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eschew obfuscation
03:11 PM on 03/18/2010
The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion". Together with the Free Exercise Clause ("... or prohibiting the free exercise thereof").

Follow the law of the land.
04:09 PM on 03/18/2010
Which means no state church. Allowing prayer at public school functions doesn't establish a state religion. What it might be deemed to do, however, is favor a given religion (Christianity), in which case it goes against past rulings by the Supreme Court.
My micro-bio is a desolate wasteland
04:16 PM on 03/18/2010
If the state legislature pass a bill allowing prayer it is establishing religion. Prayer is a religious ritual.

How do you not favor Christian prayer?

First test case, invite an Imam to lead the school prayer at a football game.

Like that would happen.
04:33 PM on 03/18/2010
Yes it does establish a state religion, because it's highly doubtful that buddhists or hindus would gather to lead these prayers. And if one did, no one would follow along. This is obviously a way to get christianity into the schools - not all, or any other religion. It's a disgusting precedent, and discriminatory. How much you want to bet if ten muslim students said some prayers, everyone would be terrified? No one would want to follow along. They'd only follow along to the whiter religions.
03:04 PM on 03/18/2010
It's unconstitutional. If they want to pray in school, get home-schooled or go to a private one and pray all you want. It's called choices....but religion stays out of government buildings. And if prayer was REALLY important to them they would realize they have all the opportunity in the world to pray silently to their heart's content.
If you are sure, you've stopped listening.
02:52 PM on 03/18/2010
Oh, please, please, please. Let some student stand up and deliver a Satanic invocation. I would donate to his/her college fund.
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Eternal Optimism
04:15 PM on 03/18/2010
The Tao of Pooh
05:22 PM on 03/18/2010
Hear, hear!
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02:51 PM on 03/18/2010
It is clearly unconstitutional, but the funny part is they don't seem to understand what they are opening up.
I can't wait to see a lawsuit when they try to prevent a Muslim student from leading a prayer.
Or an atheist student leading a pro reason invocation.
Or even better, a Witch (or Wicca) giving a very Pagan invocation!!!

Their bill specifically prohibits administrators from obstructing any student who wants to give an inspirational talk.
04:34 PM on 03/18/2010
I think they know what door they are opening. They are probably the majority, and this is a chance to shout down every other religion, and start a holy war on school grounds, and claim christianity as the righteous religion of america.
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02:08 PM on 03/18/2010
So Church/State seperation is subject to "a largely party line, 10-3 vote"?

When will these people just scrap the entire Constitution, and replace it with the Buybull, by a party line vote?