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06:25 AM on 04/12/2010
Part II:
And while the story of Jesus and the moneychangers is a dynamic one, it most likely has little basis in fact. The moneychangers were NOT moneylenders, exacting a profit off their service like some biblical loan sharks. They served a vital purpose for the temple, in that they exchanged currency to enable travelers to purchase the obligatory sacrificial doves. Their services were conducted on the vast temple grounds, in a courtyard which was not part of the sacred space of the temple proper. As a devout Jew, Jesus would have known that. The story was likely written as a polemic furthering the cause or the agenda of its writer over and against that of another.
09:27 AM on 04/12/2010
sorry Jesus did not think that he got angry and guess what the temple fell was destroyed as Jesus foretold and Jesus started his own church government on earth. Jesus was angry knew what was going on behind closed doors, all soothsayers, oh this is good good, so they could get their people to accept it, but it was not good, no different then today. Lots of soothsayers, moneychangers were doing no good and why Jesus called them that. Hypocrites, Jesus asking and calling them liars? thieves? murders?. Is not good. for naysayers. Jesus came to rock their greedy boats, expose them all.

Casear was threaten, he thought of himself as a god and wanted to be treated as a god. Why Casesr asked Jesus , You say you are King of the Jews? Why Casear had it placed over Jesus head on the cross to mock him in front of those who believed Jesus. To instill fear, see what will happen to you, if you disobey me.

Now look at your King, he cannot even save himself, I am a god I am King is what Casear was saying, to control power.
03:48 PM on 04/12/2010
It would be pointless to reason.
09:03 AM on 04/13/2010
well said Mum . . . and yes agree with your later comment . . it is pointless to reason . . .
06:24 AM on 04/12/2010
Part I:
In all likelihood, Jesus did not "have it out for" the Pharisees. The writers of the gospels did. Let's remember that Jesus was a Jew and as a Jew he most likely belonged to or hung out with or had familial associations with one or other of the different "parties" or sects of the Jewish faith. There is some speculation among biblical scholars that Jesus may himself have been a Pharisee, as opposed to a Sadducee or a Zealot, for example. The writers of the gospels were writing their individual "takes" on the Jesus story, with Matthew and Luke having been influenced by Mark and the "Q Gospel" and John going it alone, although certainly influenced and inspired by the oral tradition of stories about Jesus and the fall of the temple. During that incredibly tumultuous time - the latter part of the first century - in the history of the "Holy Land," there were bitter struggles for ascendancy between the various parties of the Jewish faith, and between nascent Jewish Christians and Christian Jews as well.
Onward through the fog!
07:51 AM on 04/12/2010
There were four parties and Jesus was a member of the Essenes who were a monastic order definitely opposed to both the Sadducee and the Pharisee parties who had defiled the temple [cf. Qumran Scrolls for Pesher of Habakkuk]. (1) They were allowing impure gentiles to enter the Temple to offer sacrifices (and doing it for the money they collected in fees); (2) The Harod family were considered fornicators and incestuous, yet the Pharisees and Sadducees accepted their authority; (3) They were all about the money. Thus, in defiling the Temple, the parties that controlled the High Priesthood had defiled the entire land. The Essenes felt it was their duty to assume control of the High Priesthood and when Jesus stood on the steps of the temple and claimed both messianic rolls (the David-King and the Aaron-Priest/Prophet), combining them into a "new priesthood" of the "Order of Melchizedek" he was issuing a challenge to the Pharisee/Sadducee authority who had, in the Essene view of things, had prostituted themselves to the Roman Occupation.

The Zealots were the "Fourth Party," a party of insurrectionists who played a role in handing Jesus over to the Romans as "King of the Jews," an act that carried an ironic sense for them since they had rejected Jesus as the David Messiah because he refused to join them as the leader and king of the Zealot insurrection. This irony should not be lost on today's evangelicals who are Zealots to the core.
08:22 AM on 04/12/2010
Thanks, Cliff. Excellent comment. I agree about today's Zealots, e.g., Tea Baggers who foam at the mouth like rabid dogs, but who do not understand why they rage.

I also wonder if Jesus was a real "Jew" as a Jew would never have desecrated that temple. The temple was an important part of their everyday life. Worshipers from around the empire had to exchange money in order to make donations.

The RCC wants to paint Jesus as a hard cord "Jew" but he was something else. The best bet is he was an Essene. The RCC also wants you to believe Jesus was a poor little carpenter. He and his friends were from some of the more wealthy families of his movement. His brother, James, was one of the richest men in the region.

He was not poor, he was not a carpenter, and Mary was not a whore.
02:12 PM on 04/12/2010
There is no evidence or support for the speculation that Jesus was a member of the Essenes. I would suggest you read Geza Vermes and E. P. Sanders, the New Testament scholars, and others, on the topic. There have been propositions put forth by popularizers of the Dead Sea Scrolls and discoveries at Qumran and other places that have tried to draw the connection between the Essenes and Jesus, but these propositions bear the same relationship to serious biblical scholarship as Dan Brown. There is nothing in the Dead Sea Scrolls themselves, nor in the studies by serious biblical scholars and archaeologists that support any such conjecture.

By the time the temple fell in 70 CE there were probably more than a dozen Jewish parties, and the Pharisees were the party that not only survived the destruction of the temple and its centrality in worship, but they were the party from which rabbinic Judaism was born and from which came the Mishnah and eventually the Talmud.
05:29 AM on 04/12/2010
I'd ask Jerry Falwell, but hell is only available on the AT&T network and therefore gets no service.
05:25 AM on 04/12/2010
Jesus would hate all his neighbors and anyone who was of a different skin tone.
Onward through the fog!
07:55 AM on 04/12/2010
And isn't that ironic since he was Semitic and Semites were a mix of white and black races?
08:23 AM on 04/12/2010
Exactly, they were 99.99% identical to the Saudi bloodlines.
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ferret in a beret
08:07 AM on 04/12/2010
I must have missed that gospel. Richard Dawkins tell you that?
09:48 AM on 04/12/2010
No, many xtians believe that tho
05:34 PM on 04/13/2010
whatsthatsound: Indigenous Jews are exactly the same bloodline as the Palestinian Arabs today. There was no migration of large numbers of people into what was then Canaan.. The Jews were already there.
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03:54 AM on 04/12/2010
The only time Jesus got angry, I think, was at the greedy money changers near the temple.

So if not totally loving and understanding of everyone, he would be against the greedy bankers of Wall Street. And likely the greedy drug companies, insurance firms, etc.; and frankly that would mean about 9 of 10 would be rich Republicans!

And let's not forget the Neo-Con's like Dick Cheney, Rumy, Rice, Richard Pearl, etc., and the greedy war machine firms. I hope there is a special place in hell for them. Bush Jr. has been mostly quiet this last year, maybe Laura convinced him he blew it big time and it was best to keep his mouth shut; so I will go easy on him, as terrible as he was.

Jesus will also judge those who steal elections, like Ken Blackwell. Google Ohio 2004 and Rolling Stone to see how the GOP did this, and demand an investigation from Congress.
05:26 AM on 04/12/2010
Yes, Bush was quiet until Clinton and Obama decided to bring out the red carpet for the War Criminal. So he can be seen shaking hands with Haitians and then wiping his hands on Clintons shirt. Wipe the black off. Like during Katrina.
08:24 AM on 04/12/2010
"The only time Jesus got angry, I think, was at the greedy money changers near the temple."

If you read the NT you will see all of his attacks were on the "dotors" or scribes or doctors of the law of the synagogue.
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04:05 PM on 04/12/2010
Explain please. So these were mainly religious judges?
03:10 AM on 04/12/2010
jesus was so far advanced in his level of consciousness that few today have any understanding of his message.

the belief that he died for our sins is pure ignorance and has held christian thinking back almost 2000 years.

the christians dont have a clue they worship at the altar of paganism.

we claim to be a christian nation with 720 military bases around the world

an industrial military complex like the world has ever seen since the roman days.

a selfishness greedy materialistic nation that thinks health care is only for those that can afford it

then we have mega profits over pre existing conditions

no americans you are not a christian nation capitalism is the greatest of evils that has created a selfish individualistic society that loves its wars for profits and killed one million vietnamese for its profits for the few.

america is a religious nation not a christian or compassionate nation that follows the words of the buddha or jesus.
waiting for godot
07:29 AM on 04/12/2010
Best dog mommy in the world!
09:09 AM on 04/12/2010
The Evangelicals are not true Christians. The true teaching of Christ was "Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and all thy soul and with all thy being, and thy neighbor as thyself." It's that simple.
02:59 AM on 04/12/2010
Most of the present-day 'Americanized' Evangelical Christian denominations that you describe seem to strongly resemble Old Testament thinking (ie. before the teachings of Jesus) rather than any New Testament thinking (based on the teachings of Jesus within the Gospels; or the Good News).

In short, most American Christians seem to be Old Testament judgmental types, rather than New Testament grace-filled types!

A rather ugly and regrettable regression from what Jesus surely intended his followers to be!
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04:09 PM on 04/12/2010
Totally agree. I think Jesus was mainly about peace and getting along, forgiveness. No matter what one might think about how holy or close to God he was, this was a new message.

The old Test. though tends to glorify violence. King David and others attacked apparently peaceful villages and killed everyone, including children. Yet the crimes we remember him for are mostly about having a guy killed so he could grab his wife, relatively small stuff.
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02:50 AM on 04/12/2010
According to the 'Urantia Book' Christ stated that anger is "sub human". Should he be one who embodied Love, both hate and anger would be impossible. Love knows everything as its self. In Love, nothing exists outside of Love or is in any way, unloved. A wonderful lady once shared that it was not anger that caused him to confront the money changers, it was deep compassion for those who were being mistreated. This makes perfect sense.

The act can be seen both from the external human perspective as anger, or from the internal perspective of Love as compassion. Form and content can differ. The act may appear the same, but the intent is quite opposing. As Mother Teressa put it, whether an act is right or wrong all comes down to intent. Man will not understand Christ, or himself until he knows oneness. Only when he truly knows Love will he understand the broadness of its implications.

I think the article was very good, and would have been better without the sensationalistic title.
Bubba Gump
Christian, Liberal, Former NCO -- US Army Reserve
02:17 AM on 04/12/2010
Frank Fredericks, great article! Well thought out and your biblical examples were spot on! And I especially liked the nice finish: "Perhaps if the Second Coming were today, it is Pat Robertson who'd get the cosmic ass-kicking, not Perez Hilton."
Ernesto Collazo
01:22 AM on 04/12/2010
Lady Gaga
01:11 AM on 04/12/2010
I'm not a Christian, but lately I do use the phrase;" What would Jesus do?" I do like Jesus for the most part if he was around back then or not.
A Godless person.
01:25 AM on 04/12/2010
It does not hurt to know history even if you do believe it is only a fairytale.

Many events in our time could be explained based of these events no matter real or not real.

I assure you are more Christian than Pat Robertson assuming that you are a middle class male.

The article is trying to show that the goals of evangelists today are not the same goals that Jesus had.

Also the article wants to identify money changer in our current time. One movie that help me the role of money changer was this film.

Now who are the money changer in today's society?
Bubba Gump
Christian, Liberal, Former NCO -- US Army Reserve
02:28 AM on 04/12/2010
Before I was a Christian, I was turned off of Christianity because too many preachers led a bad example and didn't preach the real Jesus. Then I started reading the Bible for myself and smiled brightly when Jesus and John the Baptist called the religious teachers and political leaders of their day "hypocrites" and cleaned house.

As a popular TV Christian teacher has repeatedly said, "Being in church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car."

To quote Jesus himself: "Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. You shall know them by their fruits...."
(Matthew 7:16 Modern King James Version)
Bubba Gump
Christian, Liberal, Former NCO -- US Army Reserve
02:34 AM on 04/12/2010
Oops! That was Matthew 7:15-16.
05:28 AM on 04/12/2010
Can you let the Real Housewives of Orange County know this?
01:09 AM on 04/12/2010
The hypocrites
12:14 AM on 04/12/2010
The New York Yankees
01:39 AM on 04/12/2010
yeah, but he'd love the Boston Celtics.
The Power To Unelect
Corruption Is Destroying The Nation
11:14 PM on 04/11/2010
The pope.
10:28 PM on 04/11/2010
If I tell my child, "here is something you should not do and if you do that , here are the consequences/punishment"; then the sweet child I love disobeys and I follow through with the promised consequences, Is that out of hate? Am I evil because of the stated requirement I wish obeyed was disobeyed and I administer punishment?
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11:46 PM on 04/11/2010
But, assuming you believe in the bible, the point is that Christians are God's children, and it's his responsibility to set the rules and mete out the consequences. Not clergy or other Christians.