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Paula Ann
12:45 PM on 03/08/2010
we got'em, oh wait a minute, no we don't.....

probably perished in custody or was taken to a black site
12:30 PM on 03/08/2010
His grandfather was Carl K. Pearlman, Board of Directors of the Anti-defamation League (ADL). Adam was born a Pearlman, and contrary to Wikipedia's convoluted and inaccurate-in-many-places claims, he did not convert out of Judaism until he was in his teens. The story has been changed.
12:25 PM on 03/08/2010
Adam Gadahn is ADAM PEARLMANMOSSAD fake Al Qaeda. They fear the truthers, now and are getting desperate because if the greatest crime/murder in American histroy is REALLY investigted the house will come down on thier heads.
01:33 PM on 03/08/2010
And George Bush pulled it off. The greatest mastermind in the history of earth.
03:41 PM on 03/08/2010
Indeed, Bush was a visionary.........
12:24 PM on 03/08/2010
Where did the earlier article about Gadahn go? had a bunch of comments on it.
12:27 PM on 03/08/2010
Nearly 7,000 comments.
07:32 PM on 03/08/2010
May have had too many very good posts which did not fit the requirement of the editors' preferred point of think? What could it be?
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12:47 PM on 03/08/2010
The government suppressed it.

(Either that or you could look under the links to it in your's still there.)
12:12 PM on 03/08/2010
Khaaaaaaan! (echo) Khaaaaaaaan!"
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12:30 PM on 03/08/2010
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02:44 PM on 03/08/2010
That's still making me chuckle. (Another reason Boston Legal is unwatchable.) I had to fan you, and I have a strong policy against PDA.
02:53 PM on 03/08/2010
We aim to please :-)
Fan returned.
12:02 PM on 03/08/2010
There has been so many different speculations or assertions on who or what Gadahn is over the years. I cannot say either way with any certainty, but this back and forth on his arrest, (or not ) only can add to the confusion and speculation. I will say I think it is all very odd.
12:04 PM on 03/08/2010
We just can;'t wait your next post on "false flag" operations and insinuations about CIA, Mosad and Opus Dei.
12:29 PM on 03/08/2010
I never said that. I cannot say with any certainty as I simply do not know. I really do not and readily admit it!
I just thought the whole thing is odd. That is what I said.
All the best, Oleg1
11:33 AM on 03/08/2010
Whew, that was he can go back to his adjunct professorship at UC Berkeley...
12:03 PM on 03/08/2010
Hey, why should he settle for teaching 8AM and 4PM class at Berkley. He can now get full professorship at any Arab university, east of Jordan river and West of Suez canal.
11:23 PM on 03/08/2010
Berkeley, you must be an Eastern European, or passed by Michigan.
11:14 AM on 03/08/2010
Here''s part of the answer
10:56 AM on 03/08/2010
Total psy-ops fraud.
OK I checked my micro-bio (didn't know I had one
10:29 AM on 03/08/2010
Wake me up when you have a real story...

Too much about process.

Intel often is not intelligent...
10:19 AM on 03/08/2010
Allakh, protect me from your followers
11:40 AM on 03/08/2010
There is only one God period! And, Allah swt decides if we should wake up the next morning! There are many problems with very few solutions! As long as the US policy in Muslim lands and the ill treatment, persecution the innocent Muslims are suffering in America, you are right, you cannot sleep easy! This is not a situation that anyone can be proud of! Every strike or threat of attack by Al Qaeda, innocent Muslims are castigated and lied upon and ridiculed like some of your postings! None of us have the power to control Al Qaeda and those like you and others, who chide the Muslims to do something against these guys! When Muslims speak to correct misinformation and disinformation, you and others say that we are extremist too! Muslims cannot win for losing! Muslims walk your streets and go to your schools, eat in the same restaurants you eat and yet, they aren't bothering you! Muslims can't win for losing!
11:59 AM on 03/08/2010
I appreciate your post. I think it is important for us in the West to be exposed to Islamic fundamentalist views.
This way we can have fewer illusions about we're dealing with.
I find especially amusing the contention that there is nothing ordinary Muslims can do about belligerent radicalism in their communities and religious narratives.
Planetary Travel Agent
02:17 PM on 03/08/2010
I’ll go out on a limb here and suspect you are looking for sympathy and/or empathy? The problem here my friend is this is a continuation or a modernization of the Holy Wars. You know, the 1000+ year old ‘my God is better than your God’ rhetoric! You know, the self-serving proclamations both sides provide for the rest of us fools, infidels, oafs and generally worthless pieces of human flesh on this planet that haven’t found ‘your’ God(s) respectively.
I hope to die of a heart attack or get ate up with cancer rather than succumb to either of your (again) self-serving, ideologies.

Sorry. I'm fresh out of both.
12:01 PM on 03/08/2010
Whats Allakh?
12:18 PM on 03/08/2010
In some cultures in Eastern, Central and Southern Europe and Central Asia pronunciation and spelling is as I've indicated.
07:43 PM on 03/08/2010
Anything you want it to be.
10:13 AM on 03/08/2010
Gahadan definitely got a lot more mileage as an Al Qaeda spokesman than he would have as a pudgy kid from the OC with no life to speak of.
10:19 AM on 03/08/2010
Ohm, but now, by donning this ridiculous Halloween costume, his contribution to society has increased miserably.
12:45 PM on 03/08/2010
I am not defending him. He is a loser, a tool of Al Qaeda.
10:10 AM on 03/08/2010
This story was already on this site earlier.
It had so many comments about this guys true identity that the article was removed .
10:06 AM on 03/08/2010
the US does not want to "capture" Adam Gadahn / Pearlman because this guy is a false flag plant. It would embarrass certain "special interests" to have this guy tell his story so this "News Item" and Adam Gadahn/Pearlman will -Go Away- very shortly....and he'll go back to California where he's from and eat pizza and play nintendo.
10:16 AM on 03/08/2010
Could you explain a bit more to us:
1. Why this guy is a false flag/plant?

2. Why it would embarrass certain "special interests" to have this guy tell his story?

3. Why the story will go away very shortly?

OK I checked my micro-bio (didn't know I had one
10:22 AM on 03/08/2010
What you see is what you get with this guy...
10:37 AM on 03/08/2010
Gretel1or2, you're asking TotalBelief rational questions.
Alas, not everyone is capable of rationality.
This is one of the certain problems of human civilization.
12:20 PM on 03/08/2010
Wow, you must be pretty high up in the American intelligence community to be privy to such important information.

Are you sure sharing that information will not jeopardize your security clearances?
09:38 AM on 03/08/2010
The guy is not really low level. He is one of the people often seen in their propaganda videos and is considered a recruiting tool.
09:53 AM on 03/08/2010
Not to mention a tool in general
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12:24 PM on 03/08/2010
He's got the whole tool package going on, not just recruiting. Lol.
10:08 AM on 03/08/2010
He is a plan,t a fake, a false flag.
OK I checked my micro-bio (didn't know I had one
03:34 PM on 03/08/2010
OK... He might very well be... besides you particular belief, why do you say so?
What is the basis for your belief...
If it is your instinct, say so...
If he fits a profile you know of, tell us...