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12:29 AM on 03/31/2010
uhhhh.....then maybe you should READ the bill before you sign it Mr. Obama....and a lawyer to boot!!!!
12:38 AM on 03/31/2010
The actual contents were irrelevant. His ability to stand up and we say we did it-with the 'it's not exactly what we wanted but'-is all that mattered.
12:54 AM on 03/31/2010
You are right. Grandstanding in front of the media is all he was worried about. His sycophant followers will never question him.
12:26 AM on 03/31/2010
"The law will only lead to positive change if the federal government and states enforce it," he said. "Poor enforcement -- not a lack of legal authority -- has always been at the heart of the rescission issue."

Funny, I don't recall the President ever mentioning that the problem is that the government has failed to properly enforce existing law to protect consumers. I must have missed that speech.
12:39 AM on 03/31/2010
Rhetoric is just soooo much easier than management.
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12:21 AM on 03/31/2010
Five months (and $4 million in medical bills) into Galeotti's treatment........any wonder why health insurance premiums are so high. Not that the insurers attempted rescission isn't despicable, did anyone ask the health providers how they justify the bills?
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veni, vidi, bibi.
01:24 AM on 03/31/2010
Keeps the lawyers employed
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04:22 AM on 03/31/2010
Every time I enter a hospital I have to climb over the stack of lawyers raiding the hospital's cash box. They also empty bed pans & apply shin splints. Anything else you can blame them for? Gotta love the deep thought many display in their posts.
12:16 AM on 03/31/2010
I can't believe it. Wrongful recessions were reversed before HCR? It can't be true.
01:21 AM on 03/31/2010
It isn't true. The correct interpretation is that this bill does nothing to specifically address the loopholes that have allowed wrongful recessions to flourish for the past decade or so.
07:01 AM on 03/31/2010
When people commit fraud such as lying on their health insurance forms, then the insurance companies have every right to deny.
12:01 AM on 03/31/2010
It's like we have to twist their arms just to get decent health care. Why are we using obstinate corporations to try and fulfill a public good? Why are we trying to tsk tsk a company whose main objective is to make money into actually doing people a service?
And if the question is: will they exploit the loophole? Uh, I think that's a no-brainer (and that's another pre-existing condition.)
12:10 AM on 03/31/2010
Why should we pay doctors, nurses, and hospitals for services? After all, shouldn't they just provide medical care for free? They are meanies and heartless!
12:23 AM on 03/31/2010
Yeah and those grocery prices are ridiculous! How about a pair of jeans these days... 165 bucks?! Seriously? Last time I went to a movie we dropped 40 bucks! It IS sinful.

I think NO ONE should make a profit anymore because it is just plain not nice!
01:05 AM on 03/31/2010
You guys are comparing healthcare to supermarket food ?
Dear RON46032 : try to act smart for once and make the difference between doctors and nurses AND the insurance companies who sit on their chair all day making billions by denying people who PAY their insurance.

Come on over Europe guys, we'll show you well paid nurses and doctors and free health care for all. And even private companies make a little money, they don't make billions in profits just a few millions.
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War is a Racket - Smedley Butler
11:53 PM on 03/30/2010
House Bill HR 4789 - Grayson's Medicare-For-All Bill - the public option: the way forward.
Sen Sanders Public Options
Kevin Atlanta
Active Citizen 54
11:46 PM on 03/30/2010
Did anyone expect anything else? This bill is basically written by the Health Insurance Lobbyists and of course it's just a hand-out to the Insurance Companies who felt left out from the give away to the Banks and Wall Street.
Main Street will crumble but the Oligarchy will get theirs and ours too.
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veni, vidi, bibi.
01:32 AM on 03/31/2010
Nah it was written specifically to further demonize Insurance. Eventually they will be rate capped and forced out of business, or leave the country. At that point nationalization will be the only option.

How many good decisions were ever made with no options available, and no time left on the clock? Anyone remember TARP?
11:42 PM on 03/30/2010
They need to be able to deny people. Otherwise they could not stay in business.
12:08 AM on 03/31/2010
They would prefer that the risk of these people be mitigated with other people's money. It just means that everyone else takes the hit.

I'm glad the Dems haven't targeted auto insurance yet. At least the insurance companies can deny and/or charge larger premiums to people who cause accidents.
12:49 AM on 03/31/2010
Yeah! I just can't figure out why insurance companies can't charge extra for people who are ill.
12:24 AM on 03/31/2010
Well they can now cover everyone and you can see your premiums go up...just wait for it.....
Black Democrat
11:30 PM on 03/30/2010
Don't worry people, single payer is on the way at the state level, who will be first? California, Vermont, or Pennsylvania?
12:09 AM on 03/31/2010
Is that after the repeal of the law post November election?
12:27 AM on 03/31/2010
California cant afford anything.
Peter Noble 2
11:18 PM on 03/30/2010
Non of our lawmakers let alone Obama READ the bill and again lied and boasted about it being the most important event in 40 years... shame on the New Democrats and Obama.

The Public Option is now imperative as some of have said all along. HCR for Profit will kill people as this I'm sure is only the beginning and soon we will be Mandated for no real change at all.

Disgraceful and a reason in NY to punish Gillibrand and later Schumer and Obama. Liars and cheats do not have to read their bills as they know who benefits and it is not the American People.
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss
11:28 PM on 03/30/2010
The lawmakers don't have to read it, they have Health Insurance lobbyists to tell them when it will be acceptable for them to vote for the bill.
12:17 AM on 03/31/2010
Time to fire the lawmakers. I'm planning on firing the people who voted for this bill in my state.
11:43 PM on 03/30/2010
Amazing that these pols can not read a bill. This is their job.....

If I performed my job like they did, I would not have one for very long.
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss
11:47 PM on 03/30/2010
The Wall Street CEOs performed their jobs even worse than politicians. They didn't get fired, they got huge bonuses.
Be Yourself. Everyone Else Is Taken
11:16 PM on 03/30/2010
Sebelius could make their lives miserable in other ways. She made it clear and they are backing off!

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius sent a letter ( to Karen Ignagni, head of the insurers trade association, saying, essentially, are you sure you want to try this?

In the letter, Sebelius says that she will issue regulations clarifying that the law says children cannot be denied access to their parents' plan and that the plan cannot exclude coverage for their preexisting conditions. "I urge you to share this information with your members," Sebelius says, "and to help ensure they cease any attempt to deny coverage to some of the youngest and most vulnerable Americans."
11:03 PM on 03/30/2010
Wait until you find out how insurance companies will be able to deny care to children with pre existing conditions.

Another loop hole anyone who actually read the bill new about.
and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden
11:59 PM on 03/30/2010
That's been taken care of !!! keep up !!
12:14 AM on 03/31/2010
The ones against the bill were right after all. The Dems were too ignorant and blind to know.
11:03 PM on 03/30/2010
This story needs to be updated. I see it was written earlier this afternoon. But I hate to dissappoint many of you on this thread but the pre-existing condition piece was taken care of today by the Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. It was reported on the evening news that thos so-called perceived loop hole was addressed by the Secretary to all the heads of the insurance companies. They have all responded to her in a letter saying that they will honor the pre-existing condition piece in the legislation. The healthcare legislation was fully covered and the insurance companies knew it but they thought they could pull a fast one anyway.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
11:13 PM on 03/30/2010
I'm not convinced they still won't pull a fast one on that, and I'm certain they will pull other fasts ones.
There are other human values besides greed.
11:40 PM on 03/30/2010
Trust these HC corporations? Not on your life.
Obama is GoldmanSachs
11:01 PM on 03/30/2010
What do think would happen when we allowed Max Baucus and his top aide on healthcare bill
Liz (I used to work for the health insurance company WellPoint) Fowler write out healthcare bill.

Max Baucus needs to be removed form his chairmanship then from the Senate.

He is owned by the wealthy intrenched interest and is no better than Trent Lott.
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10:59 PM on 03/30/2010
I knew there was a catch somewhere.....