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04:50 PM on 04/13/2010
Get ready, folks. Obama's about to nominate someone from the teabaggers so as to make sure the nominee is bipartisan. We voted for a wimp, and we will pay for it, and pay and pay and pay.
04:41 PM on 04/13/2010
God, I hate when Obama tries to play nice with the republicans when everyone knows that they hate him.
04:39 PM on 04/13/2010
Napolitano? Really? That woudl be almost as bid a disaster as Harriet Miers.
Stand Up, Show Up, Speak Up
04:30 PM on 04/13/2010
I'm sick of Obama's appeasement strategy. If he's going to continue it, he ought to at least throw a bone in the general direction of the far left, where I'm sitting. Nothing will save us if we get another corporatist on the Court.
Speak the Truth, even if your voice shakes
04:13 PM on 04/13/2010
Mr. O. should pick the most liberal jurist he can find and have Dems push him/her through.

Personally, I'd like a bit more balance on the court, and that means a liberal, Protestant, non-Harvard, non-New Yorker.

There are things more important on the court than gender and race, especially now that we have gender and race somewhat represented there.

But there isn't anything more important than some balance, in these politically-charged times with a politically-motivated right-leaning court.
05:02 PM on 04/13/2010
I too wish for a liberal. It is a once in a lifetime chance, to pick a nominee to the SC, and it should not be wasted. Especially not on a party that will oppose anything he does.
06:04 PM on 04/13/2010
I concur!
Pres. Sarcasm Society. Like we need your approval.
04:13 PM on 04/13/2010
It's going to be Thomas, Garland or Sears.

He'll be saving the rest for the next opening. He can't be appointing too many Illinois or Chicago connections too soon or too often.
proud military mother
03:56 PM on 04/13/2010
Pick one of the GOP"S mothers they will even tear her apart
Ohg Rea Tone writes for
03:48 PM on 04/13/2010
The GOP will be happy to hear that Tina Fey is on Obama's short list. .........
03:44 PM on 04/13/2010
Thank you president Obama for letting the senators from Kentucky and Alabama have input on your choice of a supreme court justice. You have confirmed my belief that you have more in common with these right wingers than you have with progressives in your own party.
Micro-bio this
04:04 PM on 04/13/2010
[In an important matter of political protocol,]

Countess, lately YOU have been sharing something in common with them: jumping to conclusions and not letting facts sway you from them.
03:33 PM on 04/13/2010
Didn't someone once say "keep your enemies closer"
03:28 PM on 04/13/2010

Again, with the "bipartisan" crap.

Once again Obama is going to use the excuse (and it is an excuse) of bipartisanship to ram right-wing policies/appointees through the left's blind side. It's incredibly disturbing that so many "liberals" and "progressives" are still supporting this Wall Street/right-wing shill and his allies in the congresses like Blanche Lincoln, Joe Lieberman and the Nelson Senators.

Maybe these supporters aren't progressive at all, but just partisan hacks who will go for anything a Democrat proposes/does. It's worth thinking about.
Politics: BS on Steroids.
03:23 PM on 04/13/2010
Preemptive Capitulation to the GOPers, here it comes again. What's he going to do? Submit a list for their approval? Geez.
03:30 PM on 04/13/2010
He didn't even have the list before this, they already began to say NO, let's fight his pick etc. This is strickly about saying no to make Obama look bad,for no other reason!
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03:21 PM on 04/13/2010
Bipartisanship is merely an excuse to do what the corporations want. I am sick and tired of hearing about bipartisanship from Obama. Every time he tries to use bipartisanship, I will consider it as another betrayal of the people.
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04:52 PM on 04/13/2010
Nice understatement.
03:20 PM on 04/13/2010
Cass Sunstein, Deval Patrick, Erick Holder, Elizabeth Warren, Charles Ogletree, & Harold Koh deserve strong consideration. No appointee is going to be without their flaws, and a long paper trail is never a bad thing, as we know where they stand on issues. If you dont agree, ask the GOP about David Souter. I think it would be foolish of President Obama to nominate someone to the Court, because they will make for an easier transition. Politics is divisive, and the GOP is a party of obstructionists who don't play by any rules. If someone is going to sit on the Court for 20-30 years, they need to be the most progressive and intellectual astute candidate available. With that said, Cass Sunstein or Charles Ogletree would be my selection, as the WH has already publically dismissed Hilary Clinton as a candidate.
03:18 PM on 04/13/2010
Did Bush consult with the democrats before his appointments?

WHY is this being done?

Are we seeing the "public option" of nomination? Throw in the towel before you even start?

Try growing a pair Mr. President.
03:22 PM on 04/13/2010
Good questions, but if you haven't figured out by now that President Obama is a liberal Republican, think again. The Obama Administration continues to use a bipartisan tactic that guarantees their failure.
03:32 PM on 04/13/2010
The questions were rhetorical.

I'm tired of progressives being blamed for I believe will be a bloodbath in 2010 and 2012. The headline and news story I'd like to see is:

"Rahm Doesn't Learn from Mistakes"
The administration clearly doesn't learn from their mistakes as they recreate the circumstances that lost the elections of 1994 and MA in 2009......
Micro-bio this
04:04 PM on 04/13/2010
Dubya was also a prick. Primary difference.