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Old Knight without porfolio or armor
02:15 AM on 04/09/2010
Come election time in November and all the crabbing we are doing about incumbents not being re-elected will be forgotten. When it gets to the nitty gritty we will back our democratic party because we know what the repukers did for 8 years. We will not lose majority in either house, believe me.
01:37 AM on 04/09/2010
All the vitriol poisons the well for everyone. People get sick of the divisiveness, and want everyone there to just go away. When we see our representatives tie each other in knots, it doesn't matter who's being tied or who's doing the tying -- everyone comes out of it looking bad.

My kids bicker frequently, and occasionally get into a very mild physical confrontation. This has gone on so much, and so many years that now, I don't care who started it, or even what it's about. I'm mad at them both, and send them to their rooms just to break it up.

That's what I feel is happening here. I'm tired of it, and bet that most of us are. We may know enough to be selective in taking our disgust out on our representatives, but the underlying weariness is there.
Gerrman Freethinker
01:36 AM on 04/09/2010
As if the GOP and their teabagging allies are a solution? In fact, they are the problem.
America needs a Labor Party
01:23 AM on 04/09/2010
Well, let's not be stupid here. I agree the Democrats have been a bit disappointing - we have a great president, and they haven't done much by way of passing his agenda. But what about this knuckle dragger from Kentucky who voted against extending unemployment benefits for over a million hurting people? Does this man deserve to be reelected? What about these other Republicans who do not have the grit to stand up and say, "Enough! Stop the violence!" Why not vote out more Republicans and see how we do? They've become a fringe element anyway...
02:10 AM on 04/09/2010
you need to rethink your first sentence. I believe you made it inoperable by voting for obama. What, pray tell is os great about obama? Republicans and other Americans will be standing up in the 2010 elections and saying enough! stop the violence and elect more Republicans who listen to what Americans are saying.
My micro-bio is a desolate wasteland
02:17 AM on 04/09/2010
you mean the Republicans that dug 3/4 of the hole we find ourselves in?

wtf for
Voting republican is voting against America.
02:51 AM on 04/09/2010
Ya must have been sleeping during the Bush/Cheney years.

OR are you going to blame Obama for what they did as well?
01:21 AM on 04/09/2010
Yawn... the President's party pretty much always loses seats in midterm elections.

Nate Silver is predicting the Republicans might pick up 30 seats in the House. Even then, Dems would still control it.

Reps would have to win 28 out of 38 races to get the Senate back. That will never happen.

The only reason Dems got so many seats in '08 was because Bush is arguably one of the worst presidents of all time. It will be a looong time before we see an election like '08 again. That whole 60 seats thing was never going to last.
01:22 AM on 04/09/2010
sorry there are 36 Senate seats up for grabs.
01:57 AM on 04/09/2010
that 60 seat thing didn't even last to the next election. the fact that the president's party always loses seats in the midterm elections shows that the 20 or 30 would be the norm. but this time there are addional indicators that the dems will lose many more. The economy is in shambles, obama's foreign policy is the laughing stock of the world and obama is making more enemies than friendess with his absurd reset strategy. on top of all this obamacare has created a tsunami of backlash. from the other end of the political spectrum obama is seen as weak and ineffective. he has not kept any of his promises and has continue most od President Bush's policies that he denigrated while running for office. all this combines together to mark a historic change in the 2010 elections. obama's only chance will be to manufacture some sort of cataclysmic crisis to hold on to either house. I wouldn't put it past him to try, but his incompetence rules against him being able to pull it off.
Voting republican is voting against America.
02:52 AM on 04/09/2010
Sure, keep telling yourself that.

How are things over at Free Republic?
I think therefore I'm dangerous
01:18 AM on 04/09/2010
According to the Center for Responsive Politics, 44% of the members of Congress are millionaires. That's 237 of the politicians in office. Of those, 7 are worth over $100 million. You have to wonder how they amassed this kind of wealth being "public servants."

I wonder how this stacks up by party.
01:23 AM on 04/09/2010
pretty much 50/50
01:51 AM on 04/09/2010
Most of them that have money, had it when they came in.
Freud Woman
01:17 AM on 04/09/2010
Baby Bush, Daddy Bush and Reagan got us into this economic mess with the help of lowlifes like Phil Gramm and the Republicans in Congress from 1994 to 2006. They have been on a deregulation binge, with our tax dollars being spent lavishly on corrupt corporations who do everything possible to avoid paying their fair share, along with the wealthiest in this country.

Why in the world would anyone vote for a Republican -- ever again???
see things as they really are
01:38 AM on 04/09/2010
Don't forget Bill Clinton. Glass-Steagall was repealed on his watch. And lots of American jobs went overseas.

But yes, I too cannot imagine how anyone could EVER vote Republican again, after what they (in collusion with Christianity) have done to this country.
01:53 AM on 04/09/2010
That's correct. It's the proliferation of the Chicago school economics that got us here. It started with Reagan and actually continues today. The free market is a myth.
Freud Woman
10:58 AM on 04/09/2010
I didn't forget Clinton! He's the ultimate Republican Democrat when it comes to economics, at least. The DLC folks would have been Republicans 40 or 50 years ago. The people who call themselves Republican now are what used to be the Ku Klux Klan.
02:05 AM on 04/09/2010
because you're not the boss of me. making up stories doesn't make you right as you will see in the 2010 elections.
03:31 AM on 04/09/2010
You don't know diddly squat.
On the fence about Obama nowadays
01:05 AM on 04/09/2010
Are the American people that stupid to vote against their own interest, once again. Probably so, there is a segment of Americans who don't mind suffering as long as "those people" are kept in their place. The only losers will be America and the American people if the Republicans win in the fall. Health Care will NOT be replaced or repealed that's a pipe dream.
01:04 AM on 04/09/2010
I say that if it's possible to vote for a rational candidate who is not affiliated with the Republicans OR the Democrats, then by all means choose that candidate. To those of you who will grouse at a 'wasted vote', I say enjoy your mediocre (at best) status quo--you've chosen it.
01:02 AM on 04/09/2010
All those with half a brain, let's vote in more progressives in 2010. Dem's need 70 senators and a CLEAR, majority to change the court and drag this country back to prosperity.
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01:13 AM on 04/09/2010
Ya right, Camille. They've done a real bangup job so far, haven't they?
Relief is the order of business...
01:19 AM on 04/09/2010
Why is it that the Dems are always expected to clean up the catastrophic republican disasters, and in fraction of the time that it took to create the mess??????
Voting republican is voting against America.
03:00 AM on 04/09/2010
You mean the obstructionist thug party that keeps filibustering everything the dems try to do to clean up the thugs mess has nothing to do with the dems accomplishing very little?

You mean the over one hundred filibusters in the first year, an unprecedented use of the filibuster, has nothing to do with trying to fix things?

You mean the lies, distortions, character assassination, smears, threats of violence and out and out bigotry of some thug members has nothing to do with it?

Here's a quarter,go buy yourself a clue.
01:00 AM on 04/09/2010
Polls have as much predictive accuracy as your local weatherman.

It only makes for "filler" programming on cable commentary news shows. You know the same ones that so accurately analyzed and reported the health care legislation and the "grassroots" movement of the Tea Party demonstrations.

The midterm elections are seven months out and that is a lifetime in political history.
Recovering Republican since 1995.
12:59 AM on 04/09/2010
Why does the Huffington Post log me off every week or two? It's really annoying.
12:45 AM on 04/09/2010
the dems continue to live in fantasy land. they are slated to lose so many seats, they may lose their majorities in both houses. there is no comparison between the two parties.
01:04 AM on 04/09/2010
You're right. There is no comparison between the two political parties.

One believes in "good" government.

The other one believes in "no" government.

I believe in the one that shows up to earn their pay and work for the good of the country.
01:32 AM on 04/09/2010
It's always nice to meet a fellow Republican.
Promote the General Welfare
12:44 AM on 04/09/2010
Sure. Let's put the arsons back in charge of the fire house. Makes sense to me.
12:42 AM on 04/09/2010
I don't think that the loss of popularity for congress people has anything to do with Healthcare, but rather how long it took most of them to do anything. There are a few congressmen and women who will be reelected because they were productive, and the rest of them...well...maybe it's time for them to go? Maybe they don't have what it takes. This goes for either side and down the middle. We need people in congress who are willing to fight and work to get things done...if they are just going to say NO or cower in the corner for fear of confrontation, then good riddance. Those of them who have continued to do actual work, I believe, will be reelected.
01:42 AM on 04/09/2010
you're stating it from the far left's view and that is why so many dems are in trouble. their base is unhappy by how little they accomplished in 14 months and the vast majority of Americans to their right are unhappy by what they did do against the best interest of our Country.