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03:16 PM on 03/02/2010
OK. This move proves Apple is scared of Android. Function with freedom.
I can't wait to get my developer's phone and begin writing Android apps.

Hey Steve! Paid out the Creative settlement yet? Using MP3 without permission whilst locking your folks to MP4.
Competition drives innovation! Bring it on!
03:33 PM on 03/02/2010
I've been looking over the dev pack and it's pretty intense, Eclipse is throwing a whole new dictionary to memorize at us but from what I can tell if you have any java skills you'll feel right at home. ..Are you going to the google i/o conference this april?
04:07 PM on 03/02/2010
No. What it proves is that Apple is protecting its intellectual property. You conspiracy theorists can create whatever stories you want.
03:08 PM on 03/02/2010
APPLE wouldn't exist without stolen idea's
Hey steve tell us how you got the idea for the GUI or the mouse,. Remember Xerox and Ibm. Now you want to own the touch screen and who can develop it.
apple's has never had an original idea. they're just better controlling everything about their products. Poor Poor Apple. Love your products, hate your way. That's why I won't own Apple anything.
What a control freak. He's creepy
04:08 PM on 03/02/2010
Rplite: I'm sure Jobs is missing his sale to you. I think he's still sleeping well.
02:56 PM on 03/02/2010
So this means that Chairman Jobs is ready to settle with Xerox/ PARC regarding their low compliment of the Star (actually the "8010 Information System")?
This is like the Adams family being sued by the Munsters.
Really, is the Glorious Child Slave Labor Emporium and Noodle Concern for cereal on this?
03:56 PM on 03/02/2010
I just can't figure why you folks are so up in arms about Apple's success. Little bit of envy? What is this abnormal obsession you have with Apple.
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02:47 PM on 03/02/2010
HTC steals from Apple, Apple steals from Nokia, steals from IBM. etc. etc etc. Patent law is scewed up. Multi-touch should not be a patent. It was common on a number of devices years ago. This is clearly a law suit to satisfy a few fanboys.
The answers are not found in the extremes
02:46 PM on 03/02/2010
Apple is running scared.

They didn't invent the touch screen.
They didn't invent smart phones.
They invent the technologies, they just repackaged it.

I've been using an HTC Tilt for more than 2 years now. It is a good phone, often times better that the iPhones in use around me (on the same network). I run spread sheets, write & edit documents, play games, maintain my contact lists and schedule, email and surf the net, all on a phone that was on the market before the iPhone. Oh yeah, and I can have more than one application open at a time.

Apple is getting beat at there own game, marketing, and it is starting to reflect in their bottom line. Since they can't come up with anything new they will simply try to beat the competition in court.
The answers are not found in the extremes
02:55 PM on 03/02/2010
typo: "They didn't invent the technologies, they just repackaged it"
03:09 PM on 03/02/2010
Phew, relax. I didn't see any claim that the touch screen or the smart phone were invented by Apple. The article claims the iPhone CHANGED the smart phone market, and it described the alleged infringements as patents that RELATE "to technology behind touch screens."

I'm not taking sides here, in any case. I'm sure the HTC is a darn fine phone. Apple would say that's because HTC infringes on their patents ;)

I doubt Apple is doing what you claim. I've worked in patent trials where one of the parties CLEARLY uses patent litigation as a money-maker, buying lucrative patent rights early and then just sitting on them, waiting for someone to infringe so they can sue.
02:35 PM on 03/02/2010
Perhaps once Apple figures out how to run multiple applications at once they too will be the target of a lawsuit.
02:46 PM on 03/02/2010
Perhaps they haven't bothered, because someone took the initiative to file a patent for a multi-tasking smart phone...
02:20 PM on 03/02/2010
Good for Apple! I am sick and tired of seeing Apple release products and then months later other companies releasing similar products that look just like Apple products. Intellectual design is disgusting and I hope Apple sues all of them.
02:44 PM on 03/02/2010
Yeah! I hate reasonably priced, high quality competition! Monopolies for all! Yaaaaaay!

Unless HTC broke into the factory and stole plans, or is intentionally producing true 1:1 clone devices, Apple deserves nothing. That others would try to produce similar devices to compete is the very essence of competition in a free market economy. If Apple can't stay in front of their competition, that's their own problem.
03:14 PM on 03/02/2010
Although I agree that competition is vital and there's nothing wrong with creating a device that is a similar and/or better alternative, patent infringement is not necessarily "intentionally producing true 1:1 clone devices." If a jury were to find that a patented component or system belonging to Apple is reasonably indiscernible from HTC, then Apple would have a right to damages.
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05:16 PM on 03/02/2010
Apple is almost always ahead of their competition, and when the rip-off artists and copycats of the world try to blatantly photocopy their technology and innovations, Apple has a right to sue them into the ground.
02:49 PM on 03/02/2010
The validity of Apple's patents are to question. Heck all patents are questionable. Apple could owe Nokia a tonne of money already due to royalties to Nokia. Patents are broken when it comes to software. I could try to explain but if you really want to know then start googling around to learn about it. If you don't want to know why there there is no point in my trying to explain.
The Understanding
02:19 PM on 03/02/2010
Ok so which apple employee came up with the idea for the "mouse"?
02:27 PM on 03/02/2010
haha, exactly.
Rationality and rationalization are not the same
02:33 PM on 03/02/2010
Apple was careful to sign agreements with the creators of the mouse and stuck to them. They did it legally.
Do we want to live in the past?
02:07 PM on 03/02/2010
Its like saying that only the wright brothers can make a plane. Well, a planes shape and design are dictated by aerodynamics much of which remain the same.

Similary its silly for Apple to sue for how your unlock your phone or how you place the icons etc.. Talking of which then can motorola sue Apple for hiring some of their engineers and teaching apple what a PHONE is? How long has Apple been making phones?
04:37 PM on 03/02/2010
Layman: courts will decide whether Apple's lawsuit has merit. I think it does.
01:46 PM on 03/02/2010
What do you think is going to come from a company who shares board members with The Gap.
01:44 PM on 03/02/2010
Greedy company. But I don't have much respect for republicans anyway.
Misbah Ali
01:13 PM on 03/02/2010
the lawsuit is absolute bs... apple is just angry b/c of the competition... they are suing motorola palm nokia and now htc?? seriously!! cmon now...
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01:20 PM on 03/02/2010
Nokia has made billions suing other companies for mobile patents. Where's the outrage?
Rationality and rationalization are not the same
02:34 PM on 03/02/2010
Apple rarely sues, and when they do, they rarely lose (but occasionally they do). They wouldn't be pulling this at this point if they didn't feel justified.
03:41 PM on 03/02/2010
Exactly right Gonzo. I think they made noise about lawsuits when Palm was promoting Pre but they never sued. I wouldn't underestimate Jobs.
01:08 PM on 03/02/2010
saw an article on that briefly mentions the patents in question. Here is a link to the article:,2817,2360838,00.asp

Quoted from article above....

"Of note are the patents Apple has asserted: one, patent 7,657,849, covers multitouch gestures, but only in a limited use case - unlocking the phone. The second, number 7,479,949, covers multitouch heuristics to determine how a device should interpret multitouch input, and was patented by Steve Jobs himself as well as a number of other co-assignees.

The other patents in question are number 7,362,331, covering moving objects within a GUI; 7,469,381, covering list scrolling; 5,920,726, covering the management and recovery of a power failure by a digital camera; 7,633,076, covering how a device senses what a user is doing via the use of multiple sensors; 5,848,105, a co-channel filtering patent; 7,383,453, covering the conservation of power by a voltage reduction to the instruction portion of the processor; 5,455,599, an object-oriented graphical system, and 6,424,354, an event notification system for propagating object-change information. "

sounds like a load of "we're greedy" to me.
Rationality and rationalization are not the same
02:35 PM on 03/02/2010
Uh . . . no.
02:50 PM on 03/02/2010
Such a cogent response. Emotionally distraught fanboy I assume?
03:43 PM on 03/02/2010
Why? Shall Apple just share innovation with their competitors while singing Kumbaya? Grow up.
11:59 AM on 03/03/2010
why do you have to be so hostile louis?

Apple is just doing what any good business would, try to take the competition down a peg. They werent the first to do this, and will not be the last. And when future lawsuits happen I will call those for what they are too.

But for the time being, Apple is just being greedy.
12:55 PM on 03/02/2010
This better not change the features on the HTC Nexus One I'll be ordering this month.
05:05 PM on 03/02/2010
Yes. I heard that's precisely what's happening. Better not.

LOL. Amusing site.
12:37 PM on 03/02/2010
I'm sorry but this one is too funny:

"•The '849 Patent, entitled "Unlocking A Device By Performing Gestures On An Unlock Image," was duly and legally issued on February 2, 2010 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. A copy of the '849 Patent is attached hereto as Exhibit C."
The answers are not found in the extremes
04:37 PM on 03/02/2010
Next thing you know we will all be getting sued by Apple for the 'gestures' we use to tell them where to get off.
09:35 AM on 03/03/2010
The scary part is you guys probably really believe that. .