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05:40 AM on 03/27/2010
a campaign to 'smear the pope" Oh, so its all just a big misunderstanding then.
Liberty Loving, Liberal
09:07 AM on 03/29/2010
or as Il Papa most recently referred to it -"petty gossip" Yeah, the welfare of our children is so petty . . .
01:28 AM on 03/27/2010
What's so amazing about Catholic sex abuse?

Anyone who knows a lot of Catholics knows about this and heard
from its victims. This isn't only a Catholic problem but one that is
common among all branches of the superstition business. It's like foot
fetishists working in shoe stores and sadists taking jobs as policemen
and jail guards. Opportunity beckons. Anyone historically informed knows that the Church has been a regular haven for every sexual practice one can think of.

The Church is playing for time and will continue to issue
the usual double-talk hoping its subscribers will tire of the matter and
begin to regard further criticism as Catholic bashing. The RCC
has always succeed at this in the past. Next time if there is one, they will know
how to cover their tracks better.

Never underestimate the gullibility of the faithful.
12:47 AM on 03/27/2010
Looks like the truth is closing in on Ratso.
09:40 PM on 03/26/2010
Remember the crusades and the medieval inquisitions?

Right back atcha'
08:32 PM on 03/26/2010
Being Pope these days is quite the cross to bear.
05:16 PM on 03/27/2010
Popes always recognize that the office is in fact a crucifixion. After the fourteen ballots taken to elect Pius XI, one cardinal wagged 'We have dragged him through the 14 stations of the cross'.

Pius X wept for sorrow when he was elected, knowing he was unworthy of the office.
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A free man creates himself.
07:10 PM on 03/28/2010
Oh my. This one wanted the job badly and was acting pope during JPII's later years. He controlled the funeral and the election process, and hey presto, Pope Benny.
12:56 PM on 03/30/2010
The "cross to bear' is trying to figure out how much longer this church will be standing, based upon fiction governing Jesus' life, and the billions it's murdered to stay on top.

That's a corporation.

That's nothing sanctioned by God.
Dark fire shall not avail you. You shall not pass
07:20 PM on 03/26/2010
I used that campaign to smear me thing once. It took a lot of time to find the conspirators. As luck would have it they were a small group of nuns that had the wrong idea regarding celibacy rules.
12:54 PM on 03/30/2010
44% of nuns have admitted to being raped and sodomized in the convents by other nuns, priests, and visiting dignitaries.

It might explain why they harmed children so long, though that's just another excuse for bad behavior.
Healthy skeptic admires reason, trusts intuition
05:37 PM on 03/26/2010
This is classic right wing, authoritarian thinking. Deny the truth, cover up anything that might embarrass those in power. When finally confronted in a way that can no longer be ignored, turn the tables and blame the victims for speaking up about their victimization, claiming that they are just out to tarnish your holy image.

This is just a grander version of what the Republicans are doing about the vicious health care protesters -- you might have seen the hideous signs, grotesque imagery, racial and homophobic slurs escalating into outright death threats and violence from right wing thugs, but this is really just a Democratic plot to tarnish the Republican brand?!?
fuzzy-headed knee-jerk liberal and proud of it
04:10 PM on 03/27/2010
true, this ...
05:24 PM on 03/27/2010
Benedict XVI has made elimination of the actual problems a priority & has gone to meet with victims.

What he & the Vatican oppose is the campaign to use the victims & their suffering to deprive them of the very remedy for the evil.

As Malcolm Muggeridge said forty years ago, the remedy that's offered to those outraged by injustice are the world's only remedies: dope & [the fornicator's] bed.
Healthy skeptic admires reason, trusts intuition
05:36 PM on 03/27/2010
No one is suggesting eliminating the church, if that's what you're implying, simply that intervention at the time would have what spared the majority of those suffering the abuse, something that a long overdue mea culpa will do little to counter.
Bagger, please.
11:49 PM on 03/27/2010
When he met with the victims, did he explain why he covered up the abuse and sent pedophile priests to victimize and rape even more children?
Micro-bio rocks! So does Cell-bio!
05:06 PM on 03/26/2010
A conspiracy to cover up repeated child rape.

Can the Catholic Church be charged under federal RICO laws? If this isn't organized crime, I don't know what is.
04:38 PM on 03/26/2010
Sell the vatican, feed the world.
07:02 PM on 03/28/2010
The catholic church was the biggest owner of real estate in the world. I think some of their previous financial settlements have cut into their holdings. From Wikipedia -
"Compensation payments, bankruptcies and closures
Main article: Settlements and bankruptcies in Catholic sex abuse cases

According to Donald Cozzens, "by the end of the mid 1990s, it was estimated that [...] more than half a billion dollars had been paid in jury awards, settlements and legal fees." This figure grew to about one billion dollars by 2002.[66] Roman Catholics spent $615 million on sex abuse cases in 2007.[67]

The dioceses in which abuse was committed or in which abuse allegations were settled out of court found it necessary to make financial settlements with the victims totaling over $1.5 billion as of March 2006,[13] have had a significant impact on the finances of many dioceses. The number and size of these settlements made it necessary for the dioceses to reduce their ordinary operating expenses by closing churches, parishes and schools in order to raise the funds to make these payments.[10]
06:34 PM on 03/30/2010
$3.2 billion to date.

And no end in sight for this organization of evil.
04:04 PM on 03/26/2010
I just watched a horrifying interview with Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League, on MSNBC.

He attacked the families of the molested children in Wisconsin...the molested DEAF children in Wisconsin. He felt the parents were to blame because, according to documents, the alleged abuse by Father Murphy started in the 1950s, but nothing was reported until the 1970s.

He chose not to address the fact that it is not uncommon for children not to report abuse by a priest to their parents. Even more so in the 1950s, and these are deaf children, learning sign language, which their parents often couldn't use.

He then defended then Cardinal Ratzinger because he wasn't informed of the abuse allegations until the 1990s. So the parents are to blame for not knowing and reporting, but the Church, which sheltered the abuser from discovery prosecution, and repeatedly returned him to contact with children, is not at fault.
fuzzy-headed knee-jerk liberal and proud of it
04:12 PM on 03/27/2010
Bill Donohue is a sycophantic, robotic tool with no credibility - he is a total a disgrace to those of us who are Irish and were raised Catholic but use the brains gawd gave us to question authority.
05:28 PM on 03/27/2010
Bill Donohue is a self-appointed loudmouth and character assassin who, like Father Coughlin in the '30s, was wont to blame victims for being victims.
03:56 PM on 03/26/2010
The Vatican is looking more and more like the Nixon White House circa 1973-74. "Well, I want to tell you this pope is not a crook".

There is a terrible pattern of silence, secrecy, a complete lack of cooperation between the bishop's chancery ,the Vatican offices, and civil law enforcement authorities . The latter have been kept in the dark and totally and arrogantly ignored over the years. All of this going back at least 40 years constitutes the greatest crime. Not simply the failure to chastise individual priests and bishops.

There has been a tolerance for suborning perjury and obstruction of justice at every level of the Church. We're seeing it in Ireland, the United States, Germany, and now Rome itself.

Offense is not the pope's best defense now. Offense simply comes across to the entire world as OFFENSIVE. Pope Benedict' moral authority is rapidly ebbing away . The pope has only several viable options for himself:

He should seriously consider opening up the entire papal archives to the police and government authorities going back to the earliest days the Vatican received reports of priestly pederasty from each country. Secondly, the pope should offer to testify in court proceedings in Italy and Germany (the pope enjoys dual citizenship). Last, resigning and doing it quickly to clear the deck and to stop the daily diminution of his moral authority. Benedict's resignation would take effect on Easter Sunday with a papal Conclave meeting soon thereafter to elect his successor.
fuzzy-headed knee-jerk liberal and proud of it
04:16 PM on 03/27/2010
I'm quite sure that the Vatican will never open its archives ... at least not as long as anybody living today remains alive.
05:31 PM on 03/27/2010
The supposedly 'secret' archives of the Vatican aren't secret, except in Dan Brown-Michael Baigent style tabloid books. They aren't available to scandal-sheets any more than the deliberations of political leaders are available to the New York Post; those that aren't available to scholars are those that are uncatalogued.
03:47 PM on 03/26/2010
The Catholic church is doing another "internal investigation"... what planet are we all on. Name one business or organization from Fortune 500 to Boy Scouts that could do an "internal investigation" of any child abuse allegations, EVER. It would never be tolerated. It happened, it needs to be addressed like it would be in any other facet of our society. This new claim alone involves over 200 children and one priest, do the math. I'm sorry but "He was old and sick and asked not to be investigated any further" OMG! Maybe Bernie Madoff chose the wrong defense. WAKE UP EVERYONE, THIS CAN'T BE TOLERATED.
03:28 PM on 03/30/2010
They've been doing it for centuries for the simple reason the church has so very much to hide.
02:59 PM on 03/26/2010
His right-hand man just comes across as evil to me. The true power behind the throne, perhaps? At any rate, true penance for the Popes' actions can only come with his resignation. Time to clean house and starting from the top seems as good a place to start as any.
03:29 PM on 03/30/2010
He certainly cleaned out the Vatican by way of the last pope.

He certainly did.

Just like John Paul I.
02:31 PM on 03/26/2010
The Holy See is practicing "A good offense is a good defense." But covering up crimes against the most innocent is despicable and will result in more folks leaving this corrupt institution!
01:39 PM on 03/26/2010
Beings whom are sick tend to restrain from their criminal disorders by selectinng certain vocations . Thinking priesthood or even being a cop will help them overcome and cure their sickness is folly.