have reserves in the US. Having America remain dependent on oil, makes us dependent on foreign oil in the middle east after we go through our reserves. Having the middle east control our destiny through the control of our energy doesn't seem wise on a foreign policy front or an economic front. I simply don't understand how that long term perspective benefits anyone other than oil companies and their lobbyists.

In the meantime, remove the global warming aspect until such time that the scientists don't lose their data and make statements to the media that can be twisted by global skeptics. Move alternative energy forward by presenting it as good for the economy, jobs, the environment and foreign policy.
12:08 PM on 02/14/2010
So global warming exists even if the data does not?? Talk about the tail wagging the dog. Concerned about your investments in "green" technology perhaps....?

As for dependence on oil, one thing you overlooked is our own national security and that we wouldn't be sending our money overseas if we actually harvested our own energy resources. Whoops!
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04:38 PM on 02/14/2010
No data was lost in the 1980s, it's all available with the original services.
09:30 AM on 02/14/2010
It would be a miracle if the United Staes became independent and used it's own resources for energy.
09:06 AM on 02/14/2010
you rightwing want to hear that?
James Leo
08:37 AM on 02/14/2010
I was listening to E-Town (great show on NPR and podcast that talks about music, environment and social change) This engineer/advocate Mike Beatty self described Democrat made a pitch for compressed natural gas.

I am not saying I am buying everything the man said, but if half of what he is saying is true, we may have home grown transition right here that could jump start our economy at the same time.
It needs to be studied
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09:27 AM on 02/14/2010
Dimethyl ether (DME) is much more dense and much easier to burn in an internal combustion engine than CNG, and it's relatively easy to produce from cellulosic waste via gasification and catalytic methanol dehydration.

An isomer of ethanol (both C2H6O), DME is a gas at atmospheric pressure but liquefies at 1/50 the pressure of CNG. With a cetane rating of 55 and a low molecular weight, DME is the ideal fuel for compression-ignition diesel engines.

The EU has an active development program:
James Leo
10:28 AM on 02/14/2010
Wow: Intelligent discussion and not name calling. What a wonderful process! I would ask you to listen to the E-town broadcast and hear Mike Beatty's argument. What intrigues me is (if this is true) we have enough domestic natural gas reserves to power our automobiles (internal combustion engines) for 100 years. We are talking about domestic production and domestic consumption. Aside from the environmental issues. we are talking about billions and billions of dollars staying within our borders and not being transferred to foreign powers. Can you imagine if all of the money we sent to OPEC stayed in this country and was invested here and helped to create sustainable communities here?
This needs to be investigated. I am not talking about politicians but engineers, scientists
This could be as Mike Beatty argued an excellent transition to other alternative fuels.
07:13 AM on 02/14/2010
RUT RO.....Climategate U-turn as scientist at centre of row admits: There has been no global warming since 1995.

Seems one of the "scientist" at the center of Climategate is having to backtrack his earlier claims...folks the wheel are coming off the AGW is a beautiful thing to witness.
07:27 AM on 02/14/2010
Phil Jones admits:

Data for vital 'hockey stick graph' has gone missing

There has been no global warming since 1995

Warming periods have happened before - but NOT due to man-made changes

What say you worshipers?
PP, not SGK
08:57 AM on 02/14/2010
Reread it.
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04:40 PM on 02/14/2010
There is no one hockey stick, there are many. They all say the same thing. The NAS recently reviewd the hockey sticks are affirmed they are accurate.
09:03 AM on 02/14/2010
Your reading skills are not very good.
06:40 AM on 02/14/2010
If your religion predicts that we are close to the end of days, and that the planet will be des-troyed in a cataclysmic event, why would you worry about global warming and the fate of your grandchildren? We'll all be gone anyway!
06:34 AM on 02/14/2010
Definitely loving Bill Gates' use of the word "miracles" here!
05:27 AM on 02/14/2010
bill gates has freckles

ha ha !
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05:20 AM on 02/14/2010
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05:10 AM on 02/14/2010
We need clean energy, and we need to stop our rush toward overpopulation of the planet.
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05:11 AM on 02/14/2010
try telling the octo mom that...
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05:06 AM on 02/14/2010

The All Mighty took 6 days out of his All Powerful Cosmic Existence to create the the perfect habitable Earth, and we distort it in the matter of 100 years...

Jesus will be p * ss ed.....