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09:43 PM on 04/02/2010
Personally, I think Anderson Cooper lost all credibility New Years Eve when we were subjected to the humiliating sight of Anderson letting Kathy Griffin continually interrupt him and giggling like a little girl at everything she said. I used to be a huge Anderson Cooper fan - he was my favorite anchor by far. His New Years Eve coverage just ruined that for me.

When I switched to other channels I saw coverage that was focussed on informing and entertaining viewers; then back to CNN and still, Griffin (who I also previously liked) cracking one joke after another and Cooper giggling. I wonder if this has had any effect on viewership. People still have the need to feel they can trust and respect the source of their new.
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09:05 PM on 04/02/2010
CNN needs an overhaul. And before the new CNN is unveiled, they should go off the air for 48 hours. That will garner a zillion tons of publicity and attendant curiosity when they come back up.

As elements of an overhaul, they need to dump Larry King and actually cover the news around the clock.

I found out about the Chilean earthquake three hours after it happened. I turned on CNN only to find...a Larry King rerun, of all things. THREE HOURS AFTER IT HAPPENED? What in blazes is up with that? I turned to Fox News hoping for actual information instead of the usual screaming right-wing propaganda. And I dispatched an email to CNN asking them to please get off their corporate butts and try covering the news for a change.
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09:29 PM on 04/02/2010
Right on. Great idea. I'm a huge CNN fan but am also tired of its endless reruns, hardly any news on weekends and watching Larry King continually calling people by the wrong name or mispronouncing words.
11:09 PM on 04/02/2010
I recall feeling the exact same as you re. the Chilean earthquake incident. I remember thinking, I wonder if they would be showing the LK rerun, if it was a breaking story about another balloon boy.

In other instances where there is no breaking news, each host just reiterates the same stories, as the previous host. Campbell Brown might discuss Tiger Woods for much of the hour, then LK interviews people who know Tiger, and maybe a sex addiction counsellor, next it's AC talking with someone else who once wrote an article on Tiger Woods.

There are too many nights like this, where you would think that there is nothing else happening in the world.
I'm moving to Pandora.
12:56 AM on 04/03/2010
CNN should just change its name to the: Larry King Network.
09:00 PM on 04/02/2010
I disagree with the notion that CNN is an objective news source. Further, I am often more knowledgeable of the facts than the CNN reporters. Perhaps the news personalities spend too much time on the air and not enough time gathering the data. The endless panels, gadgets/gizmos, viewer opinions and amount of air time given to breaking non-news (e.g. ballon boy) make a good bit of the programming unbearable. These might be some of the reasons they are losing market share.
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09:31 PM on 04/02/2010
Indeed. CNN may be more "objective" - if only by comparison with FOX and MSNBC - but its depth is about on a par with People Magazine.

When it burst upon the scene, it was successful in part because it was a re-invention of a basic form. It needs to become that again, rather than following a now-tired trend.
01:45 AM on 04/03/2010
Don't forget the mindless tweets from viewers that they love to fill time with.
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08:56 PM on 04/02/2010
Ya know when I tune into Fox for a laugh I know what I'am getting and it isn't real news. When I tune into MSNBC (with a few exceptions) I know what I'am getting, facts and yes an opinion. When I tune into CNN I'am guessing what I'll get for that effort. When I tune into network news, I know I will be getting news rehashed from the day's events. When I surf the web for news I enjoy looking for stories that attract me. Take your pick for what you want or what you expect. I do.
08:54 PM on 04/02/2010
There is not enough news to broadcast 24 hours, so CNN fills the other 23 1/2 hours with some of the most bland, arrogant for no reason, boring hosts avaiable. They should bring back Begala and Carville and ramp Crossfire backup.
08:54 PM on 04/02/2010
CNN's 'decline' as you write may take a seconds thought. Define decline. I think you are referring to its viewer ship. That relates to its profitability. If you were judging its ability to factually inform it might be at its zenith. The people at faux are raising audiences. News is not their goal. Their goal is to manipulate their audience. You can't evenly compare a news show to faux.
A real news show will always fall behind some sensational dog and pony show with blond babes,and fairy tales.
08:44 PM on 04/02/2010
The good ol' divide and conquer ploy.

Set the people against each other while the rich run off with all the money. Fox and MSNBC seem to be following that plan well, just for a few extra ratings.

Oh, and by the 'British Model', I assume you don't mean the BBC? Their newscasts put any US newcast, network or cable, to shame. And they are government-owned!
08:06 PM on 04/02/2010
While I agree with most of your observations and your current assessment I cannot agree with your conclusion that suggests objective reporting of news should be abandoned in favor of ever more strident and manufactured opinion.

What you seem to want is yet another race to the bottom in search of short-term profit--a strategy that has already eroded or destroyed many of the pillars of our society and economy.
07:56 PM on 04/02/2010
You make the bizarre assumption that journalism and news programming are the same as programs centered on bouncy, colorful media whoores. In fact, viewership of network news programs, which still trend towards that objectivity known as "journalism", is many times larger than the three cable outlets combined, so I think your fundamental premise is flawed.

I agree that cable news is becoming the tabloid media that Murdoch has made a fortune on - the supermarket "Star" was one of his first US properties, and you're right that CNN is last in fully converting to that pandering, lowest common denominator product.

But that's because CNN was originally a superlative news organization, gathering information and facts and events and presenting them from the field using what were called reporters - people who actually went to University and received degrees and training in the standards of their profession and how it was practiced.

As CNN has moved away from that model, it has lost audience share, and no amount of opinionated personalities will recover it.

There will always be tabloids, just as there will always be french fries and pornography. But they don't reflect real food or s e x, any more than Fox defines news.
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07:45 PM on 04/02/2010
CNN is objectvie? You mean when they would never ask a Repub a followup question? Or how they actually examine lies from the Right as a valid view point?

I think news based on the truth would work just fine, but you would never get an interview with anyone in power.
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07:27 PM on 04/02/2010
I watch MSNBC all the time. Anderson Cooper to me provides a pretty good news of the few "news" shows around. The rest of CNN seems to rely on endless panels of boring talking heads...very boring format.
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07:05 PM on 04/02/2010
I think the 24 hr. News Networks will go extinct. Even if you use Fox as a model, you will observe that Fox has several other money making components. There entertaining departments are very successful. See Avatar,The Simpsons, American Idol and Fox Sports. They can afford to take a hit on News.
I don't think a real News Department should a For Profit entity. The relationship between a News maker and A News Gatherer is naturally adversarial. If you get too cozy with your source, you cease to be a good journalist, you've now become support staff. There is nothing CNN can do, It downhill from here.
06:45 PM on 04/02/2010
CNN is not just a right leaning, partisan network, it also serves us undiluted Washington insider viewpoints utterly predictably. For obvious reasons, Americans are selecting other venues in droves.
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Don't Believe in MIcro-Bios!
06:26 PM on 04/02/2010
Forgive me but I have to disagree with you on this Mr.Greenbaum. First, you completely neglect the real reason FOX is so far ahead of both MSNBC and CNN in the ratings; both Comcast and DIsh include FOX from basic cable through their top tier packages. MSNBC is only included in the top digital packages in both cases. CNN is included from the middle tier. 60% of Americans have cable and only 30% of those have premium packages. FOX has a bigger audience from which to draw.

Now, about CNN's "objective" programming being it's problem with flagging viewership. I couldn't disagree more. Blitzer and John King most definitely tilt right. Larry King is very conservative as are Ed Henry and Candy Crowley--they may be "liberal" personally, but they work hard to prove that they are not part of the "liberal media." They have a 2 to 1 ratio of conservative pundits to liberal pundits.

The reason people have turned CNN off is proven in the demise of Lou Dobbs. Dobbs was as opinionated and right wing as they come and he lost more than half his viewers because of it. People like me didn't stop watching CNN because it was boring and I wanted opinion, we stopped watching because we wanted news and nothing more.
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06:13 PM on 04/02/2010
Hard News has small audience

I laugh that people complain about the Real Hard Sweaty News as if that there is problem or is it our problem. There is a perception problem that we have as if we’re not seeing reporters taking down people a la Cops. We want a journalistic beat down on high authority with unbiased and straight and no wiggle room reporting. Problem, it is the opinions of either on the TV or online gets the majority of the talk. heck it one of the reasons that make HuffPost and Fox News because there brand and money makers are the commentaries and with twitter and social sites....we want to be heard and part of the news with Icamera and FOX Shots and junk like that. if PBS was corporated it be facing the same problems....thank goodness for foundations