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02:12 AM on 04/04/2010
Yes, Yes, Yes, It is so important to see young people stand up for what they believe in! They are the furure of the world! No Kidding!

Israel is so completely wrong now. The Israelis need to embrace the 1948 borders and nothing more, because everything else is based on violence and brutality, and by violence and brutality will they be reclaimed by their rightful owners, if that is the sole option left to them..
By divesting, by stating why, we can make a moral statement, if nothing more. However, Wars are not won by moral statements. If the Israelis do not compromise , and soon, they will lose everything , including their entitlement to the 1948 Borders.
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06:28 AM on 04/04/2010
Why just Israel? Why do people of your ilk never apply your criteria to all involved? As for losing their right to the 1948 borders, just how exactly would that occur? Their current borders will not change (I don't consider any settlements legitimate, Jerusalem is a different and even more complex issue). There is no doubt the Israeli response to this situation has gone drastically downhill in the last decade, and I fear for the hopes for peace because of that, but this does not excuse all those on the other side, including the entire Muslim world for their role. If peace with Israel had been made by all involved, even tangentially, then there would probably already be a Palestinian state. What EXACTLY is preventing these nations from making peace in your estimation? Please post back how you believe they are all moral pillars of integrity, withholding peace treaties out of solidarity with the Palestinians...almost couldn't type that I was laughing so hard. Get some perspective or stay out of the debate which is convoluted and divisive enough already.
I tot i taw a putty tat
08:05 AM on 04/04/2010
Israel has to make a JUST peace with Palestinians (All settlers out of West Bank and East Jeruselem) and then muslim nations would be happy to make a piece with Israel (ok there may need to be further concessions with syria ( Golan Heights) and Lebanon (full withdrawl and reparations for 2006)) but Most other muslim nations would sign treatys after peace with the Palestinians ( Israel does have to give up palestinian and syrian water though)
01:20 AM on 04/04/2010
One thing America deserves from Israel at the VERY LEAST is for it's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to publicly apologize for his ANTI AMERICAN comments stating that the 9/11 Attacks Were Good For Israel!
How dare he even say such a thing and then his country cries foul! His people need to force him to apologize and explain himself.
A public apology to the American People by Mr. Netanyahu in front of the ENTIRE US CONGRESS and SENATE on Live TV would be a start. Now people, would you welcome Benjamin Netanyahu to your home after reading such an Anti-American statement in the article?
10:55 AM on 04/04/2010
You misunderstand absolutely what he meant. Netanyahu spent most of his youth in the US and loves it. He meant the 9/11 attacks woke people up to the threat of Islamism that was there but not seen. israelis understand more than anyone the suffering that Islamist terrorism causes and sympathize in their souls with Americans.
11:21 AM on 04/04/2010
I'm not misunderstanding anything. I'm very familiar on the history of Mr. Netanyahu. You can take your threat of Islamism comments and shove it up your you know what. Trying at attack Islam to prove your point and drag Israelis into it as well is just a good way to blow smoke and mirrors to the solutions. Blame the Muslims sure. Get your facts straight. He said what he said. Not you, Not me. Him and him alone. And I did not make a mention of the Israeli people in my comments either.
01:11 AM on 04/04/2010
Wow, this is like the first time I have ever seen where these far left extremists were on the correct side of an issue. Time for Israel to end the hypocrisy. Just give the Palestinians a friggin homeland and stop the endless oppression. WTF no wonder they all hate you, you've had your foot on their neck for over 60 years! Nothings worse then a religious state. They'll kill you because they think God gave then some crappy barren desert. They need to stop behaving like primitive animals over there and realize were all the same thing, human.
10:58 AM on 04/04/2010
The reason the Palestinians don't have their "friggin homeland" is that they keep refusing to take it. The palestinians have been offered almost 100% of their demands and keep refusing (2000, 2008). Like they refused a state and chose war in 1947. It's easier to fight than to actually build a country.

The rest of your post makes it absolutely clear you have no idea what the facts are. Israel has been besieged for 60 years, surviving by wits, and the only state to give Arabs democratic rights in the whole middel east.
"Conformity is the jailer of freedom"...
11:45 AM on 04/04/2010
It was the Palestinian majority who were happy to co-exist alongside of the Jewish enclaves before the power hungry Zionists starting using terrorist tactics (King David Hotel) to force the British Mandate to give in to them! These Zionists hide behind the Holocaust even though they never lived in Europe! The recognizing of Israel disposessed the Palestinians who lived there in peace before the U.N mandate. This is about justice.
02:00 PM on 04/04/2010
but your history is unpopular, and by the NEW standards, unenlightened.

get with the program. Our most revered president is going to bring us into the modern age, complete with equalization of outcomes.

I can't wait until September when I can finally stop paying my health insurance. The fine is going to be much cheaper, and besides, we have Rangel to set the standards for IRS enforcement.
10:27 AM on 04/03/2010
Seems to me there is plenty of war crimes on both sides in this conflict. Are you also going to stop supporting Palestinians who drop rockets indiscriminately and kill Israeli civilians. They have no justification Israel was created buy the United Nations and has every right to exist and was attacked by Arab nations on the very day it came into existence and three other times over it's history. The so called Palestinian territory is land won by Israeli blood during those wars. Somebody please tell me something positive that Palestinians contribute to the world community. All I see is terrorism and death.
If the Palestinians would stop attacking Israel and focus on building their own community there would be peace. That's not what they want, they want Israel to cease to exist, they and all their supporters are haters not advocates for true peace.
03:10 PM on 04/03/2010
it must be nice living completely oblivious
02:04 AM on 04/04/2010
What's missing?
04:57 AM on 04/04/2010
Right on boomer, and fanned.

The Israelis were fine with the 1948 UN mandate, but the Pals and the rest of the Arabs made war--now THAT is "illegal" and "in violation of international law." Anyone here for boycotting EVERY Arab country plus the Palestinians for what THEY did in 1948?

If you're for the Berkeley proposed boycott, you must also be for boycotting those who started the 1948 war against Israel as their reaction to the UN partition.
11:14 AM on 04/02/2010
"In the years since that call, we have all watched as Israeli abuses have escalated dramatically: the attack on Lebanon in the summer of 2006, a massive expansion of illegal settlements and walls, an ongoing siege on Gaza that violates all prohibitions on collective punishment, and, worst of all, the 2008/9 attack on Gaza that left approximately 1,400 dead.

I would humbly suggest that when it comes to acting to end Israeli war crimes, the international response has not suffered from too much haste but from far too little."

The responses of the major powers, not limited to the USA, have been cowardly, far too little or none at all to the abuses committed by the IDF upon their neighbors in the region & those directly under their control in the occupation. In sharp contrast, the wonderful power of people's movements, as slow their progress may be or however much they are hindered by the vested interests, is that they are able to bypass (ultimately) all the barriers erected by our pols & media leaders who unabashedly support militarized occupation, eviction of families from their homes & livelihoods, incarceration & other methods of a brutal colonization of Palestine. The students at Berkeley won't give up, even if it takes longer than it should!
give me liberty or give me death
11:32 AM on 04/02/2010
In the recent Gaza operations, Israeli forces frequently airburst white phosphorus in 155mm artillery shells in and near populated areas. Each airburst shell spreads 116 burning white phosphorus wedges in a radius extending up to 125 meters from the blast point. White phosphorus ignites and burns on contact with oxygen, and continues burning at up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit (816 degrees Celsius) until nothing is left or the oxygen supply is cut. When white phosphorus comes into contact with skin it creates intense and persistent burns that continue to ignite.

On January 15, several white phosphorus shells fired by the Israeli military hit the headquarters of the UN Relief and Works Agency in Gaza City, destroying medicine, food and other basic aid. One fragment found at the scene had markings indicating it was made by the Pine Bluff Arsenal, based in Arkansas, in October 1991.

The UN Security Council, Amnesty International, International Red Cross, and voices of protest from around the world demanded a ceasefire. Yet, with shocking lack of regard, both houses of US Congress overwhelmingly endorsed resolutions to support a continuation of Israel’s “self defense.”

give me liberty or give me death
11:35 AM on 04/02/2010
The UN Security Council, Amnesty International, International Red Cross, and voices of protest from around the world demanded a ceasefire. Yet, with shocking lack of regard, both houses of US Congress overwhelmingly endorsed resolutions to support a continuation of Israel’s “self defense.”

Four days after the carnage ensued, on December 31, the US Navy’s Sealift Command hired ships to deliver another 3,000-odd tons of arms to Israel through Greece. This last shipment was halted mid-January due to Greek protest. The US has long been the largest arms supplier to Israel; under a current ten-year agreement negotiated by the Bush administration, the US will provide $30 billion in military aid to Israel.
“As the major supplier of weapons to Israel, the USA has a particular obligation to stop any supply that contributes to gross violations of the laws of war and of human rights,” said Malcolm Smart, Amnesty’s Middle East and North Africa program director. “To a large extent, Israel’s military offensive in Gaza was carried out with weapons, munitions and military equipment supplied by the USA and paid for with US taxpayers’ money.”

08:24 PM on 04/01/2010
Naomi Klein's article, as do all her articles and books, speaks very wise truth, this time to the students of Berkeley who voted for their proposed divestment from the two corporations complicit in causing death and destructions to the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, death and destruction directed by Israel when using those companies' equipment. The veto of their decision to divest is the usual kind of unwillingness to look at this truth in the eye and pretend it doesn't exist. We hope the students will be able to use Naomi Klein's letter in convincing many other than the 14 senators needed to override the veto.
So what do you need? Besides a miracle.
03:12 PM on 04/01/2010
Harvard has also outlawed the Israel lobby, in fact they were among the first in this country to mention that there is one. I'm proud of this courageous step of those students. Hope we see some of them in politics in the future.
11:14 AM on 04/04/2010
Maybe one day they'll ban the Saudi lobby and the Cninese lobby and the Oil lobby and all teh other lobbies not actually defending democracies and alliesof the US
02:03 PM on 04/01/2010
i am so glad to see the peoples republic of berkeley will no longer take any funds they get from the US government , also when are you going to stop purchasing any items made in china.
Permaculture and Sustainability
11:06 AM on 04/02/2010
Hopefully they can do something about China in the future. But there is nothing wrong with starting with Israel now.
02:00 PM on 04/01/2010
At least Israelis don't blow thermselves up in public places.
03:58 PM on 04/01/2010
That's true.

They are very sensible.

They "stand off" in Apache helicopters, F15s, F16s, tanks and remote missile and artillery fire positions.

The people they slaughter by those means are denied the luxury of being able to "stand off" other than by the use of ineffective rocketry.
02:09 AM on 04/04/2010
Those rockets are able to call the IDF, so I wouldn't call them ineffective.
01:28 PM on 04/01/2010
Talking points and a mypoic view.
Nothing new here.

Just remember if the vote or veto goes against your position - it is STILL democracy in action.
Maybe there is more understanding outside your little world.
Most of us realize this is not a black and white issue for EITHER side in the middle east.
05:23 AM on 04/02/2010
(Most? who?) occupation and oppression got a color indeed!
10:01 AM on 04/02/2010
There are muliple sides and the middle east is complex.
I know you choose only to see one side -
But both sides are innocent and both sides are at fault -
Meaning the only way to move forward is by compromise.
Both are going to have to change their ways so a lasting peace can be achieved.
There is a famous saying "We see the world how we are not how it is"

We all on both sides or in the middle need to see and understand the WHOLE picture.
01:12 PM on 04/01/2010
Kudos. I'm no fan of UCB or their sometimes questionable stances that hinges too far left but in this instance, really kudos. They are voting with their concious and why not? As other commentors point out on this page, I really don't understand why the US pays so much of Isreal's defense? It is after all their country and US taxpayers have no clue why the US foots their defense bills (or rather significant portions of it). Isreal is entitle to rejected US overtures as much as US is entitled to reject further funding for weapons that Isreal doesn't really pay. Fair is fair. As for UCB, it is their money and they could do with it as they wish.
10:08 PM on 04/01/2010
let's be more clear. when israel is attacked in ISRAEL, yes, that is defense. but the majority is not israel's "defense." you can't call it defending yourself when you are a military force who is illegally occupying land that isn't yours. call it what you want, it is not "defense."
02:11 AM on 04/04/2010
Israel is NOT occupying Gaza. When rockets come from Gaza, Israel is being attacked.
I tot i taw a putty tat
10:16 AM on 04/04/2010
Rocketman Israel is not Occupying Gaza they have cut it off from the rest of the world for several years because they didnt like who the Gazans elected to lead them so YES it is legal to resist a blockade any way you can . A blockade is an act of war . When Israel has sanctions on it for Illegal Nuke and no inspections i am sure you would consider that an act of war
12:34 PM on 04/01/2010
Some thoughts on Ms. Klein's contribution to Berkeley's divestment debate:
04:06 PM on 04/01/2010
A paragraph from that propagandising blog:-

"And speaking of democracy, from what I can tell the ASUC (a democratically elected body) passed the divestment resolution (which is their constitutional right), and that resolution was nixed by the Student President (another democratically elected office) who exercised his constitutional right to veto the bill. Now if a veto override does not go her way it will be interesting to see if Klein is ready to accept that particular democratic decision or whether, like most divestment advocates, she only considers votes that her sides win to be true examples of democracy."

So, the Student President has vetoed the democratically taken vote.

In other parts of the world such an action is correctly identified as dictatorship. It is certainly far removed from democracy.
05:41 PM on 04/01/2010
The US presidential veto, notwithstanding.
11:57 AM on 04/02/2010
There is inherent hypocrisy in the blog mentioned above, in that the writer seems to think that it is perfectly OK for the Student President to overturn a 4 - 1 majority, but expects Naomi Klein to feel content if she disagrees with the result of the rehash.

Were the ASUC operating in a truly democratic fashion, its President would already have accepted (and certyainly could not have vetoed) the decision that body made. That is what democracy is about, the implementation of the considered (and extensively debated by elected members, in this case) majority opinion.

That President should have swallowed his personal view whole, and got on with enabling the democratic choice that was made.

His override is, as mentioned, dictatorial.

What has happened is "governance" in the style of Mugabe.
12:05 PM on 04/01/2010
way to go Berkeley! always ahead of the curve.
11:45 AM on 04/01/2010
Thank you, Naomi. And thank you courageous members of the Berkeley Community.

The trend is irreversible. These things always start slow before abruptly gaining consequential momentum--as even a classified CIA report has reportedly noted about Israel's precarious push by hard-liners like Bibi down the path of South Africa.

The future is with JStreet, not AIPAC.
semantics shamantics
12:00 PM on 04/01/2010
Amen to that. Jstreet represents a more inclusive, less vitriolic and dare i say it, more american focused lobby group, than AIPAC which is essentially the Israeli pentagon in America.
Hoping for Change in 2012
11:09 AM on 04/01/2010
We don't want the University to invest funds in places we don't like. Hey, our tuition is going up! Waaahhhh!
Your generic alternative counter-psyops choice!
11:31 AM on 04/01/2010
The reality is you would have to move the entire campus out of the country because of America starting an illegal war in Iraq..... try un-explaining that to any Israeli, maybe that will help the cause.
08:51 PM on 04/01/2010
Hey, you don't think equivalent investments can be made elsewhere?

I do not presume to assume that you are a student or practioner in the arcane arts of investment, but let me assure you, equally unqualified but observant, that you are mistaken.