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I propose a toast to my self control...
05:46 PM on 03/17/2010
Blaaaanche..Sorry, I had to get that out of my system.
05:43 PM on 03/17/2010
the woman who puts her job over the health of the country.
doesn't matter how many are sick & dying... Blanche MUST be employed!
Actions speak louder than words.
05:41 PM on 03/17/2010
Poor Blanche. She watches Stupak get attention. She watches Ben Nelson get attention. But she just can't get her five minues of fame. She better hurry, because as of November, she will be gone....
Mark Mack
05:40 PM on 03/17/2010
Sam Stein, you're SMEARING Her and Obama at the same time - a double whammy - and because both of them did not fight hard for a public option. Sorry, but I don't get that mentality. Will it ever end.

But I'll tell you what, Blanche Lincoln, is no different than many other Senators who are scared in showing themselves to the entire world, as they do, and want the President to conceal everything for them - i.e, if he would have called, she would have had an alibi. In Actuality, this has been the problem for too long, too many alibis, and not enough truth and transparency.

If she wasn't going to support anything, why want the President to call you? The President ranks above you sister. And she just hates the TRANSPARENCY.
10:44 PM on 03/17/2010

FANNED...they are all trying to hide behind the President, blame him for everything, if they fart too loud and it is heard, its Presidents' fault, WOW, what a country!!!...what should be done is that the congress people should have to pay for their own da$$m insurance, THEY WORK FOR THE PEOPLE NOT TyHE OTHER WAY AROUND, see how fast that bill the congressman from Florida is floating will pass, (you want it , pay the cost and you're in) ...I Like that man, speaks his mind, so does the one from New York. I am sorry, both names are slipping me right now as I type.
"I am not a Number. I am a Free Man!"
05:40 PM on 03/17/2010
Where is that Demon-eyed Sheep when you need him?
Blue Pup in PHX
REALITY: It's actually a real THING!
06:13 PM on 03/17/2010
He's in for lasix surgery...those glowing red eyes kept foiling his attempts to blend in...
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05:34 PM on 03/17/2010
The evolution of Blanche and the (((hated))) phone.... Parts I, II, and III...

((young, pubescent Blanche...with the joyous buds of female-hood sprouting all over sits by the phone on her farm in Cat Fish, Arkansas....))

"Oh mama....why won't a boy just call me....

"You just stop yo frettin' now day you'll have mo boys than you can handle..."

..but ((alas)), Mama was d*ead wrong....that call from a young male suitor nevuh came.....

Part II:

19-year-old U. of Arkansas-Pine Bluff sophomore, Ms. Blanche sits in her room on a Saturday the other girls ready themselves for their night out with their respective fellers....Blanche, homely and h*orny as always waits for the call......that will never come

"Tee Hee...poor little Blanche..sitting in a tree..k-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes love than comes....THE PHONE NOT RINGING...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)))"

(Blanche would make them pay one day...once she became Senator of her state and denied all of her tormentors health care coverage)

Part III:

Senator Blanche Dubois-Lincoln sits alone in her Senate office...still waiting desperately for a man to call her on that telephone....when suddenly...(((RING)))!!

"May ah hep you?" she asks in a syrupy drawl....

"Uh yea, I was just wondering if you had Prince William in a can?!?!

((Furious))) Ms. Blanche ponders terminating her phone service.....
Bruce vain
05:29 PM on 03/17/2010
see ya Blanche...why would he call you he already knows it a waste of money...
05:36 PM on 03/17/2010
President Obama has no issues with Blanche Lincoln. He supports her.

Official statement from White House Press Secretary Gibbs
"The president supports Senator Lincoln who is an incumbent member of the Senate and understands, even as he is the head of the Democratic Party, that not every Democrat is going to agree with him on every issue. And he is not going to agree with every other Democrat on their views. He believes that Senator Lincoln is serving her state well and believes she should be returned for an additional term."

He could have said "Arkansas has two Democrats running in a primary race for U.S. Senate, and I'm sure the people of Arkansas will make the best decision for their future and the future of Arkansas."

But he didn't. Because he supports her.
We are women. We vote.
07:02 PM on 03/17/2010
How about between now and then there will be bills presented. He needs her vote. Why go out of the way to make it more difficult? Let's see the number of fund raisers and personal appearances he makes campaigning for her. Bet the number will be someplace in the range of zero.
05:28 PM on 03/17/2010
does anyone here know how much the president has to deal with.... 2 wars, rebellious isreal, determined muslim(terrorist/freedom fighter) depending on which side you are on, economic meltdown, disfunctional republican party(bent on destruction), a fearful democratic party(accustomed to taken orders from republicans).. a complete news organization whose main reason for existence is to bring down his administration.., banks determine to steal everyones life's saving, american companies determine to ship jobs oversea, and increasing ignorant american population, hatred based talk radio fillling the air, and the most important thing" protect american against themselves.....we have become our own terrorist
06:25 PM on 03/17/2010
yeah, kinda sucks that the pres has to deal with all this crap all while he's getting no support from Repugs and from the BlueDog Dems. Obama really needs to start cracking some heads.
We are women. We vote.
07:06 PM on 03/17/2010
What about the lack of support he is getting from us? People who supposedly are his supporters.
05:28 PM on 03/17/2010
Her interview this morning was horrible...she is a disaster
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I intend to live forever, or die trying. GrouchoM
05:27 PM on 03/17/2010
Blanche I'm-really-a-republican Lincoln needs to be sent packing!

Defeat the DINO and elect a PROGRESSIVE:

Bill Halter's ActBlue page:

Help Bill Halter take on Blanche Lincoln
I am not boycotting the walrus
05:16 PM on 03/17/2010
"I'd have to think about this, but I didn't really have direct input from the White House on this," Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) told the Huffington Post's Ryan Grim back in late December."

As many times as Lieberman has prevaricated on this whole subject, its obvious that his recollection is a bit hazy. That happens to liars when they try to be consistent, and there are terabytes of videos proving he isn't.
05:13 PM on 03/17/2010
could this be psy ops?
05:13 PM on 03/17/2010
The strategy is the same one it always is. The President and the Democratic Party will fight against any challenger to Blanche Lincoln. Then, if she wins, she'll be the "lesser of two evils" and everyone who would have supported her challenger will vote for her.

After all, when Bill Halter brought the National Association of Free Clinics to Little Rock to treat over 1,000 people in one day, where was Blanche Lincoln? Not supporting the uninsured, but at a fundraiser featuring Bill Clinton. She is the choice of the party leadership. She is the candidate they want.
05:11 PM on 03/17/2010
Move On will target her, like a birthday cake.
Disguised Democrat ,neocon at Heart!
05:10 PM on 03/17/2010
Blanche doesn't have anything in her head, so what's the point Blanche. Go cry to your Blue Cross lobbyist and plead for job when your get fired next fall.