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04:39 PM on 02/21/2010
Why is it always "battle," "fight" and "combat" with the GOP? All these chickenhawks think they are so tough.
Gingrich is just another GOP operative who parlayed a terrible approval rating into "leadership."
don't go away mad, just go away
04:33 PM on 02/21/2010
what would Newt know about being responsible? What about his Contract with America?? He's a has been like McCain; all he has is rhetoric wrapped in hoopla, and not a single new idea to actually get his party moving forward besides denegrating the left. Not exactly something to start popping the champagne
04:32 PM on 02/21/2010
Gingrich: GOP Should Be Bipartisan "Until We Finish Defeating The Left"

Translation we will do NOTHING and blame the LEFT for failing to do get anything done. The tools that VOTE for the GOP will say Ya the Democrats do nothing. The rest of the world shakes their heads and say I'm glad I'm not living in that country where everyone seems to be so miinformed it makes them look stoopid.
Listen to the thunder
04:18 PM on 02/21/2010
Watching this conference is a peek into what conservatives REALLY feel and want. They want to break Obama, retake the government and resume giving tax breaks to the top 2% while everyone beneath that mark goes slowly broke and destitute. To the GOP, there is no handout to a rich person or entity too big to fight for, nor is there a handout to a poor or middle class person too small to complain about.


Don't like the way the Democrats are running things, just wait till we are living under GOP rule again, as in we did from Jan. 20 2001 to Jan 3, 2007, during which the disparity between the top earners and the average American soared to heights unseen since the 1920s, just before the Great Depression began on Oct. 29, 1929.

04:33 PM on 02/21/2010
Actually that is from 1994 to 2007
04:01 PM on 02/21/2010
His head and body look inflated. Call Macys.
03:59 PM on 02/21/2010
Gingrich, Palin, Cheney. If this is all the Rethuglican can come up with for leadership they must really be in the minority. Their presence would not exist if it weren't for the money that is backing it up. They are the anti-thesis to Democracy. These people represent such a small exploitative slice of America it is ridiculous. I bet the Republican Party represents a larger percentage of world wide interests than it does American interests.

Again I say, if Gingrich is still getting press and the Rethugs are sorta trying to use the TeaPartiers as part of their base they must be desperate for bodies to appear as part of the American body. These people are really a small destructive slice of corrupt Elite from the wide world and their pet idiots the TeaPartiers are complete certifiable mentally challenged uninformed stooges.

For God's sake America, lets stand up for our country and say no more of these coddled, sociopathic, indifferent, unevolved, lying exploiters demanding that the gravy and perks of everything be handed over for them. This toddler-like demanding while they simultaneously throw our beloved elderly and young adults in the streets,.

These people know nothing of pain. If they cut their finger they are rushed to the hospital to a specialist in a helicopter while twenty servants due their bidding. These are the same people telling us they don't want to pay our way and our work doesn't deserve health security.
04:55 PM on 02/21/2010
Thank you for a good poat and I have fanned you
03:54 PM on 02/21/2010
My god, I'm beginning to think these really are the end times. What cesspool did these people crawl out of?
Left-leaning limericks, ballads and prose
03:10 PM on 02/21/2010
A musical "tribute" to Newtie, Glenn and the CPAC sung to the Rolling Stones' "Brown Sugar."

Greyhound buses bound for Washington
Bringing wing nuts to have some fun
Newtie Gingrich, you know he's doing all right
Whipping up the audience for a really big fight
Ah, CPACers, how come you rant so good
Ah, get on CPACers, just like wing nuts should

CPACers talking bold, going over the top
Rational folks wondering where its gonna stop
Ole Glenn Beck, you know he's doing all right
Whipping up the nut cases well before midnight
Ah, CPACers, how come you rant so good
Ah, get it on CPACers, just like fanatics should

I bet your mommas weren't so squeaky clean
And your daddies were down right mean
I'm no Repub, so I know what's right
Wish you all would vanish well before midnight

Ah, get on CPACers, how come you rant so good
Just like, just like wing nuts should
I said yeah, yeah, yeah... woo
Just like, just like fanatics should
01:58 PM on 02/21/2010
If we wanted republican policies we would have voted for republicans. What part of that don;t these people get? The republicans never did one thing on health care insurance reform when they had the chance except ignore it.
Odd realm of Purgatory I reside in with HPo~
02:07 PM on 02/21/2010
Babina, fanned. Tis true.
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02:32 PM on 02/21/2010
They don't get any of it. But you already knew that. Their understanding of how democracy works is entirely anti-democratic. They see themselves as always and consistently in command regardless of the outcome of elections or what party has the majority in Congress. That's why, when they win elections and are the majority party, they rule like divine-right monarchs; and when they lose elections and are the minority, they call it tyranny because their will is thwarted.
01:43 PM on 02/21/2010
How's your CURRENT marriage Newt?
01:23 PM on 02/21/2010
This is why we need to put aside the bipartisanship charade and focus on getting things done, beginning with asserting the rights of our elected majority to govern.

Friends, show your support here:
01:11 PM on 02/21/2010
Is it time for Slimy to take another Contract Out On America?
01:40 PM on 02/21/2010
The last one worked quite well... it made Clinton look like he knew what he was doing on running the economy.

The most prosperous period in modern history.

Thanks, Newt!
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04:17 PM on 02/21/2010
"Most prosperous" also included cleaning up the largest deficit in history for Clinton. The deficit created by Reagan and Republican colleagues.
11:09 AM on 02/22/2010
oh that's rich, giving credit to a person whose neutered document achieved nothing, except creating a cadre of one time representatives. Too funny. Clinton has the stats, of course you''ll deny them, but who's listening to you anyway...
Odd realm of Purgatory I reside in with HPo~
02:09 PM on 02/21/2010
Mag, roflmfao, fanned for hilarity.
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12:58 PM on 02/21/2010
Gingrich's attitude, and that of the reactionaries in general, belies any of their hollow proclamations of faith of and desire for democracy. It is impossible to have a democracy in a one-party state, which is what Gingrich and those of his ilk are calling for. If there is no respected opposition, then how can there be any kind of democratic dialog? If there is no dissent or controversy then can it be said there is a democracy? Or does one have just a Big Brother state? The vilification of opponents, drive to a single ideology, insistence on goose-step conformity, and intolerance of any ideas outside of dogmatic doctrine, are characteristics of a totalitarian state and not a democracy. The truth is that Gingrich and other reactionaries want exactly this. This drive toward sameness and lock-step conformity is the hallmark of the authoritarian personality, a personality type that may easily be seen to be that of most reactionaries. The fundamental lesson is that, in spite of their cant, reactionaries do not want freedom and democracy, what they want is total conformity to their views and oppression of those who disagree.
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02:45 PM on 02/21/2010
Spot on. I'd only add that, in addition to understanding authoritarianism, it's also necessary to understand the insane rantings of John C. Calhoun in order to understand the mindset of the far right in this country. You may understand that already, but for anyone who doesn't, Calhoun's ideas are the foundation of the right's views on how democracy and government are supposed to work. Stripped of all the smoke and mirrors he employed to make his ideas seem reasonable and consistent with American ideals, what the right has been taught by Calhoun is this: elections are only legitimate when they put the far right in power, and if the far right happens to not be in effective control of government, it is the duty of party in power to cede actual control and it is tyranny if they fail to do so.
Me Lib
12:18 PM on 02/21/2010
The many faces of Newt:

In this Time article Newt calls for bipartisanship as he did at CPAC, however this article doesn't include the purpose bipartisanship as a means of defeating the left.,8599,1964804,00.html

One could make the case that Newt is saying that defeating the left would be necessary to move the gov. to the center, but if that were true Newt would have to support moving away from the right as well. Maybe if he was speaking in front of a progressive leaning or even a centrist crowd he would be about defeating the right...
12:17 PM on 02/21/2010
Mr. Gingrich, you shall never defeat us.

We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in every state,
we shall fight in the cities and towns,
we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the countryside,
we shall defend our ideals, whatever the cost may be,
we shall fight at the podium,
we shall fight at the ballot box,
we shall fight in our places of work and in our places of worship,
we shall fight in every election;
we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, we and our leaders are defeated and drowned in a sea of our opponents' unrelenting greed, then our children, armed and guarded by our shared Liberal values, would carry on the struggle, until, in God's good time, Liberty, with all its power and might, returns to our shores, and steps forth to renew the promise of our nation and to deliver Justice for all.

(Para. Winston Churchill)
Odd realm of Purgatory I reside in with HPo~
02:10 PM on 02/21/2010
Jimmy, EXCELLENT. Fanned.