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08:39 AM on 04/05/2010
No magic bullet to a long and healthy life. One has to live one day at the time, exercise, eat healthy food, have a good state of mind, love and have friends. That's the only magic there is.
12:19 PM on 04/05/2010
... so you're agreeing with him.
07:55 AM on 04/05/2010
I tried drinking 1500 bottles of wine every day but I had to cut back. It was just too expensive.
01:44 PM on 04/05/2010
and the buzz was just SOOOOOOOOOOO intense after the fist 500 glasses:)
01:56 PM on 04/05/2010
I had to cut back on my morning 2000 or I know I would have never gotten this posetde.
Robert Ganshorn
06:29 AM on 04/05/2010
When you say "flour products" why don't you say "processed foods" instead? Since moving to Thailand and never eating such things as potato chips and all the salt that is in the American diet I have dropped 22 lbs. I am not thin, never will be thin, but SALT is just as important to heart health as sugar and I think you have missed this point entirely.

One can of processed soup. Look at the sodium! Most Americans need to know about that and demand salt free alternatives. There was an excellent book written 34 or so years ago called "Sugar Blues" (Author Dufty I think, also coincidentally the last husband of Gloria Swanson) which further documents the evils of all processed sugar.

Add to that artificially manufactured flavorings and you are no longer eating food, but a lab experiment.

I am 56, work out every other day and come from a family that did nothing to live longer but all live well into their 80's. That is enough time for me too if I have all function.
Seán O'Nilbud
Drunken Master
10:45 PM on 04/05/2010
What do you mean American diet. You don't HAVE to buy everything you're sold. Weren't you ever taught to read the labels?
Robert Ganshorn
11:10 AM on 04/06/2010
Do you think the labels reveal everything? Did you read what I said about salt and sugar? Yes, I read the damn labels and they each have a lobbyist fighting for what to include. Wake up and smell government intrusion. I cannot read labels in Thailand as they are not in English. Get the point NOW?
Science is not a liberal conspiracy.
06:17 AM on 04/05/2010
At last some sensible suggestions with some peer-reviewed, published data on HP. I'd add:

1. Stop smoking completely
2. Keep your BMI in the normal range
3. Read books and magazines that challenge your mind
4. Have a hobby that stretches your mind and your body, one that hopefully gets you out of the house with other people
5. When you retire, only retire from your work, don't retire from life. Stay active and involved.
06:08 AM on 04/05/2010
One of the best sources for Omega 3 and 6 fats is flax seed oil. Check out the findings of Johanna Budwig. She developed a special muesli with curd cheese (protein) and flax seed oil.
05:49 AM on 04/05/2010
We all die of something.
I can't be bothered with worrying about all that crap the good Doc is going on about.
Just not my style, so color me DEAD.
Now, a simple single pill?
I just would like it very much if our culture allowed us to die a bit easier.
I mean 80% of what we spend on Health Care is spent in the last six months.
The old Eskimo way was far better.
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02:06 AM on 04/05/2010
I drink my Monavie for my resveratrol and take 2000 mg of vitamin d a day, at 48 I am feeling great!!!!
09:30 AM on 04/05/2010
Good for you! I'm into the Linus Pauling theory about taking lots of vitamin C (5 or 6 grams a day) and lysine to keep the arteries clear.
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One's only real life is the life one never leads.
01:14 AM on 04/05/2010
Living to the age of 120? A fate worse than death.
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01:44 AM on 04/05/2010
09:26 AM on 04/05/2010
If the average life span in the U-S increases by just 10 years over the next generation or two we will inherit a massive set of new problems. Better to just be happy while we are here--and if happy means jogging 8 miles a day or a big pasta dinner, so be it. But I'm with you--living to be 120 would be on the bottom of my list (ask me again when I'm 119, though!)
Life ain't like a box of chocolates
01:01 AM on 04/05/2010
I'm a bit more partial to the red wine form than the resveratrol . I really get frustrated in these arid AZ deserts trying to raise anything - or get fresh produce from anywhere. It's very difficult to find organic as well.

It's interesting that cholestrol may not be the villain as was thought, since no matter how healthy I try to eat and live, mine is still considered high.
03:07 PM on 04/05/2010
Cholesterol is actually a mechanism by which the body is trying to repair itself. It is an indicator that there's an underlying problem and the body is responding to it. In other words, the cholesterol isn't the main problem, but left unchecked, can lead to other problems. The underlying issue causing elevated cholesterol levels need to be addressed as well (but it's NOT from diet).
Life ain't like a box of chocolates
08:55 PM on 04/05/2010
Very interesting article, didn't realize cholesterol had good qualities too. I was given a statin drug for cholesterol some years ago, but as I always do I researched and decided it was a horrifically bad drug. Found several alternatives through my naturepath.

Good advice on the flour & sugars. I am so ticked about the corn syrup! When I was small my grandfather once scorned growing corn for the cattle because, as he vehemently stated, there is no food value in corn.

Why would we eat it, then??
Say it the way you
12:33 AM on 04/05/2010
I found this very informative and I was suprised that it fit my own thoughts on health, especially the 1 min sprinting type activity followed by several minutes of constant movement. The wine aspect I have been on for years and it is too bad that there is alcohol involved, I love wine but have a low tolerance to the boozzy influences but I do manage a bottle every now and then.

HOW CAN I RECIEVE A COPY OF THIS TO SHARE? Huff posts are not always easy to find after a week or so.

Thanks Doc, well done article.
04:51 PM on 04/05/2010
Just go up to the Share icon near the top of the article and email it to yourself.
09:53 PM on 04/04/2010
My question is why would you want to live over 100 at the rate things are going?
12:15 AM on 04/05/2010
09:26 PM on 04/04/2010
What I want to know is if drinking half a bottle of red wine a night for many years is going to have any positive effect at all. The study says it would have to be 750-1500 bottles, but what about the time factor? They didn't conduct the experiment over an entire adult lifespan, did they? Even adjusted for a rat? Just curious...I'm not exactly drinking it for my health, but, if there could be a bonus, that would be good.
12:32 PM on 04/05/2010
Your liver would not like that.
09:15 PM on 04/04/2010
It really really is all about portion control. In about a year, I'm going to france, so I decided to do a little experiment and live as french as possible until then. I have been eating most of my sweets and carbs in the morning, example, croissants with chocolate, in small portions. The french, I have observed, do this too. It works if you have self control and eat at the right times and in the right amounts--you CAN eat anything you want. Just not ANY's hard to adapt at first, but then you get used to it.
You can read more about my experiment here:
09:10 PM on 04/04/2010
Our heath care system is an expensive REACTIVE one. We need a PROACTIVE system to catch problems before things get out of control.

I don't want to wait until I feel sick and then undergo expensive and painful treatments that lower my quality of life and probably won’t cure me. Ted Kennedy would be alive today if he had gotten an MRI/MRA scan 5 years ago. Doctors probably would have found he had beginning stages of brain cancer and could have treated it successfully at a much lower cost before it got out of control.

MRI/MRA and PET scans are the safest and best proactive preventive maintenance tools available today. They are a precursor to Dr. Leonard McCoy's Medical TRICORDER onboard the Star Ship Enterprise. Such scans are not harmful like CT scans which use X-rays.

Health care should include such screening every 5 years after age 50 or 60. If insurance won't pay for it, I will. It is my life and my body. I'm in charge of my ship. My doctor is simply a consultant. Some folks are spending $200,000 for a 2.5 hour ride into space next year, but I’d rather spend money closer to home on my own preventive health care. I'll be spending between $6,000 and $12,000 this year on a series of screening tests and scans ( PET, MRI, MRA ) to determine the condition of my body organs to establish a baseline for my future health at age 65.
08:20 PM on 04/04/2010
Just think if you and your boss took Reversetrol you could both continue keeping on until your both were about 105. There's "Ground Hog Day" for you.