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06:18 AM on 03/04/2010
I never understand people's problem with Miami. Yes, there is a lot of Spanish spoken- I say so what? it is a Latin city. I love that there is good Cuban food to be had. There is great coffee of every variety. I never have been hassled there by security (can't say that for Chicago, SFO, or Denver, where they tend to be mean SOBs). Of course, as an international traveler, the perspective is different. How customs and immigration treat you is seriously important with you are traveling for up to 30 hours and 3 major airports.

I also like to travel in and out of LAX on international fiights- quite convenient and efficient, by today's standards, that is.
11:38 AM on 03/29/2010
Yes-Miami may be a largely Latin city, but you need to remember it is located in the US. On our return from our homeymoon, my husband and I were stuck there overnight because of a missed connection. The reason for the missed connection?-the majority of the staff could not speak enough English to direct the passengers to where we all needed to be. Our plane was late, but with enough time to make our connection. Not only did the airport staff not have a full enough grasp of the English language to help anyone, but the ticket agents who were "helping" to book us on the first flight the next morning were just as bad. I grew up with a bi-lingual parent(Spanish speaking) who understood that the main language in the US is still English, so I don't have a problem with other languages being spoken here, but at least know the language of the country where you are working! I live in NY and fly out of LGA & JFK all the time-bad airports in their own right, but nothing was worse than Miami-I will NEVER go back again! I have paid extra money just to have a flight that DOESN'T have a connection in Miami.
08:01 AM on 03/31/2010
True - Miami Airport (MIA) is a nightmare in all respects. Never ending construction, u have to walk an enclosed passageway laberinth to get from one gate to another (very 3rd world), noisy, the meanest crudest TSA agents I have ever experienced (I travel 75,000 miles+/yr), the food is nothing to write home about, cramped older areas where you can barely walk, dirty, disorganized, overall unfriendly service people, ...I can go but u get the idea. AVOID MIA if at all possible.
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12:11 AM on 03/04/2010
How any air traveller could have anything but a default negative opoinion of airports I'll never know but...

IMO, Boston Logan gets my vote for THE airport from he//. He// getting to it and he// retrieving your luggage and he// waiting for or catching a flight. Detroit Metro reminds me of a bus depot. LAX is almost as depressing as San Francisco International. Miami International perfectly suits the city itself - not a compliment. Seattle is painful if you have to take that subway between terminals. You can keep Montreal Dorval.

And yet strangely, I don't have a problem with O'Hare. I actually don't mind Minneapolis, Houston, Atlanta and Vancouver either.
11:09 PM on 03/03/2010
Dulles does suck. Hate those people movers. Feels like I'm in a bad sci-fi movie. National is ok. Close to town and Metro access but the traffic is horrendous because the airport is so small. Minneapolis is nice-friendly people. O'hare is a nightmare. I've never left there on time. Even on a perfectly sunny day. LAX is confusing and kind of dirty. Best to have someone pick you up there. Very difficult to get into town. Charlotte and Phoenix both deserve their rankings. Very nice and pleasant, but beware of leaving Sky Harbor during the summer. The A/C works good but as soon as those doors open up, it's like a blast furnace. Overnighted at Newark and was not impressed. Only one place that sold coffee in the early morning and the line was a mile long. Can't comment on the baggage end as I've never checked a bag in my life. If it can't fit in my carry-on, it doesn't go with me, period.
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08:54 PM on 03/03/2010
Newark does if you are not flying out of terminal C there is nothing to do. Baggage claim - if you're getting picked up tell them to meet you at least 1 hour after your flight lands and the roads for p/u and drop off are so small and congested it's better to drop some off on a monorail stop than at the terminal.

Parking - dont forget to take out a second mortgage to pay for parking it's more than a small fortune
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03:52 PM on 03/03/2010
Darn, and I have to fly into LaGuardia later this year. Come on. Get it together before June, guys.
03:08 PM on 03/03/2010
Billings Montana has the best in the west!
Denver's airport is a mess, add ons, lost people, mayhem! God Bless the international traveler.
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12:16 AM on 03/04/2010
I'm convinced that Denver was designed to make the simple act of finding the nearest washroom a day trip.
02:53 PM on 03/03/2010
Dulles should have ranked FIRST. It sucks, especially since you now have to walk twice as far to get to security, the lines are ALWAYS long (even mid-week) and you still have to ride those heinous shuttles to the gates. Grrr.
10:28 AM on 03/03/2010
So glad I commute in and out of Denver. DIA is oustanding...

How was DFW not on this list by the way?
11:05 AM on 03/03/2010
I fly into and out of DFW frequently, and of all the airports I have experienced, I find it the best.

1. Drop-off and pick-up are very easy.
2. Baggage claims are very near the gates, the aircraft, pick-up/drop-off, and short-term parking, so there is little waiting for baggage and getting out of the building.
3. Travellers can actually SEE the short-term parking from the baggage claim.
4. Getting through customs is a matter of minutes. At other airports this usually takes about an hour!
5. The half-circle design of the terminals is excellent.

My choice for worst airport is a toss-up between O'Hare, Newark, and Houston Intercontinental. They're all horrendously awful.
08:04 AM on 03/31/2010
Agree - DFW is probably one of the best if tnot the best US Airport given the sheer passenger volume handled on a daily basis. Vry spacious, nice shops. ok restaurants, visually appealing, easy transfers from one gate to another via tram, clean, friendly people.
02:55 PM on 03/03/2010
I agree. Even though the airport is farther from town, it's well laid out and has all the amenities and services you need.
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10:24 AM on 03/03/2010
I think Newark is pretty good. These airports have a big job to do. More coffee joints please, and a little less on the bullshit marketing would be nice though. I oughta know, I spent 6 hours at Newark on a delay at Christmas.
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10:05 AM on 03/03/2010
Somebody please tell me where Hartsfield-Jackson Int'l Airport ranked in this survey.
11:26 AM on 03/03/2010
What's so bad about us...?
09:52 AM on 03/03/2010
Our airports mirror the horrible service we receive from the airlines.
Why shouldn't it be a door to door experience of rudeness, gouging, dirt, discomfort and inconvenience?
09:51 AM on 03/03/2010
Shhhhhh!! Dont tell the Teabaggers, or right wing Patriotic Americans who vote Republican but our airports are grimy, dirty, crumbling monstrosities compared to the sleek, clean, and modern airports you find in Europe and parts of Asia. But just like health care, they want to believe we're number one in the world so don't tell them that we aren't Okay? Let them live in their delusional slumber about how great we are compared to the rest of the world.
11:15 AM on 03/03/2010
What the heck does politics have to do with the dirty airports--you think its only "Republicans" who work at/run these airports? You're so smart, and witty. & Actually, politics does have something to do with it: because it seems that most of the airports listed as in overall bad condition are in the most liberal, most 'popular' cities. And i dont travel--but i think your Europe comparison is an outright fib--considering that -almost- everyone else on here, who are most likely more left-thinking, have outright said that European airports generally even worse than American ones--nice try.
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03:44 PM on 03/03/2010
If you don't travel then you really don't know. Schipol in Amsterdam and Frankfurt Int'l are indeed sleek, clean, efficient and user friendly. Singapore has the coolest airport in the universe. Tokyo bites, as does Heathrow.
09:38 AM on 03/03/2010
LAX - 100 times over. I was stunned to see the horrible, wretched, crumbling wreck of Kansas City listed best among medium sized airports - who did these guys poll?
09:20 AM on 03/03/2010
It seems that these airports received their rankings due to frequency of visitors and volume of people visiting the airports but this list missed some real contenders. How about Cleveland, LaGuardia, and Reagan.? You haven't experienced grimy, dirty, overcrowded airports until you've spent some time in these little gems. Newark deserves its ranking, however. It is the worst.
03:00 PM on 03/03/2010
I live in DC and fly in and out of Reagan all the time. I think it's great--one of my favorites, in fact. Lots of natural light, accessible gates and plenty of shops and restaurants.
08:58 AM on 03/03/2010
I had a perfectly good experience at Burbank (Bob Hope)
Airport in L.A. Southwest has convenient flights from
Oakland and they check 2 bags, no cost. Burbank is much more convenient than LAX, not crowded, nice people. I was surprised
at how easy it was to get through. No more LAX for me, it is horrible.
TSA people should go back to their jobs at McDonald's.
My micro-bio is so full, it's bursting at the seam
03:46 PM on 03/03/2010
SSSSHHHHH!!!! Don't let the cat out of the bag about Burbank, you'll ruin it for us!