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11:59 AM on 03/06/2010
2010 is turning out to be the year
the radical left comes out of the closet.

3 incidents already.
runner 08
12:05 PM on 03/06/2010
Ah... I see the Tr0lls are waking up and hotting their keyboards.
12:16 PM on 03/06/2010
I didn't know that they knew how to use a gun --
learn something new every day :) :) :) :)
labor creates all wealth
12:06 PM on 03/06/2010
Nice try. Better take Poli. Sci. 101 again before wading into deep water.
30-Year Military Veteran
12:17 PM on 03/06/2010
Guess which party he registered under in 2005 and was actively registered under as of 2008? DEMOCRAT. EMID 15324137 STATESOURCE California DATAACQUIRED 20080121 PrefixTitle MR LASTNAME,FIRSTNAME,MIDDLENAME Bedell,John,Patrick SOURCEIDVOTER 30048 DATEOFBIRTH 5/20/1973 PLACEOFBIRTH CA REGDATE 20051006 GENDER M PARTY Democrat
Spirited Event Horizon
11:52 AM on 03/06/2010
Urrr oohhh, I am not too fond of how the government is run, and I think some of these laws about marijuana are ridiculous. Could this be a sign that I am mentally ill? I'd better go check in.
12:19 PM on 03/06/2010
If you start having fantasies about buying weapons and shooting people then yes, please check yourself in.
Tribal Knowledge
Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid!
06:38 PM on 03/06/2010
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Lover of liberal women and cheap wine.Or was it...
11:52 AM on 03/06/2010
Obviously this is a bright guy suffering from a mental illness. The same could be said for the Austin pilot. It does not matter the politics of these persons and it does not matter whether they are labeled terrorists or not. The important thing, in my opinion is what sets them off, and of course getting them help so they do not fall through the cracks of our porous social system. It is my opinion that these folks are more susceptible to the rantings of Glen Beck and others pushing fringe lunacy. These people are making their living throwing gasoline on people with mental and emotional issues, which is also compounded by financial stresses in these hard economic times. I think we will see more and more of this until we silence the fringe profiteers and get these frustrated and lost souls the help they need.
03:07 PM on 03/06/2010
Hassan Nidal also displayed signs of mental illness.
loves peanut M&Ms and Whippoorwills
11:43 AM on 03/06/2010
"yet so withdrawn that people in this rural community where his parents and grandparents are civic leaders knew little about him"

He was a computer programmer in a rural community. He wasn't a celebrity. You know what happens when you're a computer programmer in a rural community and you try and talk about your profession? People not only don't understand, they could care less. I'm in the same boat.

How dare he be so withdrawn, so not willing to share himself with people who show no interest?

Clearly, the man needed some help to have taken things this far. I'm thankful he didn't seriously injure anyone else.
11:42 AM on 03/06/2010
Low set, protruding ears, can be a sign of mental defect. (Reference toddler killer, Eric Smith, up for parole in May, see link below) Our healthcare system is not set up to discover these birth defects early enough, & then there's no system designed to take care of these people who are not capable of making rational decisions about their lives.

Just wait until all these kids now diagonosed as autistic, hit the streets in the next 10 years. Their families will have little control over them as adults. It's going to be tragic.
Do the right thing
02:01 PM on 03/06/2010
I never heard that before about low protruding ears being a birth defect.
I know that the vague description of being "funny looking" was possibly correlated with
developmental delays.
Girl gamer geek armchair activist
11:26 AM on 03/06/2010
I'm bipolar, as some of you may know (having written about it before in medical threads). I don't approve of what this guy did, but let me tell you, being bipolar is no joke. I have been hospitalized twice, for two weeks each time. I heard a voice in my head (that was NOT my "mental voice") once. And the state's health care system failed me so badly that I literally had to try to kill myself before I was given the help I needed.

Most people with bipolar disorder will spend a ridiculous amount of their lives without medication, in and out of hospitals, attempting suicide, and building up a wonderful life only to lose it all in the blink of an eye. I've done that cycle. It's not pretty.

I have been on medication for years now, and I go to therapy every week, religiously. I am a productive person, a good mom, and an ornery yet loving girlfriend (more ornery if I forgot to take my mood stabilizer, heh.)

I make these posts to educate people who know nothing about bipolar disorder. It is real, and it can be scary, and it can be dangerous. In my unmedicated days, I would fly into rages and break things and say things that I wish I could take back. I am SO DIFFERENT when I'm medicated. I'm such a better person.

Maybe, with meds and therapy, he could've been a better person too.
11:33 AM on 03/06/2010
Very well said. You are not alone.
runner 08
11:35 AM on 03/06/2010
Major respect to you for having the courage to speak out about your illness. Mental illness should not be stigmatized -- that only deters some people from dealing with it and getting help for the,selves or a loved one -- and your being open goes a good way toward helping to educate!!

Bledell's family issued this statement, which is in alignment with what you've expressed:
""We are devastated as a family by the news from yesterday," they said in a statement. "To the outside world, this tragedy is the first and only thing they will ever know of Patrick. To us, he was a beloved son, brother, grandson, nephew, and cousin. We may never know why he made this terrible decision. One thing is certain, though -- his actions were caused by an illness and not a defective character." "
11:26 AM on 03/06/2010
A history of mental illness....and the guy owned and had access to firearms?????

Like the shooter at the Virginia campus a few years ago???? or the shooters at Columbine???

Yeah gun control for the mentally unstable and out of control indivuduals is off limits because "everyone" should have their rights to bear arms protected.

Tell that to the victims and their families!
11:51 AM on 03/06/2010
There are so many people, if they have no record of hospitalization can access firearms. I do not know how this man was able to get them.
01:18 PM on 03/06/2010
Ownership of a lethal weapon should come with requirements similar to owning and operating a vehicle, a potential lethal object if misused.

Licensing and insuring a vehicle, should require proper medical background checks, which would include mental health evaluations, to protect others in society.

When will Americans grow up enough to realize an indivuduals rights only extend to the point that those rights do not cause harm others in society?
12:34 PM on 03/06/2010
I made this very point to some gun advocates only two days ago and the response was quotes from the Second Amendment, statements about how much red tape an individual must go through to purchase a weapon, and claims that the mentally ill are not able to buy weapons. When I pressed them as to how we know someone has a history of mental illness their response was.........uhh.........we don't.
01:01 PM on 03/06/2010
One more reason I am grateful to be living in Canada, with strict gun control for anyone who feels they have the right to own a gun....prove you are responsible enough and THEN you can own one because we value the lives and safety of our citizens just as much as an individuals rights to own a weapon!

AND we don't just talk "Pro Life" , we live it.....we don't initiate wars, killing hudnreds of thousands of innocent civilians in a war based on lies, and we provide health care to our citizens because we truly value life!!!!!
Liberte Fraternite et Egalite
11:19 AM on 03/06/2010
I see here everybody dissecting a person who was a "Nobody" And that's is the existing atittude of the "Generation X"
They sunk themselves into drugs Because they saw their parents "Babyboomers" doing it as a way of life.
(Of coarse) we cannot generalized) but the big majority suffer a lack of Identity. They are Hysterical frustrated and find originality on themselves by tattooing, or shaving their heads, just to get some confort.
Now the authorities are trying to make it look that this one, belong in "Gorky-Park". Well Orange-County is full of them, Not to mention, the whole Country is.
Hey, after all they are the product from the hippie-generation, than everybody are so proud of.
11:24 AM on 03/06/2010
Did you read the article? Or even the headline? The guy was mentally ill.
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Lover of liberal women and cheap wine.Or was it...
11:39 AM on 03/06/2010
Seek help. These are ramblings.
11:18 AM on 03/06/2010
Did he have health insurance ?
11:50 AM on 03/06/2010
Clearly not.

And the only way you can get Medicaid as a male adult is to be so disabled as to not to be able to work.
11:14 AM on 03/06/2010
I am glad so many are interested in this problem. I hope that you will do more than tut tut and move on--this is a legal problem, compounded by society's desire to not see anything ugly.

Indeed, please note how messed up this situation is. But, instead of grasping for the easy, and meaningless, "Glenbeckistan," I hope you will actually get educated about the problem and start making some calls, writing some letters, putting your vote where it counts. This is not just the right's fault--the left simply tut tuts and blames the right. The United States is the most callous industrialized country when it comes to providing for their mentally ill, and so these tragedies play out over and over and over again.
11:14 AM on 03/06/2010
We all know that many of the homeless people we see on the street are stark raving mad--but part of their illness is to deny that there is anything wrong. Even if they would be willing to sign papers, see doctors, etc., they don't have an address, so they are not eligible for health benefits. They don't have insurance, so no hospital or medical facility will treat them. Even if they have some kind of medical coverage available for the poor, drugs for the mentally ill are not covered by government programs, and they cost hundreds of dollars a month--more than most poor people pay for rent.
11:13 AM on 03/06/2010
The only people with authority to deal with the mentally ill--put them in jail or take them to a hospital--are the police. Like any policeman will tell you, "It is not a crime to be mentally ill." Someone, usually members of the family, have to prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that the person will injure himself or others. Such proof doesn't exist until after the fact. The Lakewood Police shooter was dangerously mentally ill and everyone in the mental health infrastructure knew it, yet he murdered 4 policemen when he broke with reality because no one was willing to take responsibility for him (i.e. pay the tens of thousands of dollars it costs to institutionalize someone). The police in Texas let this man go when his mother told them he was mentally ill.
11:13 AM on 03/06/2010
This article seems to be written with a tone of compassion for this would be murderer that I don't normally see with other mass or would be mass murderers

"He tried to self -medicate with pot" How come some people are simply labeled pot heads or crack heads or just addict and others "try to self-medicate". Isn't that what everyone's trying to do at some level.
11:37 AM on 03/06/2010
People who have been diagnosed with one psych. disorder or another are ALWAYS referred to as "self-medicating" when they use drugs or alcohol.
11:13 AM on 03/06/2010
Had a history of mental illness?

No s4it, Sherlock. He just walked into a crowd of innocent people and started shooting. I think its pretty obvious the man's brain doesn't work properly.
11:13 AM on 03/06/2010
If you are wealthy, say Brittany Spears' parents wealthy, you can get control of your children through the courts. If you are a regular American family, you are prohibited every step of the way because the law is written to protect the rights of the mentally ill, not give the family authority to commit a dangerously mentally ill adult. When Reagan destroyed the mental illness facility infrastructure in California, he failed to give middle class families authority to do anything but watch as their loved ones dissolve mentally. Counties have to absorb the costs of these clients, who are incompetent and cannot even fill out the paperwork themselves to get low-cost treatment, and with the national budget crisis, the first people they cut services to are the mentally ill.
11:27 AM on 03/06/2010
He lives in a gated golf community... his parents are professionals in high paying fields...