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08:27 AM on 02/23/2010
Now that we have larger models, all we need is larger sized clothing to go along with the change. Size 0 just won't do.
08:08 AM on 02/23/2010
That so-called size 12 model is obviously wearing padding, i.e. a "fat suit," similar to the one Robin Williams wore in "Mrs. Doubtfire." I really don't see the point.
Heckling backbencher
10:56 AM on 02/23/2010
She's not wearing a fat suit. The clothes are too small for her, and she looks like she's wearing spanx to hold the fat in.
03:10 PM on 02/23/2010
I don't think she is wearing spanx or anything similar though. The right underwear SMOOTHS the lines under a dress and gets rid of pantylines- it doesn't make them look WORSE. I think the dress doesn't fit and she isn't wearing the right thing under it. Even thin women like to smooth out the VPL!!!
01:17 PM on 02/23/2010
No padding just a too tight dress with bulky undergarments. That would make anyone look "plus size".
Kim Diaz
06:37 AM on 02/23/2010
agreed with those who question the designer's true motive - either he is a crappy designer who doesn't know how to play up the figures he's dressing, or he's a crappy guy who's deliberately trying to make them look bad.

In any case, I think it makes the "haute couture" practice of taking models, no matter what size, giving them unflattering hair/makeup and dressing them in bizarre costumes/bad design look ridiculous (which it is).
01:38 AM on 02/23/2010
The idea was good and the women are beautiful, but the clothes did not fit properly on any of them.
09:20 AM on 02/23/2010
Go vote! It will make you feel big and strong.
01:26 AM on 02/23/2010
I am thinking this designer has an agenda that isn't all that admirable. I think his message is: "this is why we use rail-thin models. You want "normal" women with "normal" curves, then this is what they're going to look like in "my" clothes". He's playing a smart-assed game if you ask me. He's trying to "make a point."

What a cad. He would have recieved my admiration if he would have used a size 10 model and dressed her appropriatley, not used a size 10 model and shoved her in a size 2 dress. Shame on him.
12:53 AM on 02/23/2010
To be perfectly honest, if these women were model-sized then you wouldn't have to make considerations about putting them in "more flattering" clothes. The point of runway modeling isn't to flatter the model or coddle the self esteems of "average" women, it's to put forward a piece of art as conceptualized by the designer. If what the designer puts on the model doesn't look good because there are bulges etc, then you need to get a model without the bulges, plain and simple.

The model should fit the clothes, not the other way around. This is a clothing-centric industry, not model-centric. It's up to the individual woman consumer to see all the clothes as they are designed and you are the one that should choose what flatters you and what doesn't.

The model has to meet a stringent aesthetic standard for the sake of the clothes, but they are paid handsomely for it.
08:36 AM on 02/23/2010
worldviewer, you're right, it's about clothes, but clothes are for bodies to wear.

If these designs were art, for art's sake, meant only to be displayed and not purchased and worn
by living, breathing women, then your point would be absolute. However, the bodies are the point,
and the clothes should be designed with the primary motive of being worn, supposedly, by living, breathing bodies.

The women in the photos are all thinner than average size American women, larger than the usual runway model, and they are lovely, just generally. The clothing, worn by women who are not the size of coat hangers, becomes ridiculous, not trendy or fashionable. These photos show what happens when the designers' clothing is worn by women who are not emaciated, prebubescent waifs. It isn't pretty. At the bottom line, the hue and cry behind all of this debate is about misogyny,
not anyone's idea of "art".

That's the point, and it's a problem.
09:21 AM on 02/23/2010
Absolutely, the model is a hanger for the clothing and should fit the clothes. The only problem is that the clothes have gotten smaller and smaller to fit the rail thin girls that are in fashion right now. Compare sample sizes in the 90's to sample sizes of today. Designers that use anything other than a 0 sample today (which is standard today but rare in the 90's) have to take in the clothes to fit the model.

It isn't an issue of having to find girls tiny enough to fit the clothes. Yes, this designer sacrificed fit in order to use bigger girls and it looks bad. But who says that clothes have to be made in a size 0 sample anyway?
12:20 AM on 02/23/2010
Good for him, but I take it as glaring proof that designers don´t create clothes to flatter our bodies.
12:08 AM on 02/23/2010
I think they look normal sized, but the clothes are too small so what's the point? I guess fashion is just to complicated for me
oregon bird
11:55 PM on 02/22/2010
More like, Designer Mocks Ordinary Women. Skin tight knit that shows every bump and bulge, cut down to here? No asymmetrical fabric designs, an ordinary woman's best bud. Nope, bright single colors. Why didn't he just add a wide white hip belt and finish those designs off properly?

How dare anyone claim McQueen was misogynistic, when these poor women are being abused?
11:36 PM on 02/22/2010
Diversity in size however, no persons of color….
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11:23 PM on 02/22/2010
Whats worse for body image the fact that one is so skiny and unreachable by a lot of women or that maybe the some what slim is considered to be "plus sized"........
02:30 AM on 02/23/2010
Oh please. Body image this, body image that. While I personally like healthy people of all sizes and admire anyone's natural body so long as they are eating healthy and somewhat active too, many people use are now using the big bad "media" and their fragile self-esteem as a crutch to legitimize an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. It's not normal to down a pint of haagen-daz in one night. Its not normal to have a 36 oz. soda on the way to work. We are slowly killing ourselves. Anorexia is an extremely unfortunate issue but it pales in comparison to the prevalence of obesity in western society. That's the truth. And I'm not coming at this as a naturally skinny person either, so it's not like I'm just being harsh and judgemental. I'm naturally slightly chubby (was when I was a kid) but I've been of a normal or athletic weight ever since I started running long-distance in middle school. Last year I slipped up a for a few months and put on some weight. All it took to get back to normal was to re-assume exercising. So it's not like it's impossible to stay healthy, especially when you are young. I'm sure it's a different ball-game once you hit middle-age though.
I don't reply to tedious haters and trolls
11:20 PM on 02/22/2010
I appreciate Mark Fast's fashion-forward attitude when it comes to model sizes...I just wish he had done a better job of getting clothes that fit them properly. These pieces were either too tight (thus making the models look bulky) or too loose (thus looking like tents.) I hope he does a better job on fitting the models in future collections, though, since some of the pieces here have potential.
11:10 PM on 02/22/2010
wtf? Is this designer purposely trying to use curvy models to try to prove some weird point that models should be skinny because if you weigh 3 pounds more, clothes won't look good on you? I mean, these are the ugliest, most unflattering clothes I've ever seen. These girls aren't even "big" so the clothes don't need to fit like undersized leotards. Instead of making clothes that flatter every body type, he makes them look hideous. What a total insult to these beautiful models. What a total jerk of a designer. In fact, I'd hardly call him a designer. I imagine a designer needs to know how to make nice clothes.
Old school girl
11:06 PM on 02/22/2010
WHY...just tell me why he did this at all....using almost normal women.......for the catwalk anyway...then putting them into clothes that were 2 sizes too small........was he just trying to embarrass them and all the normal woman of the world......idiot...he had a chance to do something good and he just messed it up.
10:59 PM on 02/22/2010
There was plus sized mixed up with more smaller sizes...
and it looked great! was interesting and beautiful....because that's how women are.