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10:56 AM on 02/13/2010
No wonder the Tea Party Princesses are confused. Sarah Palin receiving $100,000 for her speech plants her squarely in the category of ELITIST.
01:37 PM on 02/13/2010
How did you deduce that?
Maybe capitalist?

Being paid for a speech or lecture is nothing new.
Al Gore and Bill Clinton have made millions of dollars doing that.
You want to make an argument they should give it back also?
Yes, I know my micro-bio is empty!
02:24 PM on 02/13/2010
Instead of saying she would put it back into the cause, why didn't she just decline the money???
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02:27 PM on 02/13/2010
You want to make an argument they should give it back also?
You make that claim, not TLV.
Yes, Clinton and Gore are elitist too.
Feel better?
Alaskan voter - never voted for Palin!
10:55 AM on 02/13/2010
Show me the money.......where she gave back the 100K.......prove it!
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watashi ha tororu ga oroka da to omoi masu。
12:35 PM on 02/13/2010
Exactly. Remember, she never said she was going to give it back, she said she wasn't going to "profit from her speech." That leaves the door wide open for plowing it back into her coffers in some way or another.
01:06 PM on 02/13/2010
She will give back the $100,000 at the same place she gave back the clothing she took for her run. Perhaps Johnny Boy McCain could be angry enough to lead the " teabaggers" as he sure sounds like one. Yes, another McCain-Palin ticket would suit us well.
Common sense cant be bought
10:44 AM on 02/13/2010
is there anything good you ever say about Gov Palin here or this just the a place where all the palin haters gather
Do the right thing
10:57 AM on 02/13/2010
there is nothing good to say about sp
having said that it's not about hate
it's about hypocrisy and ignorance
01:21 PM on 02/13/2010
It is about hate. If it were about hypocrisy and ignorance, Biden's name would be brought up every day.
02:46 PM on 02/13/2010
Yes there are nice things to say about her.
She represents true America.
The kind of spirit that pioneered this country.
She took on big business and corrupt gov't in Alaska.
And her payback was frivolous lawsuits that would have cost the Alaska taxpayers millions of dollars.
She has the ideals of a conservative . . . less gov't and less spending.
She's not Presidential material but even so she strikes terror in the hearts of liberals.
Just look at the adverse and irrational reactions people have to her here.
It's quite interesting.
The more liberal you are, the more you dislike her.
Buying Things=Job Creator
10:59 AM on 02/13/2010
This is a liberal blog site, ever listen to what she says about those kind of people? Try going to Redstate or any conservative site and ask the same about Obama.
10:33 AM on 02/13/2010
Somehow to me the whole Tea Party, independent & libertarian groups all sprung up as soon as a person different than them became president. Ok, Ron Paul was there earlier. Still am trying to figure out how America lost the constitution(just a piece of paper) all of a sudden.
11:57 AM on 02/13/2010
I know. It's really quite ridiculous. I genuinely wonder how much of it is an issue of race. Nobody would ever admit it (and maybe it's so "built in" that they don't even notice it), but it's got to play a part. I wonder how it would have been if Hillary were president.
It is never too late to try.
12:19 PM on 02/13/2010
True. It is about race, and change, and different. All of the above. There are large segments of the population who will resist change regardless if it benefits them or not. Better the demon we know, than one we know nothing about. What they fail to understand is, change is like time. You can't stop it. Better they shift their complaints to things they can control, rather than things over which none of us has control.
01:09 PM on 02/13/2010
They go for impeachment when a white " enemy" is in office. With President Obama they only challenge his birth certificate and place of birth. A democratically elected president is not their cup of tea.
10:16 AM on 02/13/2010
Palin is just using this group just like all the GOP interests that fund it as the GOP supports the "tea partiers" hoping to gain votes.

You have to look at where they get their money.

They claim they are about about taxes but they did not protest when Bush did the "tax cuts for the rich" to the top 2% leaving the remaining 98% with nothing but a "promise" that the rich private sector would take care of the economy and jobs.

The population of the country grows each year and the needs of our Veterans are provided by government programs supporting the disabled Veterans and meeting their needs.

Even if the government did not grow percentage wise the need for additional government jobs and services for Veterans, the elderly and the needy would still grow to meet the population of America.

Government isn't about the size of the government, it is how we the people make it work for the people regardless of size.

I support my tax dollars going to my fellow Americans like Veterans and it is far better we approve tax dollars helping each other and voting for candidates that support programs for the people instead of hearing the "tea party" protest against their own best interests.
01:11 PM on 02/13/2010
Are the " teabagers" angry at our several wars which have never been declared as required by the constitution they profess to love? Are these wars responsible for their anger? Who really knows what these hate-mongers are really angry about? Frankly, who cares?
10:11 AM on 02/13/2010
Teabaggers look like people who already vote rebulican anyway. They also look white and largely rural. Is there a reason why they met in Nashville? Are they all country music fans too? Well are they?
10:00 AM on 02/13/2010
2 things. Libertarians are merely Republicans who like to smoke Marijuana. Teabaggers are Republicans who are ashamed to call themselves Republicans.You say you would vote for moderate Democrats. Moderate Democrats are the problem. They're DINO'S. Get rid of Nelson,Bayh, Landrieu etc. and we might get the change you talk about.
10:24 AM on 02/13/2010
Republican, conservatrve, tea partier and proud of it. Last voted for a democrat under Carter and never, ever again. I agree, get rid of the moderate democrats and return republicans back to governing while liberals progressives send themselves back to irrelevance where they belong.
10:36 AM on 02/13/2010
Ah,yes! I, too, pine for those thrilling days of yesteryear when the rich got filthy rich at the expense of the poor, when a national budget went from surplus to a trillion dollar deficit, when are great president, dressed in a cod-piece-equipped flight suit stood in front of us all proclaiming Mission Accomplished of a war that still hasn't ended.
Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end, we'd sing and dance forever and a day . . .
10:51 AM on 02/13/2010
Here we go....A proud Republican teabagger wishing for more Republican governance. Except for one point.....Republicans don't know how to govern. They only know how to run dirty political campaigns. They are the obstructionist party, the party of 'NO'. Latest polls (CBS)show that 62% view you as having no answers to our country's problems and 68% do not believe you provide any solutions. Who is irrelevant, now?
09:32 AM on 02/13/2010
The Florida convbention isdown to $150 per person and she has banned all media, recordings and photographs. Why would people pay money to hear her say the same thing, which is nothing?
09:38 AM on 02/13/2010
I agree.

They're better off giving that money to people that are running against incumbents.

Like the rest of us "Teabaggers" are doing.

Should have given the cash to J.D. Hayworth,
09:47 AM on 02/13/2010
I doubt Sarah will be giving any of her $100,000 speaking fee to incumbent opponents.
09:52 AM on 02/13/2010
Why is it Tea Baggers only support the GOP if they are so independent?
09:26 AM on 02/13/2010
It may be based on anger, however, they have no solutions to offer.
So there I was, playing the piano....
09:16 AM on 02/13/2010
At some point cute,"gutsy", folksy and the rest don't work. Perhaps the $1000,000 fee put it over the top, perhaps the stupidity of the "R" word. She's not a politician, she's a daytime talk show host.
01:17 PM on 02/13/2010
Wikwox ought look up the word Grifter to appropriately label Palin.
09:11 AM on 02/13/2010
You people are foolish if you think it's about bringing Republicans back into power.

It's about independents and who they will vote for.

If there is a moderate democrat running against an incumbent then that's what people "Tea Party" people are getting behind. You people just don't get it.

It's not about Fox news, Sarah Palin, or anyone guiding us. It's a deep rooted belief that things need to change and unfortunately Obama promised that it wouldn’t be business as usual. But his lack of leadership and integrity couldn't get the job done.

His "Healthcare" debacle just turned into something that nobody wanted. His take over of GM was just another mistake. GM should have failed. His alignment with the unions is another thing that people are against. Status quo with the war too. He promised "Change" and what he delivered was Bush part deau.

Most of us that align ourselves with the tea party also want to see McCains head roll into retirement.

We want Lobbyists removed or controlled. We want a government that represents us.

So not matter how much you'd like to put us in a box you can't because you don't get it. You will in November.
09:14 AM on 02/13/2010
You are like an announcer whose team, after falling behind 12-0, scores 1 run and calls it an amazing comeback.
09:22 AM on 02/13/2010
You're team had your first quarter with a fillerbuster proof congress and still couldn't get anything done. Except create more divide between the people. Keep up the "Teabagger" comments going. Nancy should compare us to Nazi's again. Keep it coming, you're not going to stop this train. There's too many of us, even if only 3 thousand showed up at the Washington rally.

Want a sports analogy?

Now we're going to run up the score.
runner 08
09:16 AM on 02/13/2010
YOu have used the term Liberal "dims" more than once.

It is obvious you are not an independent. You're adversarial toward progressive ideals and chnage, so the idea that you support a noble cause that just wants the best for the country is bullsh*t.

The tea partiers are being played for fo0ls.
09:31 AM on 02/13/2010
Tough to get behind your "Progressive Ideals" when my beliefs are based on the Libertarian ideals.
08:48 AM on 02/13/2010
I've not seen any evidence that supports this idea that people who support the teaparties are particulary upset with Palin.

The examples provided here are weak. Mostly I see that the Left continually tries to find some kind of drama around her to continue the smear attacks.
08:52 AM on 02/13/2010
Palin creates her own comedy-drama.
One not need look very far.
sempre speranza
08:54 AM on 02/13/2010
As a dedicated Democrat, I hope she continues to attach herself to the Tea Party, the GOP, the Right. She -- and the Tea Partiers -- only serve to further split the GOP. My only regret in all of this is that we no longer have a credible "loyal opposition" which would serve to strengthen our democracy.
Because Republicans are a threat to this democracy
09:02 AM on 02/13/2010
I beg to differ.

We haven't had a "loyal" opposition in a very long time. Not since pre-Nixon.
08:46 AM on 02/13/2010
The Tea Party movement is taking a beating on a Fox News poll. 81% believe it to be a "Fruitless mix of racism, conspiracy theories"
08:56 AM on 02/13/2010
Yes it's all just a joke. No need to worry. Everything will be OK, more liberal dims will be elected in November. Nothing to see here.

If that's the case then tell me what happened in Massachusetts, Why is the Kennedy Runt quitting?

Why is Reid so far down in the polls, Why is Dodd Quitting as well as many others?

Keep your head in the sand and your rump up and exposed. Obama tried to force a bad healthcare bill down our throats, well we have something for all of ya non-believers.
08:59 AM on 02/13/2010
I sincerely doubt he is leaving because a Fox poll shows Americans think very little of the Tea-Party....but nice try.
09:02 AM on 02/13/2010
It's because of the Fox News poll? I don't think so.
09:26 AM on 02/13/2010
The tea party movement you see Palin involved in, is FOX News.
08:39 AM on 02/13/2010
Jon Stewart made the point well: that there are some concerns the tea partiers have that most Americans share with them. Their methodology is very questionable (placards with the President as Hitler???).

It's the fact-free extra baggage they pile on the trip, and their refusal to acknowledge the credible measure the current administration is taking which actually do benefit them long-term, that makes them freaks.

At least not all of them are swallowing Palin's regurgitation of GOP talking points about how government can't do anything right and government is the problem (all the while trying to secure their positions in government).
08:49 AM on 02/13/2010
There were plenty of placards showing Bush as Hitler, too. The double standard here is sort of telling.
09:51 AM on 02/13/2010
Not at demonstrations run by the Dems or attended by Dem congressmen. This is Faux News false equivalence. The GOP has no shame about the rhetoric being thrown around at their events and they haven't once tried to distance themselves from it.
08:07 AM on 02/13/2010
Funny thing about this site and the "moderation". I posted 2 posts that weren't displayed. Apparently Freedom of speach doesn't exist here in liberal land.
08:12 AM on 02/13/2010
oh please. Get over yourself, everyone has raptured posts here, no matter what they say.
Bagger, please.
08:12 AM on 02/13/2010
Take a little time and read about what freedom of speech actually means.