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01:37 PM on 02/16/2010
He made her an offer she CAN refuse.
01:27 PM on 02/16/2010
Whoever Tiger has been paying to do his PR should never work again. Probably been paying them a king's ransom too. At some point in the very near future this will become the standard "How Not To" example of failed PR. Not that I'm saying it excuses him in any way shape or form, but it has been allowed to escalate to the point where anyone can say anything about him with complete impunity. The golden rule of PR should be "don't let anyone else control the conversation" and whoever has been representing Tiger has been appalling.
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Sandy Kaczmarski
01:29 PM on 02/16/2010
First rule of public relations: if you don't promote yourself and do your own public relations, someone else will.
01:36 PM on 02/16/2010
Not sure that this case qualifies as "promoting" Tiger!!! Except as a novelty porn star a la John Wayne Bobbit perhaps...
01:19 PM on 02/16/2010
Tigers biggest mistake was at the beginning. Should have just made a statement to the Public as I did something stupid and now just give me some space to get my life back in order. This has just escalated into a sex scandal. It was anyway but with him remaining silent just made matters worse in my opinion.
02:19 PM on 02/16/2010
dont ya know, that 'Tiger' is not like 'other people' He doesnt see himself the same, didnt behave in public, as other people- this man is arrogant. He will do as he will do.
03:32 PM on 02/16/2010
I think there's definitely something to what you're saying. After all, the memory of David Letterman's infidelity is rapidly fading into the mist, while Tiger is defined by his.

Part of this is obviously that Tiger's infidelity was far more egregious, acrobatic, prolific, seamy, and indiscriminate.

But also, I think, part of it is because, while Letterman came off looking awkward and pathetic, Tiger has come off looking like a world-class jerk.

People can be amazingly forgiving of the frailties of others. But they can can also be relentlessly unforgiving when they smell hypocrisy coupled with an overweening sense of entitlement.
Most people who have been fooled won't believe it.
02:46 PM on 02/16/2010
Tiger's biggest mistake was hitting that tree!
01:14 PM on 02/16/2010
Tiger Woods could and should put and end to this horrid situation by making a public statement. Tiger needs to tell the world that he is seriously committed to his rehab, his family and his career and that he wants to move on with his life. A statement from Tiger will help to stop or diminish the malicious rumors, innuendos from the media and the vicious attacks from women seeking money and revenge from him. I hope he does this soon because this ordeal has caused him and his family enough pain and suffering already.
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01:25 PM on 02/16/2010
He's not going to do that because he doesn't know how to fake the emotion of being sorry.
01:37 PM on 02/16/2010
Tiger is going to have to get used to the new reality. I just watched a speech by Eliot Spitzer before a very friendly audience (interrupted by applause several times). Despite the fact that he had a friendly audience and his own sex scandal was two years behind him, he was asked about the scandal in the Q&A. Spitzer very politely and patiently answered the question.

Tiger's scandal is not going away. Apparently Elin doesn't want to live the rest of her life under its shadow.
Josh Seipp
01:07 PM on 02/16/2010
HP should include more options under "What's Your Reaction." I'm thinking Boring, Irrelevant, None of my Business for starters.
01:47 PM on 02/16/2010
Yet you have the urge to foist your opinion on everyone else. If you don't care about this, why are you reading on posting?
Josh Seipp
02:16 PM on 02/16/2010
I don't know...why did you feel the need to comment on my comment?