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08:08 AM on 03/08/2010
Will the real terrorist please stand up?
08:06 AM on 03/08/2010
Pardon me, this kid's grandfather was head of the JDL. This is a ridiculous setup. His last name is PEARLMAN and he grew up in southern California. More fake "al queda" to keep the fear level ratcheted up. This story is 100% bunk.
we are so post kumbaya...
09:07 AM on 03/08/2010
bingo... keeps the heat off the real threats to humanity like the cheney family
09:14 AM on 03/08/2010
Finally someone said it....say it a lot, until everyone understands that this guy is a fake.
He's just a plant to help demonize Muslims
08:05 AM on 03/08/2010
Did CNN get prank do you think? Pres did not come out and say anything.
07:59 AM on 03/08/2010
Until the Pres Obama comes, to tell us if anyone was captured period, not media is anyone really captured? Not reporting news creating their own news?
09:41 AM on 03/08/2010
so unless the president tells us it isn't fact?
Try looking at all the things the president hasn't told us.
07:41 AM on 03/08/2010
Oh, puhleeze spare me about guys I never heard of like Adam Gadahn. I don't give two sheets in hell about Adam and his nasty crotch bombers. They can blow their testicles to heck for all I care. Just don't suggest I need a naked x-ray scan that will make a fetus need 24/7 nursing care because of this unknown person. Fear-mongering DOES have limits, and you passed them years ago.
07:56 AM on 03/08/2010
"Just don't suggest I need a naked x-ray scan that will make a fetus need 24/7 nursing care"

"Fear-mongering DOES have limits"

Hmmm.... You may want to do an irony edit before posting...
09:15 AM on 03/08/2010
it was too funny.
07:22 AM on 03/08/2010
In other news, Biden took credit for Iraq's first free democratic election.
07:16 AM on 03/08/2010
The two photographs certainly look identical to me. Just put one face over the other. How many faces have eyebrows the exact same shape?
09:16 AM on 03/08/2010
It is the same guy
Contrarian advocate for truth and justice
07:14 AM on 03/08/2010
It is always interesting to speculate on the purpose of misinformation. Presumably, it is to stimulate activity that can be monitored and tracked for one reason or another.

In WWII the US transmitted uncoded misinformation about water suppy shortages on Midway with hopes that the Japanese command would send coded messages concerning that info, which they did. This helped the US to decipher the Japanese code for Midway and confirm their intention to attack the island.
06:51 AM on 03/08/2010
Death penalty ! For treason. And charged with two counts of providing material support to a terrorist organization. It would seem to me that all of those charges and the penalty could just as easily be applied to leading figures in the Bush administration. But all we get in that regard are a few mutterings from time to time. With all else that has happened and is happening it is quite apparent that the American people live under a repressive regime and can't do anything about it no matter what political party is in power.
08:05 AM on 03/08/2010
You are only labeled a terrorist in this country if you terrorize us from outside our borders. But treasonous U.S. administrations and U.S. citizens who fly planes into government buildings and open fire at the Pentagon are applauded and dismissed as disturbed, respectively.
Dogs are people too.
05:27 AM on 03/08/2010
We got him. Oops, no we didn't. Wait, check that, we may have got him. Oh dang, it looks like we didn't get him.

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Level III Thermographer
05:44 AM on 03/08/2010
If we do have him he isn't in our custody. Obama has tied the hands of our interrogators. If we do have him I guarantee you he is being interrogated by the Pakistanis.
Be nice to the US or we'll bring you democracy too
06:16 AM on 03/08/2010
Do you recall the torture-extracted confession of Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi, an al Qaeda captive who told the CIA in 2001 that Saddam Hussein had trained al Qaeda to use WMD? When they let him off the torture table, he recanted, and the CIA pulled the plug on all "evidence" that came from him. Then there was Manadel al-Jamadi, an "high value" target who died 45 minutes into being 'crucified' by our own agents. Oh he never revealed any Jack Bauer type info.

The inescapable fact is that America's standing in the world, and especially in the Middle East, has never been lower. The price we have paid for our misdirected torture policies has been incalculable. The Arab street may not always grasp the finer points of separation of powers or proportional representation; but everyone, everywhere, comprehends hypocrisy, and judges us for ours. If the torture advocates truly believe that the value of violently coerced information has been worth the plummeting drop in America's world stature, or that such information is worth the clear and present endangerment of captured Americans, it's time to justify the claimed value of torture to the nation in whose name it's being done. David Irvine
Obama got Osama
07:11 AM on 03/08/2010
Obama has tied the hands of torturers and people like Chaney, Rumsfeld and Bush.
07:19 AM on 03/08/2010
Gadahm it!
09:19 AM on 03/08/2010
Pearlman it !
04:57 AM on 03/08/2010
The jihadists are the true muslims whereas the so-called moderate muslims are apostates.The beliefs and value of Islam as set forth in the Koran-war,slavery,pedophilia,the subjugation of women,polygamy,homophobia,religious intolerance,and intellectual stagnation are incompatible with Western civilization where we value freedom,human rights,equaltiy before the law and not violence and hatred.
06:12 AM on 03/08/2010
Yesterday nomadic Muslims killed over 500 women and children in the Nigerian city of Jos a predominantly Christian enclave.
09:22 AM on 03/08/2010
Yes, Christians have killed over 200 in other clashes! This is an ugly situation and there are many at fault and as always, the innocent are killed!
06:24 AM on 03/08/2010
There is no such Muslim as a Jihadist! We don't believe in polygamy, for fornication is a grave sin in Islam! Polgyny It is allowed in Islam to have more than one wife, it is not a right and there are conditions accepting more than one wife! It tells you in the Qur'an, in Surah Al Nisa, that one wife is best! Slavery is approved only in a time of war! You say no hatred in America! well I wonder what the African Americans and American Indians would say to that statement! For the African Americans nearly 400 years of hate, and over half of that in slavery! The Indians upwards ten million were killed! The KKK is still allowed and functioning, have you been to any of their churches or see their speeches on You Tube? Muslim Americans are being beaten, their places of worship are being firebombed, special titles are hoisted upon innocent Muslims like the word you use Jihadist, Islamic Terrorist and such! This is America! Equal under the law, Muslims now have been given another title called unindictable co-conspirators, since a Muslim commits a act classified as terror, all Muslims are to be blamed for it! And, women, you have degraded the American women to the point that she is seen in the world over as a sex object, threw your movies, commercials, sex comedies, and sheer half nakedness on the street! Should ever American be blamed for the aforementioned? no! Nor should innocent Muslims!
07:19 AM on 03/08/2010
How can you say muslims don't believe in polygamy when the false prophet Muhammed had numerous wives including one that was a war captive and his favorite wife was Aisha who was six years old.The treatment of African Americans goes against the beliefs of the nation and in case you didn't notice we have a black president.The KKK hardly exists anymore and I haven't noticed muslims being beaten or their places of worship being firebombed.Even though I disagree with everything Islam stands for I would never advocate violence against anyone. Compare this to the way Christians,Jews,Hindus or atheists like me are treated in Saudi Arabia or other muslims countries. Oh I forgot,they aren't allowed to exist.The death penalty is mandated for anybody who tries to leave Islam.The Koran teaches that non-muslims should live under muslim domination as set forth in sura 9:29.If muslims would condemn the violent passages in the Koran I might take their complaints more seriously.
03:20 AM on 03/08/2010
Noam Chomsky - Propaganda and Control of The Public Mind
they DID take the last train for the coast!
05:18 AM on 03/08/2010
I prefer not to......
07:17 AM on 03/08/2010
Chomsky rules.
03:16 AM on 03/08/2010
I had to laugh when I was watching CNN today. They were discussing this apparent capture of Gahdahn with Nick Robertson and he was doing back bends over how this guys capture doesn't REALLY mean we are any closer to getting Bin Laden or his Number 2, because the information wing of Al Qaida is separate from the operational wing ... and I'm thinking, we don't even know if we got the guy and Robertson is trying to tamp down the meaning of it. I would think capturing Gadahn, in its own right, would be a pretty successful operation. It was frankly weird the way Nick Robertson was seemingly blowing the whole thing off like it was nothing. Why?
03:23 AM on 03/08/2010
"information wing separate from operational wing" = not a cohesive entity.
03:39 AM on 03/08/2010
So, in other words, Al Qaida is a terrorist network that isn't a terrorist network.
I prefer not to......
07:20 AM on 03/08/2010
There has been no credible evidence for years that OBL is even alive, let alone leading a cohesive network of operational units.

Now there isn't any credible evidence that there is a network.
08:22 AM on 03/08/2010
They seem to be able to strike at will, so I would call that a network. I don't know what else you would call it.

Is there any credible evidence that OBL is dead? There are opinions on both sides of this issue, but nothing is supported by any facts. Until he is proven to be dead, don't you think we should assume he's alive?
02:49 AM on 03/08/2010
Adam Gadahn is ADAM PERLMAN! Missad plant.
09:22 AM on 03/08/2010
so naturally CNN and all the Media would want to cover that up
02:46 AM on 03/08/2010
This is a developing story and there is mixed emotions about the arrest or alleged American Al Qaeda member! Every act and communique issued by Al Qaeda calling for the destruction of America, bombings and so forth as fallen on the shoulders of their innocent Muslim brothers and sisters in this world! We have had to bear the brunt of this! American and Western powers have used the Al Qaeda insurgency as a poster child for hate groups, ill advised rules and laws design to cripple, weaken and malign innocent Muslims in this world! The fear generated by Al Qaeda has degenerated to the point that ordinary Americans call every Muslim a terrorist, mosque firebombings, summary arrests, Muslims and those who perceived to be Muslims have been thrown of the planes, special nicknames have been added to the American landscape calling Muslims Jihadist, Islamic Terrorist, Islamic fanatics and many other negative terms and created to cast fear into the American public! Al Qaeda has help to foster this crazy hate that so many Westerners have for all Muslims! It is a sad commentary and this prominent arrest will fuel more hate and misunderstanding about Islam and innocent Muslims!
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08:48 AM on 03/08/2010
I apologize for the ignorant among us. "Ignorance" also exists in all races, religions and Countries.